Title: MAYhem 2048 AKA MAYhem2014
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/mayhem14.zip
Size: 6.97 MB
Date: 11/20/14
Author: A buncha schmucks
Description: After Two successful...ish endeavors, the MAYhem crew is back for its biggest, most ambitious, and closest to on time campaign yet! (Everything said and done before July!) As usual the maps were made in a one month time span (the month of May). Only this time, to commemorate the cultural zeitgeist of the era, all the maps were confined to a 2048x2048 playing space, so years from now, we can look back on one of the definitve passtimes of the early months of 2014! While severerly dating in execution, we on the MAYhem team hope this levelpack will neverhtheless keep players entertained for a long time to come.

Welcome to MAYhem 2048!

The Maplist:

01 - Unorthogon By Jimmy

02 - The Dark Tower By ChaingunnerX

03 - Outpost Delta By Obsidian

04 - Besieged By Obsidian

05 - Mayhem Town By Walter Confalonieri

06 - Serenity in the Air By Memfis

07 - Cacomap By Inkie

08 - Harm's Way By an_mutt

09 - Dismay By Scypek2

10 - Sligeneous By Getsu Fune

11 - Escape By Jaws in Space

12 - Compound Invasion By z0k

13 - Death Dungeon By pcorf

14 - Emerald Gardens By Breezeep

15 - Titan Mining Complex By Walter Confalonieri

16 - Master Plan By SFoz911

17 - Puff By archi

18 - Black and Blue By Marcaek

19 - The Axe Murderer's Domain By Chris Hansen

20 - Palace of Chaos By Plut

21 - Aberinkula By Tourniquet

22 - Crypt of Unsilence By General Rainbow Bacon

23 - Abandon All Hope By Phobus

24 - Canyon Village By joe-ilya

25 - Heat Miser By Steve Duff

26 - Unfair and Square By cannonball

27 - Balls on Fire By Corsair

28 - Cold Seep By dobu gabu maru

29 - Imago Mortis By Demonologist

30 - Bloodstained Glass By Obsidian

31 - A Calm, yet Frank Discussion of Your Life Choices By ClonedPickle

32 - Aeternal By Eternal

33 - Rublev1 By Rublev

34 - 99 red balloons By cannonball

35 - mansion By joe-ilya
Credits: TeamTNT for their impeccible resource file! Get it at http://www.teamtnt.com Obsidian for making the CWILV## graphics, and teaching me how to do this crap myself. -TMD MionicDonut for project leading, INTERMUS, TITLEPIC and TITLEMUS plums for sweet fixes dobu gabu maru for putting a pretty bow on everything Tarnsman for extensive playtesting All other playtesters for playtesting The guy who made 2048, for such a trendy game. Sorry everybody forgot about it already ;_; The guy who made, and promptly pulled Flappy Bird. We never would have cared about 2048 if you didnt pull the other fad game.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: All maps were made in the space of one month
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 2, SLADE3, WhackEd2
Bugs: Map01 does some funky stuff in testing. Boom may get weird.
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