Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/poogers.zip
Size: 29.42 MB
Date: 06/04/22
Author: Colossus, deathz0r, Meowgi, 4shockblast, AdamTheSlave, akolai, arto91, Astro X, Cassis, decino, Doom
Description: Welcome to Poogers, the newest, most spectacular innovation in audio-visual enchantment.

In a mapset where time is running out, where memes, are now dreams, and vice versa, and human emotion is no longer a valid format, there is one entity ready to put his FOOT down, and say NO. Play as a lonely timid frog, determined to make his mark on a mapset that's ever so crumbling around him. Make your way through exhilirated, magnificent and enchanting landscapes. Move with frog, live with frog, breathe with frog. Be. Frog.

Traverse through a dense shitpost, examine the memes through the eyes of your frog, and allow the sun rays to reflect through the intricate pixels of the fireblu walls. Ever wondered what it would be like to platform in the doom engine? Controls reversed? Solve puzzles? Or how about owning your own revenant rocket with a personality more extatic and enchantingly realistic than any class clown or surf shop employee? It can all be done with POOGERS. In POOGERS, every one is a millionaire. You will never be as rich in real life, as you can be in the game-world, both in monetary and spiritual terms.

This game features astonishingly realisting high definition real-world 4D engines, bringing what you see around you every day, into a hyper realistic cyber-universe, with graphics so real, your brain could never hope to comprehend the full extent of mind numbing beauty this game exudes.

The game's soundtrack is a masterful manipulation of vibrations, intricately designed to elicit the most pure and joyful of emotions when entering the brain through ear holes. Number of maps works of sonic art guide you through Frog's, troubles and trials and tribulations, elevating your sense of reality to a higher plain as you jump, hop, skip and jump, bounce and shoot your way through the world of POOGERS.
Credits: All of the people who participated

Colossus for the project's conception

Vortale for the HUD and recolored weapon sprites

Kaapeli47 & SkeletronMK666 for the player sprite

Meowgi for compiling RC1, the TITLEPIC, HELP and generic intermission images and the UMAPINFO lump

deathz0r for compiling all versions from RC2, the ENDOOM/ENDBOOM lump, the DEHACKED lump and the final text file

The authors of cc4-tex
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 13.8 billion years
Editor(s) used: UDB, Slade, GIMP
Bugs: Frogs eat bugs, so any that exist are food
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