Title: Time Of Maps - Part 1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/tom19.zip
Size: 5.63 MB
Date: 09/27/09
Author: TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)
Description: TOM is a boom compatible wad that uses only doom2 format line actions (except some boom light transfers) and sector effects. -complevel 9 in PrBoom-Plus is required for some rising stairs and "floor lower to 8 above highest floor" behaviour. Some maps don't work properly in ZDoom.

This isn't intended to be a traditional map set. Instead, it's a compilation of random maps and mapping experiments (for me) with random themes that are sorted by date (mostly), rather than difficulty. Each map is intended to be learned and memorized from a pistol start and recorded on for max runs (not all maps also have an intended speed route). I imagine playing most of these maps without learning them would probably be pretty annoying. The point of the maps is to learn them, plan a route, and record a demo as fast as you can. Most of the maps are bfg-oriented or rocket/plasma-oriented and most people probably won't like the gameplay.

Most of the maps are remakes of levels from other games. All of the remakes were built by looking around in-game in the original levels, counting floor and wall tiles to figure out heights and lengths, standing in corners and seeing where other corners line up, using a ruler and the in-game map to figure out general room sizes, etc. The Quake remakes were also built that way (I didn't look in a Quake editor). Though, there are still differences in appearance between the originals and remakes. If you're a fan of any of the games I did remakes of, I think it could be cool to check out these maps even if you don't like the gameplay (play on skill 3 - hurt me plenty - to play the maps without monsters).

Intended to be played with these options, if you want:

CATEGORY 1 (INTENDED) - prboom-plus - kills/items/secrets/timer HUD (with "smart totals" turned off) - any resolution + uncapped fps - custom key config for weapons - -longtics - no TAS features (unless you specify your demo is TAS) - turn180 if you use keyboard only

CATEGORY 2 - zdoom - freelook + jumping turned on - infinitely tall actors turned off - no bfg aiming - custom key config for weapons - no crouch

My key config in PrBoom-Plus is:

WASD movement, M1 fire, SHIFT shotgun, R chaingun, Q rocket, E plasma, F bfg, SPACE use, ALT strafe on, MOUSE turning (sometimes arrow keys with my right hand for long sr50)

My key config in ZDoom is:

WASD movement, M1 fire, M2 jump, Q prev weap, E next weap, SPACE use, ALT strafe on, SHIFT center view, always mouselook, never auto-aim, no BFG aiming, dot crosshair.

///////////// // MAPLIST // /////////////

MAP01 - released April 7, 2009 Don't wake up the revenants

MAP02 - released April 12, 2009 Silent Hill 2 remake of the first part of Rosewater Park

MAP03 - released April 16, 2009 Silent Hill 2 remake of the start area

MAP04 - released April 22, 2009 Silent Hill 2 remake of the Courtyard in the Woodside Apartments

MAP05 - released April 26, 2009 Doesn't work in ZDoom

MAP06 - released May 11, 2009 Doom2 format version of smedley.wad. Doom2.wad map01 remake built from scratch (no copy/pasting) exactly like the original, with some new areas. A secret area is a remake of the starting room and a hallway in Quake E3M3. Rocket jumping is required to reach that secret area in ZDoom.

MAP07 - released May 19, 2009 Quake E3M4 remake of the first room

MAP08 - released May 27, 2009 Doom2 format version of first part of dekutree.wad. Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake of Inside the Deku Tree.

MAP09 - released July 2, 2009 Doom2 format version of second part of dekutree.wad. Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake of Inside the Deku Tree.

MAP10 - released July 3, 2009 Doom2 format version of last part of dekutree.wad. Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake of Inside the Deku Tree.

MAP11 - released July 18, 2009 For practising 2-bfg-shot kills on cybers and long sr50. Similar design to Espi's pe.wad

MAP12 - released June 6, 2009 Doom.wad E1M1 remake from memory, after not having played/seen the original map in about 1 year, with doom2 monsters. It was Creaphis' idea. Also appears in e1m1mem.zip, e1m1mem2.wad map01.

MAP13 - released March 6, 2009 Doom2 format + single player version of my 2 sectors deathmatch map in 2sector.wad (map07) from July 2006. Originally released as seaburt.wad in March 2009

MAP14 - released July 30, 2009 Doom2 format version of map27 from chips19.wad. Remake of level 27 from Chip's Challenge. Also turned out to be a 1024-style map.

MAP15 - released July 16, 2009 Doom2 format version of my first five maps put into one map. The original maps are from dib28a.wad and were made in 2005

MAP16 - released September 1, 2009 My attempt at making an Oblige-like map from scratch.

MAP29 - demo map Map28 from dib28a.wad. My unfinished attempt at making cave architecture from 2006.

MAP30 - released September 20, 2009 A map with 2 sectors that will certainly be hated by most, if not all.

MAP31 - released July 30, 2009 Map11 with the cybers facing you.

MAP32 - released July 30, 2009 Doom2 format version of two of the last rooms from flanagan.wad. Also shows a Doom "bug" (?) where you can walk through certain impassible walls if your map takes up 32768 units or more, either south-north or west-east. Doesn't work in ZDoom.
Credits: Everyone involved with creating the games, levels, textures, etc. that are listed below - Doom/2 E1M1 and MAP01 - Quake E3M3 and E3M4 - Silent Hill 2 start area, Woodside Apartments, Rosewater Park - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Inside the Deku Tree - Chip's Challenge level 27 - Toke for the idea of using raspberry-colored cacos with smaller corpses - gggmork and TheGreenHerring for recording demos - Afterglow for compiling q1tex.wad - myk and TheGreenHerring for hex editing help - Creaphis for mapping from memory idea - andrewj for Oblige and Mr. Chris for LUA help - Authors of the programs I used - Kari Sweets for the HELP picture - Dave Turnbull for playing drums - Big thanks to gggmork for recording demos, making suggestions, making maps, and always playing my maps - Thanks to anyone who plays my maps - Thanks to all of the authors of maps that I've played - Thanks to all of the players that I've learned from - Thanks to anyone who has helped me -
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.66 & 1.68, XWE 1.16, Paint Shop Pro 7, Paint, Cool Edit Pro 2, Power Tab Editor 1.7, Audiograbber 1.82, razorLame 1.1.5, XVI32
Bugs: You can get stuck in MAP14, just like in Chip's Challenge. Some maps won't work with -complevel 2. Some maps won't work with ZDoom.
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