Title: Spear of Destiny - Return to Danger & The Ultimate Challenge For Edge Sourceport
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/sodmpks.zip
Size: 39.93 MB
Date: 12/17/12
Author: Raphael "Caleb26"
Description: This is a faithful recreation of two Spear of Destiny Mission Packs - Return to Danger and The Ultimate Challenge. All 42 levels with all the original graphics and hires sprites. (Almost all enemies and decorations are covered in hd:) ) All Spear of Destiny musictracks in mp3 format are also included. You can select two new mission packs within Ingame Episode Menu. And yes this wolfendoom adventure has difficulty settings. Higher difficulty level - more enemies. Have Fun!
Credits: , special thanks:
Base: All Sod mission 2 and 3 maps converted to doom format using winmaptowad. The hardest part was to retexture every single map using doombuilder2.
Build time: I don't remember:P A lot
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder2, Xwe, Coreldraw 14, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Chaos Edit 1.27, Winmaptowad
Bugs: Nope
Rating: (7 votes)
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^wow, you must be lucky if you played all episodes of Wolf3D. I have only demo version with 1 episode and some fucker bought at eBay the best offer in my wish list before i could do, oh well, i will try to find other but it's too damn expensive... and i also have spear of destiny demo... so please don't recommend me steam, it sucks. this gets 3/5x
I have never played these episodes before so it was fun to see what was new. They are not quite as good as Wolf3D but passable for the time they were released. Obviously they aged poorly, but DOOM itself aged like a glass of milk so it is best not to take that into consideration while rating. I would have given 3 stars but it was a hassle to hunt down a dead sourceport to use features that were already present in more common sourceports years ago, so I gave it 2.x
You need Edge 1.35 to see enemy. This levels is Great 4/5x
Because the original games were converted looong time ago. See Wolfendoom series. This megawad is more like another Wolfendoom wad which is very good. x
These "mission packs" were just awful relative to the original Wolfenstein/SoD...wh y would someone bother converting these and not the original games which were actually good?x

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