Title: Hardfest
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/hardfest.zip
Size: 14.28 MB
Date: 02/22/23
Author: Various
Description: A collection of "Hard" maps, ranging in style from tight, small combat puzzles to expansive slaughtermaps. There's also a puzzle map and a platforming map thrown in for good measure :^)

We've got 20 maps, split over three episodes for you. Good Luck!
Credits: MAPPERS: akolai Astro X Dan el inferno Endless finnks13 gabirupee HiRon Kinetic Korp Ludi Norb RockyGaming4725 Scorpius Thelokk Worriedidiot Yumheart

TEXTURES: The cool CC4-tex list: NiGHTMARE Espi Eriance Fredrik Johansson Janitor DaGGeR Ola Bjorling Vader XDelusion esselfortium RottKing Nuxius Afterglow AgentSpork RottKing Enjay Huy Pham SargeBaldy Tormentor667 The GothicDM Team The Requiem Team The Eternal Doom Team id Software Raven Software Rogue Entertainment Additional Skies by Mechadon, Eradrop and from TNT:Evilution Assorted textures by Jimmy Magnolia textures by FuzzballFox and 40oz Assorted textures by Ludi A flag texture from OTEX by ukiro

SPRITES: Green Chaingunner by TheDarkArchon Darker Chaingun by Arsinikk Dark BFG by Yugiboy85 from Occula, small edits by gabirupee & finnks13 Black Gloves for weapons by Grimm and MrFireSeth Green Plasma by Ludi

GRAPHICS: Title Screen drawing and M_DOOM by Korp Colour Translation Tables by Xulgonoth

MUSIC: Korp LPad

PLAYTESTING: akolai Alaux cannonball CittyKat112 david asaad el inferno finnks13 gabirupee HiRon LordHydra Ludi Maribo Mr Zzul sandwedge Sena Thelokk
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Just over three months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Doom Builder X, Slade3, paint.net, DoomWriter
Bugs: Map10 will not work in ports that fix the players turning into zombies bug, non-ZDoom players who run into this should warp to MAP10B.
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