Title: DOOM: A Megawad in Two Weeks
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/megaw2.zip
Size: 2.29 MB
Date: 04/02/07
Author: Various, in no particular order: Bloodskull, Torn Vegeta, Farhaven, Lupinx-Kassman, Cadman, Icarus,
Description: The idea behind this was to create a classic DOOM Megawad in two weeks. You can follow the development of the project at this thread in the doomworld.com forums http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39487

As calling the project DOOM 3 should be way too ambitous, we droped the idea, but the mod follows the plot right where Final DOOM lefts out. There are multiple references and alusion to elements from other chapters in the DOOM series, I'll send a special prize to the first who sends me a list of them all.

In case you like to add some background before playing you can read the plot right here (I put it now so you don't get tired before reading it).

But before that I want to advise you that jumping is not allowed.
Base: New maps from scratch, many of them were old maps polished out (still all from scratch, and none of them was uploaded yet).
Build time: Two weeks for mapping, four days for compilation works and what not. This doesn't count the time used the fist time with the maps that now where recycled o polished.
Editor(s) used: Many
Bugs: -Some minor misalignments -There's a little problem with the first boss, but nothing serious.
Rating: (56 votes)
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