Title: McDoomguy's Slaughterific Sample Platter
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/mcdoom_ssp.zip
Size: 4.97 MB
Date: 06/22/24
Author: Various
Description: Welcome to McDoomguy's! What can I get you? You're not sure? Well then, might I interest you in our Slaughterific Sample Platter? It's our award-winning 42-course meal crafted by a selection of chefs, world-famous veterans and new tryouts alike. Whatever it is you're craving today, you're bound to find something to satisfy your hunger in there. And somehow it doesn't cost anything! Seriously, why didn't we put a price tag on the thing? It's literally our most famous dish and it's slowly bankrupting us...

Oh right, you probably wanna know what the entire gimmick here was. Well, the participating chefs had a selection of 12 different design restrictions on offer, of which they had to use at least 3. At least two out of the following: - 100 lines or less - 10 sectors or less - 3 textures and 3 flats - 1024x1024 or smaller map size - No orthogonal lines - Only 1 monster type - Grid size of 64

And one out of these: - Pacifist map - Monsterless puzzle/platforming map - Hitscan enemies only - A bunch of explosive barrels - Sector special 10
Credits: See mcdoomcred.txt.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About 1.5 months from announcement to initial release
Editor(s) used: Paint.net, Doom Writer, DoomMake, map editor of each participant's choice
Bugs: Some maps especially in Episode 3 might be broken in GZDoom.
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