Title: Crate Expectations
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/crate_escape.zip
Size: 12.38 MB
Date: 03/24/24
Author: Clippy Clippington
Description: Crate Expectations is a FULL ON MEGAWAD of random high concept maps that push limit removing to its limits and maybe the player too! Besides a connecting theme of interactive crates which you will learn about while playing, each map is designed to be totally random and surprising and keep you on your toes - stay sharp!

LVENdead said it best: "Having playtested several maps from this set, I can say they are a lot of fun and I hope people check it out. If you need a break from more traditional Doom, these lean into gimmicks/concept-based without any one thing outstaying its welcome, striking a good balance between gameplay you're used to and a constant offering of surprises. I've often seen it noted that modern Doom has a distinct lack of levity in it, and this WAD is going to be just what the doctor ordered if that's where your head is at these days."

I poured my heart and soul into this in the last year it took to build and I had fun letting out some wacky creativity - I hope you have fun too - expect the unexpected!

--------------- GAMEPLAY DEETS

-Pistol Start or Continuous are both options. Continuous is much easier and pistol starts are far more challenging. But properly designed for both.

-Please play maps in order as they introduce aspects you will need to know about later.

-Don't be afraid of monster counts, most maps are fast and furious and quicker than they appear. High action! No drip feeds

-Each map is a unique experience and I'm trying to add as much variety as I could - sometimes you have to use your noggin a bit

-No jumping or crouching. Freelook is optional - they have been tested both ways

-All difficulty settings are here. UV can be quite mean blind, don't be afraid to try HMP at first.

-Coop is an option as well. Also attempted to accommodate deathmatch but yeah probably weird lol

You could cut up the three episodes like this:

Ep 1 - Cosmic Chaos - mostly short bite sized maps that are wild and frantic and take place in SPACE

Ep 2 - Blue Skies and Dead Doomguys - this one takes you to heaven and hell and all over - get ready for an existential crisis

Ep 3 - Time for Red - These maps as described by Largecat "Watch out; Clippy's respect for human life starts decreasing in the third episode"
Credits: SO MANY PPL!!

I could not have got here without the help from these good friends and good people:

Crate Expectations formerly Crate Escape and originally Crate Scott

Big thanks to playtesters: Large Cat, Doom Wads aka dragzxnd, sandwedge, MAN_WITH_GUN, LVENdead, Chookum, A Handsome Fridge, Jade aka WhatTheDuckXD, EduardoAndFriends, Doomkid, Snaxalotl & Biodegradable - I never used to let many ppl pre-test my stuff but I am so glad I did, I would not have such a polished product otherwise.

thelamp for making intermission graphic and showed me some mapping tricks / dehacked stuff - H exit texture

EduardoAndFriends made coke and pepsi machine

Large Cat also helped me figure out stuff and did amazing playtesting and map insight and advice to help me fix a lot of things to be better and also proved these can all be beaten saveless lol - yes he fuckin did

Doomkid: stairway to Heaven midi & D Drummin midi and misc help and support - weed computer panel - help with sound effects for special monster / boss / dehacked stuff - correcting my typos in the credits - good times

A Handsome Fridge - red crates - gold crates - are u pooping?

Maribo - sky 1 fixes - forced comp 2 lump - among many other helpful contributions and insight - wonderful & supportive - thank you

plums Koolaid sky ep 1

HAK3180: gold door from crossbarrer - I hope you don't mind I really liked that door.

Post release thanks for playing and making cool vids or comments at time of writing: Stupid Bunny, LerxstInWonderland, Stabbey, Delisk, TheShep, LoatharMDPhD, Pezl, VanaheimRanger, The Royal We, Forgotten Soul, Dannarchy


Map 01: Illusion by Tristan Map 02: E4M2 Sego - A Compact Hell - Ultimate MIDI Pack Map 03: E3M6 Myrgharok - On a Sea of Lava - Ultimate MIDI Pack Map 04: You Got the Gunshot! by Jimmy Map 05: The Final Judgment by Tristan Map 06: E2M9 Cammy - Cookie Fangs - Ultimate MIDI Pack Map 07: Stratovarius - The Game Never Ends by Tristan Map 08: "Ripsaw" by Jimmy. Map 09: E1M1 Music from Stickney Installation Map 10: Push it to the Limit - Scarface Map 11: Candy by Pcorf Map 12: Chasing the Dragon by Tristan Map 13: Epiclesis by Snaxalotl from the epic Megawad Abscission Map 14: Abscission OST: "Corroded Ruins" (Map 7) Map 15: Moaning Souls by Jimmy Map 16: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin (enhanced by Doomkid) Map 17: Amygdala Hijack by AD_79 Map 18: Smoke and Mirros from Rise of the Triad Map 19: Icarus Map 5 Map 20: Plutonia Midi Pack Cry of Desperation by Tristan Map 21: FFPS - Midnight Motorist by Tristan Map 22: D_Drummin by Doomkid Map 23: Remnants of War by AD_79 Map 24: Parhelion by Jimmy Map 25: Accelerator by AD_79 Map 26: Claustrophobia by Vladislav Baymurzin (ClumsyDoomer) from Plutonia MIDI Pack Map 27: Rotted Roots by Jimmy Map 28: Deathstalker by AD_79 Map 29: Losing_Life_Support_Systems by LVENdead Map 30: metallica-frantic Map 31: Eternal Doom map 6 Map 32: Faylan - Blood Teller cover by Jimmy

Text screen music: Ghostly Theatre by Jimmy (map 33) Midscreen: 3. Cold Gas Propulsion Schematic by DiR (map 34) Titlepic: E4M3 Lee Jackson - Ant Farm Melee - Ultimate MIDI Pack (map 35)
Base: all new from scratch
Editor(s) used: UDB (I am glad I finally upgraded from old Doom Builder for this)
Bugs: It has been tested to the GILLS. That being said the final boss sound could cut off in Crispy and even occasionally DSDA - tried my best with that one. GZ is fine

Crispy: You could encounter Spechits error - ignore it - it will only ruin your demo. Dont record on crispy lol

*Intercept Overflow/ghost bug could happen on EXTREMELY rare occasions, I tried my best to weed these out. Just turn off intercept overflow option if you have it.

**GZDOOM users & Mods - be careful - from what I seen most mods, especially excessively bloody ones can cause lag. My maps have a lot of behind the scenes hijinx and voodoo dolls and stacked crushers and excessive barrels etc. I really meant to emulate the classic experience here so I can't attempt to accommodate mods - but if you try it let me know how it goes lol

DYNAMIC LIGHTS - look cool but unless you have a really good computer, excessive barrels and what not will def cause lag - just turn that off if it happens
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