Title: Confinement Community Project
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/conf.zip
Size: 3.18 MB
Date: 01/04/18
Author: Multiple, See below
Description: The Confinement Community project was created with one objective in mind. Create a map of any size between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048. Nineteen talented mappers came together over an extended period of time to produce Twenty Three beautifully detailed maps, built into a confined space.
Credits: Dragonfly - for doing the major end work, including adding all the custom music to the wad, and keeping me going.

Xyzzy01 - For doing the first phase of testing and bugfixes, such as Sky transfers, broken encounters, misalliigned textures, ect.

Leodoom85 - Full credit for all second phase of bugfixing after initial release, finding bugs that were missed, fixing a sky transfer issue on some maps, including compiling CC4-tex into the wad file and addressing all issues caused by the compile.

Bauul- Uploading the compiled version to Idgames for me, since I do not have access to an FTP uploader.

This project would not have been finished if not for the four above people. They helped me so much and I am so grateful.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Full project completion 6 months, Individual map contributes varied.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2/ Gzdoom Builder
Bugs: Map 31 will not work properly unless Ghost monsters are enabled. This is not exactly, a bug, but a requirement. For the full experience, please make sure your source port supports or otherwise has Ghost monsters enabled.
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