Title: License to Ilya
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/joetune.zip
Size: 5.41 MB
Date: 12/04/15
Author: joe-ilya and friends
Description: A tune-up community project led, compiled and with new graphics by joe-ilya. Each map is a tune-up of joe-ilya's earlier works such as "lost maps", "1024 abc" or other contributions.
Credits: Jaxxoon R for combining all the texture packs the mappers gave. id for doom Codeimp for Doom Builder 2 sirjuddington and Gez for slade Microsoft for MSpaint
Base: Modified versions of joe-ilya's maps and one of gustavo's
Build time: 9 months
Editor(s) used: DB2, Slade3, MSpaint
Bugs: Tiny sneaky bleeding sectors
Rating: (22 votes)
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Some maps were alright, map 15 was great, a couple others were decent, but overall heavily bogged down by maps that range from mediocre to downright terrible.x
The only thing that got tuned up here was the awful-o-meter. Map 15 was good, but it can't save an entire wad.x
Well, almost all maps are of utmost quality and great fun. The WAD is excellent. Then absurdally stupid MAP15 happens and then MAP16 is like a hot, iron rod stuck in your eyeball. 4* with those maps, 5* without them.x
walter confalonieri
Fun mapset, good tune-ups!x
Getsu Fune
a bit fun at times.x
There are some really nice maps in here, especially towards the end. Might wanna skip MAP13 though - it sucks.x

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