Title: The Hordes of Odamex
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/hordamex.zip
Size: 48.42 MB
Date: 11/20/22
Author: Xenaero and others
Description: Inside this community map pack lurk ravenous hordes made up of monsters both old and new. Play alone or gather your allies and test your strength against the Hordes of Odamex!

Defeat the bosses of each wave to advance further, and to conquer the map, or be laid low by the overwhelming ferocity of the horde.
Credits: The following spectrum of fantastic people:

Maps: - MAP01 "Triage At Dawn" by Chester - MAP02 "Siberian Outpost" by RastaManGames - MAP03 "Cool Map!" by Korzodin - MAP04 "The Cauldron Forge" by Exl - MAP05 "Terror in Aisle Five" by Ginc - MAP06 "Bloodbath and Beyond" by Velvetic - MAP07 "Red Node Failure" by StormCatcher77 - MAP08 "Overgrowth Pt II" by Major Arlene - MAP09 "Unholy Rapture" by RottKing - MAP10 "Damned Labs" by RastaManGames - MAP11 "Ruined Waters" by Exl - MAP12 "Aquifever" by Boris - MAP13 "Dimensional Leak" by Electricbrass - MAP14 "Hydrophelia" by Alfredo and Velvetic - MAP15 "Feuermeer" by Rivi - MAP16 "Doomed Disco" by RastaManGames - MAP17 "Trapped in Another Gothic Hellscape" by Keagan Dunn - MAP18 "Chacal" by Dac - MAP19 "Chaos Reactor" by The Proverbial Gamer - MAP20 "Sand Storm Pyramid" by SkeletronMK666, Insane Gazebo, and Liberation - MAP21 "Rip and Teal" by Remmirath - MAP22 "Nightlife and Death" by Velvetic - MAP23 "Altars of Defilement" by Kaapeli47 and Shakar-a'tar - MAP24 "Corruption Factory" by Big Smoke - MAP25 "Golden Shower" by Worriedidiot - MAP26 "Vision Therapy" by Major Arlene - MAP27 "Overworking" by RastaManGames - MAP28 "Arctic Onslaught" by Guardsoul - MAP29 "Sephirot" by Alfredo - MAP30 "Castle Raiders" by DJV - MAP31 "The Singularity's Servant" by Insane Gazebo - MAP32 "A Demesne, Cocooned" by Insane Gazebo - MAP33 "Losing Battle" by Liberation - MAP34 "The Endless Hunt" by Exl - MAP35 "Erebus Generator" by Jaccident - MAP36 "District #69" by RastaManGames - MAP37 "Fearrous" by Bridgeburner - MAP38 "Of the Old Sand Cult, Darude" by Major Arlene - MAP39 "The Writhing Netch" by OldManHan - MAP40 "Do It For The Vine" by Velvetic - MAP41 "Nine Layers of Hell" by Shakar-a'tar - MAP42 "Atomic Winter" by The Proverbial Gamer - MAP43 "Blight at the Museum" by Electricbrass - MAP44 "Arena of the Fallen" by Slayer Moon and Major Arlene - MAP45 "Infected Machine" by RastaManGames - MAP46 "Cerebral Bore" by SkeletronMK666 and Major Arlene - MAP47 "Fetid Swamp" by Exl - MAP48 "The Grand Palace of Macross" by Jimmy and Major Arlene - MAP49 "Chertograd" by Thanatos and Major Arlene - MAP50 "Elden Teal" by Remmirath - MAP51 "Hanger 34" by Philnemba - MAP52 "Excavation" by Mememind - MAP53 "Contained" by Dragonfly - MAP54 "Neutron ZCDR" by Electricbrass

- MTrop, for his lovely DecoHack tool, without which this project would be impossible!

- ukiro for the incredible OTEX texture pack

- Kaapeli47 for his modding support, including sprite, sound and DecoHack assistance

- KBlair for hosting the servers for playtesting and the event

- Bridgeburner56 for corralling the masses and hosting the project in The Hellforge

- Jimmy for the title music, intermission music, and assisting with project outreach

- Aurelius for quick-switch DecoHack code

- The Odamex team for providing Horde mode and OdaHorde for an invaluble reference

- Xenaero as project lead for Hordamex, some monster sprite and behavior edits

- Lovely players like YOU
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 4 months
Editor(s) used: SLADE, Ultimate Doom Builder, DecoHack
Bugs: None
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