Title: Pleiades
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pleiades.zip
Size: 3.59 MB
Date: 03/08/00
Author: Roger Ritenour
Description: 11 Level quest for the ZDoom Port, v1.18b or later (will run on earlier versions, but some features used in Pleiades are not supported by them).
Credits: Paul Flechette, Beta tester. Derek Clemenze, Beta tester, Deathmatch (only here I could beat him since I designed the maps) Doug Ryerson, I borrowed a few of his textures from his ANTARES.WAD. Dave Swift, I borrowed his idea of shiny gold surfaces for a door textures from his H2HMUD01.WAD level. Pink Floyd, Shine On You Crazy Diamond music selection. ID Software, I redefined their COMPSTA1 and COMPTALL textures as animated textures to produce "living" instrument panels. Also, a couple of the sounds were borrowed from Quake and Quake II. Jim Flynn/Return, Tree Sprite and the opening music for solitude, Kanon. Midi.net Music resource for many of the musics in Pleiades. (Ride of the Valkyries, Tubular Bells, Mars) Michael Coyne, source for the music, Jupiter
Base: Based on the Pleiades and Phobos series by the same author originally created for Doom II. There are several totally new levels included, and the original Doom II version levels are significantly reworked with new features to exploit the advantages of the ZDoom/Boom ports.
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Bugs: Running ZDoom version 1.18b can be problematic. The game can crash back to Windows with a page fault error or a Visual C++ runtime error. This appears to be prevalent when ZDoom has run consectively through several levels. Recommend saving at the completion of each level just prior to exiting and proceeding. Also, on each save, recommend alternating between at least 2 game-save slots because if ZDoom crashes during the save, that particular save may be corrupted. Exits of the game and restart with loading the saved game also seems to help in reducing the occurences of crashes. This problem appears to be pecular to just version 1.18b and not to earlier versions; but unfortunately, Pleiades uses some features not supported by earlier versions.
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