Title: 10 Years of DooM... ... And many more to come
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pagb10yd.zip
Size: 54.78 KB
Date: 12/09/03
Author: Pedro A. Gomez Blanco - pagb666
Description: A wad built for DooM's 10th anniversary, nothing outstanding, it's a HR-alike level with a central arena surrounded by some other areas. It's a "new" level, but the concept is old, I built this from scratch keeping the memory of a level I built many years ago (the central arena mainly, the rest was built for this occasion. It features some wicked battles, specially the final one. The level is a bit rushed, as I started it Dec.9 at 18:00, I know it has some flaws, and probably some others that I didn't notice, but it is 3:58am and I want to upload this crap and go to bed :) Enough playtesting was put in this wad, it is playable from start to end, with just enough ammo to get through, so DON'T WASTE AMMO, if you have more than 30 shells DO NOT pick up the box of shells. It's map07, so you know what happens when you kill the mancubi and the arachnotrons, KILL THE ARACHNOTRON IN THE CAGE, or you might get stuck later on the level. This wad was designed to be played WITHOUT JUMPING, so if you jump, you're cheating.
Credits: Mark Klem for some great wads and midis, I borrowed the theme from mkmines.wad for this wad. Gherkin for the outstanding DooM Builder Tic Crew for NWT Ben Morris for DCK Ben Morris for NOT releasing the DCK source Deathz0r for NOT REVIEWING my last wad Id Software for DooM All the people that still play classic DooM You
Base: From Scratch
Build time: 8 or 9 hours (little playtesting included)
Editor(s) used: DooM Builder, DCK, NWT
Bugs: Some minor glitches
Rating: (6 votes)
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"it is 3:58am and I want to upload this crap and go to bed"; well, fills me with confidence, that. Sometimes people like to do their work down, because they don't want to sound arrogant; when people say that their latest project is nothing special, just something they knocked together, my reaction is to say "Yes, you're right, it looks awful". You ran into that one.x
it wood be good if it wasint for allthows dam stupid sniping comandos x
Good WAD, but i don't understand why the central area is great.x
OK, maybe not outstanding but the central arena really looks great - this area alone makes this wad worth downloading itx

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