Title: Temple of the Lizard Men 4
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/lmtmple4.zip
Size: 94.77 MB
Date: 05/14/17
Author: Alando1 (Alan)
Description: **PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE PLAYING** The fourth intallment of the Temple of the Lizard Men series. This is a 36 map wad with many new features including a fork-in-the-road map progression system, a weapon upgrade system, and key-bound inventory items for quick use. Further information is within the manual.
Credits: id Software, Raven Software, Epic Games, 3D Realms, MegaDoomer, Tormentor667, rsl, grouchbag, Janus3003, Jimmy, Redead-ITA, Carrascado, and all the others are listed at the end of the game during the credits sequence.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Just about 3 years
Editor(s) used: (GZ)Doom Builder, DeePSea, XWE, SLADE3, Notepad, Picture It! Express, GIMP
Bugs: There is a bug on MAP12 with one of the boss hp bars. It won't affect the gameplay, it'll just look weird. On more recent versions of GZDoom, the music changer on MAP17 may not work right. The player may also have trouble skipping the end prologue if they are using a recent version of GZDoom (ex: 2.3.2, 3.0, etc.) Any bug fix patches will be posted on zdoom.org within the Temple of the Lizard Men 4 Project thread.
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