Title: Community Chest 4
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/cchest4.zip
Size: 23.47 MB
Date: 08/17/12
Author: Various (see Credits)
Description: The fourth installment of the series, Community Chest 4 boasts 32 maps made by 20 different authors from the Doom community. After four years of work, they have been made available for your enjoyment.

Included in this package is the base resource WAD compiled for the project, which can be found in cc4-tex.zip. It may be a good starting point if you need a large, varied, and meticulously organized texture WAD for your project!
Credits: Thanks to Fredrik Johansson's Vrack series and Huy Pham's Deus Vult II MAP19 "Stargate" for inspiring MAP20 "Interstellar Sickness". The style of lighting and detailing applied in MAP20 was largely a continuation of their styles. The rainbow wave hologram near the yellow key in MAP20 is a reference to the green wave holograms used in Vrack 3 and Deus Vult II MAP19. The foliage in the biodome section of MAP20 was inspired by Kurt Kesler's foliage-heavy KZDoom7. Thanks to Bob Reganess whose gazebo structure in aboo4.wad MAP03 is referenced by the tower structure in the red key area of MAP21 "Shaman's Device". Thanks to James Wilson whose ring of poles structure in Return to Purgatory MAP13 "Catacombs" is referenced by the ring of poles structure encircling the BFG in MAP21. The wall symbols shortly before the lift ride in the yellow key branch of MAP21 are a homage to the strange wall symbol in the easternmost side of Doom's E1M5 "Unholy Cathedral". The bouncy doom3esque exit teleporter to hell in MAP21 is a homage to the same teleporters from Ian Cunnings' Community Chest 2 MAP07 "To Hell and Back" and Community Chest 3 MAP24 "Amalgamation". Thanks to Thomas Van der Velden for designing the Community Chest logo which is depicted in various parts of MAP20 and MAP21. MAP21 has a deathmatch-only arena which is my 32in24-3 MAP25 "Kass Duel Tower". Its ceiling lights were based on two types of ceiling lights that were used in Fredrik Johansson's Vrack 3. There were small bits of detail I added to Torn's MAP25 "Nightmare Complex" while fixing bugs with his permission near the end of CC4's development. The westernmost detail in the void was inspired by Biowar's MAP17 "Sacrilege" and the various gore chandeliers were inspired by the detailing in Alien Vendetta's MAP21 "One Flew Over The Caco's Nest". Thanks to Star Wars (even the prequels) and Nintendo v. Sega era side scrollers for inspiring MAP21. Thanks to esselfortium who made a purple coolant flat for me to use in MAP20 and MAP21 as a kind gesture. Thanks to all of the folks who were in #jetsons for offering encouragement. Thanks to The Green Herring who playtested, gave advice, and who made various fixes to MAP20 and MAP21 during the final compilation. And thanks to the playtesting team whose advice made the experience of these maps much better. All resources in this wad prefixed with "KS_" are described individually in detail in OldResourceCredits.txt of LKTex.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Four years
Editor(s) used: Too many to list
Bugs: As of this writing, parts of MAP14 will not be rendered correctly when played in certain ports, such as GLBoom+ and Risen3D. This is because of the use of the Mordeth bridge effect, which is currently not supported by most hardware renderers.

On MAP18, crossing the bridge north of you will cause any monsters beneath it to be teleported on top of it. This is a limitation of the bridge effect used in that area and there is nothing that can be done about it without crippling monster movement.

On MAP20, in PrBoom+, dots can occasionally be seen floating in the air above the curving lasers later on in the level. The cause of this bug is unknown to the compiler as of this writing.

In addition, although this isn't a bug, it should be noted that one level requires the death of the player to exit, so if your source port does not allow dead players to exit by default, you must turn this function on (if such an option exists). The OPTIONS lump included in this WAD serves to force this option on in the Eternity Engine, so you won't need to turn it on every time you play.
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