Title: Heroes' Tales
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/ht.zip
Size: 4.46 MB
Date: 09/08/09
Author: Shadowman
Description: The project from iddqd.ru the community, basis of which are maps, made in a speed- mapping course, on which only 4 hours were allowed (each speedmapping contest - 4 hours length). The first speedmapping contest ("Nature"), most maps from which are in this megawad, was in 2008.26.01. The second speedmapping contest ("Hell") has taken place on 2008.02.02. The third ("City") and the fourth ("Boss-level") speed- mapping contests were onto 2009.08.03 and 2009.18.07. Not all maps, made in those contests, are being present in this megawad because of different reasons. Those which are present - they have been re-worked (mostly - correcting bugs and testing the balance of weapons & monsters, the maps` basic geometry and their ideas have remained as they were in the beginning). However, since the end of the last speedmapping contest the maps`quantity was less than 32, community has decided to finish wad in an initiative order - as a result, it has turned out even more, than it was expected (33 maps). New maps were built in a course of various time, however the general rule was not spending more time to build a map than for a week. However, 3 exceptions were made - map 21 (originally built for another project), map 10 & 28 (were made in course of 2 weeks). The general storyline has been developed on a course of unifying all maps into one megawad, however, wad`s story wasn`t meant to be wad`s strongest point - each map can be considered as separate "history", by desire. Certainly, all maps were balanced for completing them "from scratch" and for speedrun.
Credits: id Software for Doom and Quake I and II, Team TNT and GothicDM Team, Kevin Schilder, James C. McMenamy, Arch Enemy and Jenna Ramsey for beautiful music, Heretic for wad testing and recording demos, Huy Pham for Deus Vult, Daniel for NeoDoom, 3EPHOEd for russian Doom Builder, Vasnetzov V. M. for pictures (we used them as TITLEPIC, INTERPIC, BOSSBACK and CREDIT).
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 26.01.2008 - 08.09.2009
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.68, XWE 1.16, Photoshop 8.0
Bugs: To run map 33 in PrBoom+, use its latest build, or add tnt.wad as PWAD before ht.wad (IWAD - doom2.wad or plutonia.wad). Some maps don't work properly in doom+
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