Title: Persephone Volume 3
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/ph_best3.zip
Size: 5.5 MB
Date: 07/29/19
Author: James "Phobus" Cresswell
Description: This is the third and final volume of Persephone, my "best of", featuring 14 previously-released maps. MAP23 leads into MAP23A, B, C and D in a linear fasion with no intermissions, because of how small each map is, so the episode should still feel like a 10-map set. Minor alterations were made to MAP22 and MAP30 to account for the updated slope calculations in ZDoom since they were originally made, whilst MAP28 has had a crusher near the end made considerably less dangerous because I wasn't happy with it in hindsight. MAP27 has had a minor texture change to avoid needing to add a whole extra switch compilation texture for only one use in the entire map set. Of note is MAP29: A Labour of Hate, which was originally submitted to Back to Saturn X as a potential "Hunter Complex" map. I've retextured this entirely and removed two walls that were put in to maintain vanilla compatibility, also changing the music. I believe this constitutes the first wide release of that map.
Base: Compiled from previous works of mine
Build time: 13 years of my life, plus about 60 hours to compile and test it all
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder, DoomBuilder 2, GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, DBX, XWE, SLumpEd, SLADE3, Microsoft Paint XP, Microsoft Paint, DoomWord
Bugs: None
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