Title: 1994 Tune-up Community Project
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/1994tu.zip
Size: 10.45 MB
Date: 08/20/11
Author: Snarboo
Description: Everybody knows that most maps from 1994 are pretty terrible, but what if we took maps from the archive that permit modification and then redetailed them?

The purpose of this community wad is to improve on maps from 1994. Most maps from that time had strong layouts, but poor design decisions such as misaligned textures, bad texture choices, hidden doors and mandatory secrets to progress. The aim of this project is to fix those problems and take what was already strong about the original maps and improve it.
Credits: id Software, Doomworld forum community. See TXT\credits.txt for full credit information
Build time: 2 years
Editor(s) used: Various
Rating: (96 votes)
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