Title: final doom return of the evil god
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/fdevil.zip
Size: 4.01 MB
Date: 12/08/16
Author: ron
Description: A 21st century doom2 wad, HARD!
Credits: Credits to Stephen clark for the textures eirk elms for the music and all other authers for everything else too
Base: My creative mind
Build time: 7 months
Editor(s) used: doom builder xwe slade
Bugs: i saw that on map28 i mistaken the sector tag s1 door open with SR door open close instead, but that was fixed
Rating: (7 votes)
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Unfortunately this is a complete opposite of a good WAD. The first few maps are somewhat playable, but it quickly goes downhill. The maps are full of long corridors, mazes and plain or pointless rooms. Technically, everything is correct. From gameplay point of view everything is wrong. The sound replacements are hilarious at first, then, as you become exhausted with this WAD, they only fuel further irritation.x
Cool, a new megawad! Let's see here... hmm, this is a dead end. Time to backtrack. Oh look, here's a giant field with chaingunners shooting at me from 1000 feet away. I think I'll skip to the next map. Would ya look at that, another giant field with guys shooting me from a mile away. Reminds me of Fragport and I hated that wad.x

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