Title: Alphabet Doom
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/alphabetdoom.zip
Size: 4.48 MB
Date: 03/29/24
Author: Various
Description: Alphabet Doom is a 2023-2024 Doomworld community project for Doom2 with an interesting constraint: each map must fit within the confines of a specific letter or symbol! : Otherwise it's a megawad full of short-to-medium maps for vanilla (limit-removing) Doom 2, a.k.a. complevel 2, targeting Crispy Doom. : Maps were tested for pistol starts. Obviously you can play continuously, but the difficulty may be lower than originally intended.
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Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Some items float in the air in DSDA-Doom and Nugget Doom. But this doesn't seem to make the maps unbeatable.
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