Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/jenesis.zip
Size: 6.36 MB
Date: 11/27/11
Author: James "Jimmy" Paddock
Description: The third and final part of my solo megawad. Part 3 of 'Jenesis' adds 12 extra maps to the first twenty (which have all also been modified for the better in some way or another) and replaces the final map, as its predecessor did.

'Jenesis' is a 32-level megawad for Boom, complete with a new final boss, a new monster, new status bar graphics and a recolored message font.

The aim of this project was mainly to hone my skills in traditional Doom level design, but it was also to create a presentable set of maps which pulled inspiration from the great megawads like the Memento Mori duology, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Requiem and Scythe. These are just some of the mapsets out there that Jenesis pays homage to, thematically.

This is the megawad's final release. In total it has taken about one year and one month of hard mapping, bugtesting and procrastination to complete. :P
Credits: - My beta testers, Mechadon, MegaDoomer, hawkwind, [WH]-Wilou84 and Anima Zero. - My brother Ben (aka "Baratus") and cousin Paul who also beta-tested. :) - Many musicians whose work I've used in this project, and whom I've credited below. - TheCupboard and worst-vd-plas, for the modified zombie marine monster from their WAD, The Great Bicycle Mystery 2. I stole the DEHACKED code, but I think they were okay with that. :P - All those mentioned on the CREDIT screen (they aren't listed in any particular order, BTW). - Mechadon for providing incredibly useful feedback on each release of this mapset from the very beginning, and recording demos which were awesome too. He also did the DEHACKED work for the SUPER SPECIAL NEW BOSS. - hawkwind, who helped me out tremendously with the very technical assistance he provided. He also made edits to the maps where appropriate. [Unfortunately the changes he made to the starting room of MAP18 presented problems in the source ports I tested them in. I simplified the area in the end, because the room would simply not work properly no matter how much he and I changed it. This did unfortunately mean reworking many of his changes. Sorry, buddy - it's nothing personal. All your help was immensely appreciated so thanks a load. :D] - MegaDoomer for his frequent and detailed feedback and reports. Thanks a lot, man. :) - VortexCortex, for providing insightful feedback where he could, and migrating my and Mechadon's private discussion board's posts to a new forum. Your genius astounds me, good sir. :P
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few weeks + the time it took to build Part 1.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, SLumpEd, Cakewalk Express
Bugs: This had the smeg tested out of it. Hopefully none.
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