Title: Azazel's Second Descent Beta
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/azazeldescen.zip
Size: 29.92 MB
Date: 09/07/22
Author: Bloodbath Giraffe
Description: Azazel's Second Descent (ASD) is a one-man megawad comprised of six 5-map episodes (called Chapters) plus two secret maps and one thank you map. This project exclusively uses the CC4 texture pack.

Azazel's Second Descent contains six chapters that feature unique and varied themes, ASD has classic gameplay with an interest in making each map hold its own unique identity and personality. The themes are "Cave", "Red Techbase", "Orange Marble", "Blood", "Nukage", and "Lava".

When I started this project I had only created and published one map. Needless to say, there was quite a lot to learn. I made many mistakes, from changing texture packs a quarter of the way through, to scraping the whole blood chapter. This is the most effort and time I think I have ever put into one thing in my life and I hope it shows. ASD is a passion project in every sense. I would categorize it as slaughter-lite with classic gameplay. It looks and plays like any other classic wad. The reason it is in GZDoom is because when I started, I did not know any of the differences between the source ports and formats.

I hope you enjoy Azazel's Second Descent, thanks for downloading & playing!
Credits: Sunlust for the status bar:

Terminus, Johnsuitepee, Jukeboxin, Thingy, Murderous Mashed Potatos and FrancisT218 for playtesting the maps:

All maps by: Bloodbath Giraffe


The music credits are as follows:

Map 01- Music - Command and Conquer - Warfare by Frank Klepacki

Map 02- Music - NES Super Dodge Ball Iceland Arranged

Map03- Music -

Map 04 - Music - "Warsword" by James Paddock

Map 05 - Music - "Dungeon" from Castlevania 64, sequenced by Hyena

Map 06 - Music - _25-D5-11-TZ_THEME

Map 07 - Music - Remix by Jay Reichard of "Suspense" from Doom, originally by Robert Prince

Map 08 - Music - "Drumhead pulsation" by DAISUKE ISHIWATARI

Map 09 - Music -

Map 10 - Music -

Map 11 - Music -

Map 12 - Music - "Leprous - Slave" by James Paddock

Map 13 - Music - "Hades' Walls" by James Paddock

Map 14 - Music -

Map 15 - Music - "You Ain't the Boss O' Me" by James Paddock

Map 16 - Music - Ghostly Theatre

Map 17 - Music -

Map 18 - Music -

Map 19 - Music - "Guardhouse" by James Paddock

Map 20 - Music - "The Mucus Flow" bt B.P.R.D

Map 21 - Music - "Diamonds" by James Paddock

Map 22 - Music - Remix by Jay Reichard of "Suspense" from Doom, originally by Robert Prince

Map 23 - Music - "Demon Resurged" by John Weekley (PRIMEVAL)

Map 24 - Music - "Europa Mining Colony" from Descent

Map 25 - Music - "Aorta" by Tristan Clark (from Panophobia)

Map 26 - Music - "Gate of the Ancients" from Stonekeep

Map 27 - Music - "Third Edge"

Map 28 - Music - "Prelude to Misri in B Minor" by James Paddock

Map 29 - Music - "Outer Darkness" by John Weekley (from Plutonia: Revisited Community Project)

Map 30 - Music - "Dereliction" by James Paddock

Map 31 - Music - "Native" (from Gubble)

Map 32 - Music - "Brutal Schism" From Eviternity by james Paddock

Map 33 - Music - Golden Axe Main Theme


This project has had various assets made for it and/or borrowed from other works. Thanks to the extra support from the following people:

CC4 -Texure pack

Doomworld - For all the help everyone gave me and for answering all my questions

Mek's Box 'o Skies - All skies are from this pack.

Monster and Vegetation

ARACNORB QUEEN - Decorate: Yuraofthehairfan, MagicWazard GLDEFs: Dreadopp, MagicWazard, Graf Zahl Sounds: (edits), id Software, 3DRealms (Electro Gun sound), Monolith Producties Sprites: id Software, 3DRealms (Electro Gun sprite), Jimmy, Beaublen (Thamuz BFG Projectile), Jimmy91 Idea Base: Duke Nukem 3D Octabrain, Jimmy91's Aracnorb

ARCHON OF HELL - Code: Eriance, Ghastly Dragon (ZScript conversion) GLDefs: Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper (Brightmaps) Sounds: Id Software, Eriance Sprites: Id Software, Midway, Eriance Sprite Edit: Eriance Idea Base: Hellstorm Archon of Hell

CYBRUISER - Code: Amuscaria, Ghastly (ZScript conversion) GLDefs: Dreadopp, SandyPaper (Brightmaps) Sounds: id Software, Amuscaria Sprites: id Software, Raven Software, Wolfendoom Sprite Edit: Amuscaria Idea Base: Doom 2 Cyberdemon

DIABOLIST - Code: Amuscaria, Ghastly Dragon (ZScript conversion) GLDefs: Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper (Brightmaps) Sounds: Id Software, Raven Software, Rogue Entertainment, Amuscaria Sprites: Id Software, Raven Software Sprite Edit: Amuscaria Idea Base: Doom 2 Arch-Vile

NIGHTMARE SPECTRE - Decorate: DBJ87 Palette: Doom Sprites: ID Software Sounds: ID Software, Williams Entertainment, Midway (Doom64, Playstation & Saturn Doom) Idea Base: Nightmare Spectre from the PS1 & Saturn Version of Doom

SUICIDE BOMBER - Code: Tormentor667, Ghastly (ZScript conversion) GLDefs: Dreadopp, Sandypaper (Brightmaps) Sounds: Id Software, Croteam (Serious Sam) Sprites: Id Software, Mark Quinn, Anthony Cole Sprite Edit: Tormentor667 Idea Base: Suicide Bomber from Serious Sam

SMALL TREES & BUSHES - Decorate: CaptainToenail Sprites: Necrodome
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 Years
Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder, SLADE3, Numerous external tools for graphics
Bugs: I'm sure there will be a few.
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