Title: Ex Inferis
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/inferus.zip
Size: 24.9 MB
Date: 04/23/22
Author: Ferdinand Steinvorth
Description: A collection of maps i've been building, polishing & testing the crap out of over the last 8 years or so, made to suit my own taste and originally meant for personal use.

Maps emphasize combat and aesthetics, range from large to huge in size and are densely populated. The campaign starts with a dark/brutalist theme but quickly departs from that formula. Also, M30 is just a regular map. I don't really care for the Icon Of Sin.

Gameplay-wise, slaughter is my personal preference so, yes, though i like variety so expect a fair amount of incidental combat and platforming in between. Jumping/crouching will break many maps, please refrain. Freelook (with autoaim disabled) is expected -likely required- in order to complete the game and experience the architecture. I stuck to Doom2 mapping format in order to make this as mod-friendly as possible.

Gameplay tip: As soon as the music starts, RUN!

I hope you enjoy Ex Inferis, thanks for downloading & playing!
Credits: Insane_Gazebo, Ribbiks, Archi, ArmouredBlood, Dannebubinga, Skillsaw, Josh Sealy, Erik Alm et al for making maps which provided inspiration and motivation to get started with this in the first place. Special thanks to Jonas Feragen for the above and also for kindly allowing me to remake one of his maps from Hell Revealed 2 which is a long-time personal favorite (M29).

Id/Bethesda for Doom 2016 which (obviously) inspired M26.

Berny Estrada for playtesting, input & encouragement. TQEP

As one would expect from a constantly evolving, 8-year project, Ex Inferis draws resources from a LOT of different places. The (hopefully complete) list of resources is as follows:

-Alien vs. Predator Textures - A Limes Zen Sky -Biolage Textures - Rick Clark -Blood Resource Pack Build 1 - Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer -Cage's Texture Pack from Realm 667 -CWB Texture Pak - Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler -Darkening Episode 2 Texture Wad - Ola Björling, Jan Van der Veken, Nick Baker -deConstruct Industrial Textures - stecki -Doom Textures For Doom II - SargeBaldy -DrDoctor´s Texture Pack from Realm 667 -Erratic Texture Pack 1 - Jonathan Rimmer -Gothic DeathMatch (II) Graphical Resource PWAD - Anthony Czerwonka et al. -Graphtallica Texture Pack for Doom2 #1 - Sean Johnson -Gray textures v2 - Nick Baker -Hexen 2 Texture Pack for Doom 2 - Nick Baker -Mars 3D Texture Pack - ENGINE Technology -Mortiser Resources - Nick Baker -NiGHTMARE texture WAD 2 - Nick Baker -NMN Corporation Texture Set Part 1 - Pawel Zarczynski -Noir Pack - FuzzballFox, TheGreenHerring -Ogro Texture Pack for Doom2 - François-Xavier Delmotte aka OgrO_FiX -Plutonia MIDI Pack - Jimmy & various -Psyren Textures - J.S.Graham (aka psyren) -Quake 2 Textures for Doom II - Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald -Quake Textures for Doom II - Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald -Recoloured Doom and Doom 2 textures v2 - Nick Baker -SailorScout's Textures Pack v1.0 - J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout) -Silver textures - Nick Baker -The Return Resources - Jim Flynn, Ty Halderman, Paul Schmitz -Too Much Brown (Build 1) - Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer -UAC Ultra - Jon Vail -Useful Doom Edits - Enjay, Nightmare, Malinku, Earthquake -Useful Doom Flats - Nick Baker -Wally Example Textures for Doom2 - Various Authors

I tried to keep this as clean and tidy as possible, but inevitably, it eventually became a clusterfuck. So if you find your work in here and it's uncredited, you're owed an apology. Please reach out so i can update this file and correct the oversight.

Music Credits:

MAP01: "Close Quarters" (2004 version) - Maxime Tondreau

MAP02: "Sepulchral" - Hellish Godzilla

MAP03: "Claustrophobia" - ClumsyDoomer

MAP04: TNT M06 Copyright Id Software

MAP05: TNT M04 Copyright Id Software

MAP06: "Hellbound" - Unknown (from map23 of NDCP2)

MAP07: "Blood Rush" - Eris Falling

MAP08: "Deep Forest" - Stuart Rynn (from Speed of Doom)

MAP09: "Trainwreck" (with solo) - Jimmy Paddock.

MAP10: "Golden sun, Altin Caves" - MaliceX (from Newgothic Movement 1)

MAP11: "Golden Sun: The lost age, Mars lighthouse" - MaliceX (from Newgothic Movement 1)

MAP12: "Waltz of the Demons" from Doom E2M7 Copyright Id Software

MAP13: TNT M07 Copyright Id Software

MAP14: "Seasons of Insanity" - Jimmy

MAP15: "Rock the Building" - Jamie Robertson (from Plutonia 2)

MAP16: "Ghost Town" - Stuart Rynn (from Resurgence)

MAP17: Unknown - Mark Klem. This map borrows both music and title from Sunder M03 "The Dreaming Garden", which provided the main inspiration for it.

MAP18: CBLOOD7 from Blood

MAP19: "Plunge Saw" - Bucket

MAP20: "Suspense" (Remix) - Jay Reichard (SilentZorah)

MAP21: "Retribution Dawns" - Aubrey Hodges (midi by Jay Reichard)

MAP22: "Become the Hunted" - Jimmy (from Plutonia 2)

MAP23: "Coldwires" - Stuart Rynn (from Speed of Doom)

MAP24: "Zombie Maggots in the Flesh Cathedral" - Mouldy (from Going Down)

MAP25: "Death's Toll" - Stuart Rynn

MAP26: "Tulku" from Hexen 2: Portal of Praevus

MAP27: "Abuse06" - Robert Prince (from Abuse Soundtrack)

MAP28: "Lost In Place" - Lippeth

MAP29: "Industrial" - Simon Judd

MAP30: "Denied" - Doomkid92

MAP31: "Fire Hive" - Jimmy

Title Music: Endgame music from Sunder

Intermission Music: "Demon Resurged" - John Weekley aka PRIMEVAL (from Resurgence)

Endgame Music: "Plurry" - Bucket

Titlepic image by eflon. Shared under Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/eflon/4158695384

UAC Logo by SOUPBOI http://sticknodes.com/sticks/uac-logo-nodes/
Base: New from scratch mostly. Maps 26 & 29 are remakes of existing maps.
Build time: A ridiculous amount of hours.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, GZDoom Builder, SLADE3, MS Paint 3D
Bugs: None I'm aware of; texture stuff here & there i guess. Please give me a shout if you find anything.
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