Title: Plasmaplant
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/plasmap.zip
Size: 2.54 MB
Date: 08/13/15
Author: Sverre Kvernmo (aka Soundblock, aka Cranium)
Description: Plasmaplant was originally a "plasma and pistol only" idea for my now venerable Cabal series, and so the map is based off an almost 20 years old paper sketch. I changed the layout and style but kept the central gameplay ideas.
Credits: Noisyvelvet of Doomworld, for breathing life into the monsters. Ragnor of Doomworld, for playtesting the initial 2013 beta. Bjorn Torske, for sending me whacky bird noises. Doom community, for additional graphcis: The Afterglow Collection Nick Baker, for NB_RECOL.WAD (11 textures) Pawel Zarczynski, for NMNCORP1.WAD and NMNCORP2.WAD (13 textures) J.C. Bengtson SSTEXT.WAD (3 textures) David Gevert for DGDBTXTR.WAD (1 texture) Daniel Gimmer's 2MBROWN.WAD collection (1 texture). + Lucas Arts' Dark Forces (4 textures).
Base: New verteces, linedefs and sectors from scratch. Originally sprited monsters.
Build time: 1 month to bring it to beta 1. Several months more to complete.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, SLADE3, Photoshop Elements
Bugs: Item dispensers some times (rarely) don't dispense. Seen this in online playthroughs but never been able to reproduce in ZDoom 2.7.1. The odd slime. Untested in co-op.
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This is certainly a work of art. The unique blue architecture combined with nice shading and trypophobia walls create an eerie level that looks fascinating. At first. UV is unplayable - you get overrun and run out of ammo. HMP with double-ammo is doable, although still stressful with stealth enemies nibbling at you from unsuspecting directions all of the time. There's also some switch-hunting. Looks like the looks alone gave this WAD a Cacoward. I can't enjoy it.x
Hmmm, I really like the detail of that hallway light stuff. Looks laggy though, oh well. ~2/5x
An interesting and weird map in blue colors with hard and sharp contrast-lighting. Not easy and it is unfair here and there due to hidden shotguners and stealth monsters and I could not get to the exit (- why?) But it is a cool sureal concept where the exploration part kept me on my toes.x
Very weird level. Basically you walk through some dark blue underground cages with wall holes looking like submarine portholes filled with weapons, ammo, enemies or switches. Overall it feels like a TOC. I didn't like the confusing gameplay (UV) at all, you're just walking around while not knowing what to do, where to go, and being slaughtered by invisible monsters heavily. And the last part with the VR50-speed moving floor is plain boring. Despite that, solid 4* for the shown ambition, effort & care.x

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