Title: Enjay ZDOOM.
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/njzd0.zip
Size: 3.14 MB
Date: 05/07/99
Author: Enjay and Mark Matheson
Description: 32 level doom2 replacement originally done for doom 1 and updated since then.

3 levels based on Mark's work 2 secret levels constructed by Enjay but using original Wolfenstein maps as the basic plan (printed out using a very old text mode program called wolfmap). All levels either from scratch or tinkered with by Enjay.
Credits: ID Software, (Where would we be without them? Randy Heit, for ZDOOM. All the people who have produced the various editing tools I have used, and the DOOM community in general.
Base: Levels 01-32 Scratch levels Levels 31 and 32 are my versions of the same Wolfenstein levels as Id used for the original secrets, but I tried to make more accurate versions of them (64x64x64 layout etc.) I toyed with including a modified SS guy sprite and DEH patch to make him look and behave like the Brown Nazi from Wolfenstein, but eventually I decided to keep the SS guy 'cos he's tougher and WolfenDOOM has already done a superb job of a number of full Wolfenstein DOOM conversions. (So if you havn't tried WolfenDOOM, go get it ASAP.)
Build time: Hard to say. A long time?
Editor(s) used: Almost all of them. Some of these levels are almost as old as DOOM, so a lot of different editors have been used, but I usually use DEEP'97 these days.
Bugs: A couple of the Polyobjects used to make the sliding Wolfenstein doors sometimes show through the walls when they move. I think this is a node building problem as different doors have the problem when I use different node builders. I have used a few tricks to fix as many of these as possible but one or two are still not perfect. It won't affect gameplay, and you might not even notice, but the problem is there.
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not bad but not great would have given it a higher rating if new music was added and more Zdoom featuresx
Aside from the secret levels, the maps here are largely the same overall layout as Enjay ZDoom 2001. Many are updates to the 1994 maps (Enjay Doom I and II) but a few were scrapped entirely for new levels. Compared to 2001 these levels aren't as detailed but they are far upgraded from 1994 (the upgrading from 1994 is easily more important/substantia l compared to any further updates they got in NJZD2001).x
I like how the person above spells great. Anyway this series of levels was o.k. Nothing mind blowing, but not the worst I've played. Most levels really lack detail and the ZDoom features are too few and far between to make up for it. Many of the maps can be quickly played so shit doesn't get to boring. 7/20/07x
very fun a grate zdoom megawad x

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