Title: MAYhem 1500 AKA MAYhem2015 (v1.50)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/mayhem15.zip
Size: 4.23 MB
Date: 06/07/16
Author: A buncha schmucks
Description: After three successful(ish) endeavours and a year of slow-cooking, the MAYhem crew is back with 34 more maps made in May! This time, it's a very gothic edition of MAYhem where we decided to restrict every level to exactly 1,500 lines. These maps may be black like our souls, but we hope this WAD brings joy and laughter to those who play it!

The Maplist:

01 - No Mayhem! by Walter Confalonieri

02 - The Silencer by Impboy

03 - Venom Canyon by jmickle66666666

04 - Prayers in Stone by dobu gabu maru

05 - Domain of the Generically Damned by cannonball

06 - Castle Bathory by Impie

07 - Scalding Creek by AD_79 and Marcaek

08 - Shi by Paul Corfiatis

09 - Bond of Blood by gaspe

10 - 1500 BC by Marcaek

11 - 1500 AD by AD_79

12 - Every Which Way but Loose by Chris Hansen

13 - Tech Center I-267 by CorSair

14 - You Are Worshipping a Sun God by Inkie

15 - Too Many Homages by Walter Confalonieri

16 - Sacrificial Circle by Phobus

17 - Drillbit Compression by Pinchy

18 - Solemn Outpost by Marcaek and an_mutt

19 - Still More Mayhem by Urthar

20 - Somnolent Keep by Zakurum

21 - Euronymous by Egregor

22 - Monument of Pain by Phobus

23 - Rancid Redeemer by Archi

24 - Intersection of Oppression by Marcaek and an_mutt

25 - The Way to Jadeamir by Pinchy

26 - Jadeamir by Pinchy

27 - Sleep with the Fishes by Breezeep

28 - Merciless by ArmouredBlood

29 - Solace of the Shadows by Demonologist

30 - Catastrophe at the Keep of Cape Caco by NoisyVelvet

31 - Benedictine Convulsions by Obsidian

32 - Art of Suffering by joe-ilya

33 - Isolation Game by Getsu Fune

34 - Isle of the Descendants by joe-ilya
Credits: Nick Baker for compiling the texture resource; GothicDM, Fetal DM, Darkening E1, Overload, Surge, SlaughterDM, Crucified Dreams, and Execution for providing the textures for the resource; Anthony Czerwonka, Iikka Keränen, Dario and Milo Casali, Ola Björling, Derek MacDonald, Kerkko Välilä, François-Xavier Delmotte, Scuba Steve, and Nick Baker for creating those textures; Urthar and EffinghamHuffnagel for finding cool gothic pictures for the TITLEPIC, INTERPIC and BOSSBACK on the Internet; Chris Hansen, Ribbiks and Archi for helping convert those pictures into Doom graphics; EffinghamHuffnagel for that black, gothic lost soul on the menu; MionicDonut and Marcaek for leading the project; Walter Confalonieri for compiling the WAD; Impie for writing the intermission text (revised by The Green Herring); all the people on ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival who played this WAD; The Green Herring for extensive bugtesting and bugfixing just before release; all the other people who playtested this WAD; all the people who waited patiently for v1.50 to be released
Base: New from scratch
Build time: All maps were made in the space of one month
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE 3
Bugs: Watch out! MAP33 may not work very well in co-op.
Rating: (15 votes)
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Map 30 pretty much ruins an otherwise great set of maps. Map 29 should have been the final map, because at least it is possible to UV max that one...All you can do in Map 30 is run for the exit.x
A Mixed Bag, but that's not a bad thing. Skip around and play a few, just don't overdose on it. ****-ish.x
Solid set of levels of equal quality.x
Getsu Fune
well this was okay. I thought I deleted my map from the set though? also, MAP26 goes to MAP28 for some reason skipping MAP27, might wanna fix the MAPINFO there.x
There's so much time between each of my maps it's like a different person. 5/7 personalities agree.x

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