Title: Paranoid
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/paranoid.zip
Size: 74.36 MB
Date: 12/02/10
Author: The Persecution Complex
Description: 8-map hub set in the Black Mesa military-industrial facility within the Half-Life universe. The game is story-driven and features multiple objectives. It uses the excellent textures of Half-Life, sprite-based enemies and non-player characters from Half-Life, models (some of them interactive), true 3D environments and other features of GZDooM. Tested with GZDooM
Credits: Graf Zahl for GZDooM, Randy Heit for ZDooM, id Software for DooM, Valve Software for Half-Life Willem Sitters & BlackRayne for many models Patrick 'Janitor' Pineda
Base: 8 levels from scratch + TitleMap. Map01 is based on the initial areas of Half-Life prior to the Anomalous Materials Laboratory. We constructed the entire level using in-game screen-shots, i.e., we did not use a Half-Life editor at all.
Build time: 3 years, off and on, mostly off
Editor(s) used: Wally for extracting resources from Half-Life, XnView for editing graphics, XWE for resource manipulation, WadAuthor for maps, SlumpEd for pk3 management
Bugs: None
Rating: (213 votes)
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