Title: The Place of the Tomb
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pott.zip
Size: 469.22 KB
Date: 09/24/04
Author: Pawel "NMN" Zarczynski
Description: Your mission was supposed to be simple. Just some checking, some monitoring, who couldn't take care of that? Naturally they've chosen You after You screwed up Your last assignment and some important files were stolen from the computer at the UAC HQ on Earth.. You don't know what was that, they don't let their soldiers know that kind of stuff. So they decided to give You a light assignment-You are sent to one of the remote planets, outside of our solar system- Loina 5. The planet is a cold mass of rocks and swamps. During the long terraforming procees many brilliant scientists lurk in the labs in the outposts to monitor every little bit of change of the weather.. but not You. You just sit in some old outpost no one gives a damn about and just watch some stuff, day after day. Life couldn't get worse... or could it? One bloody night Your outpost is assaulted by unknown creatures. You ran to the comm tower to call for help, send an SOS, anything.. but no response. Something interfered the comm equipment. There was no hope for You. They killed You.
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I found the start annoying due to lack of ammox
the map looks good but boring gameplay, the author obviously never tested this map, there is not enough ammo so that you can't finish it 1/5x
Fine but not so good as other maps. Not enough ammo. But I still liked the architecture and the mood. 4/5 - Zalewax
needs WAY more ammox
Very run of the mill. Very boring at the start - you fight too many hellknights with just the shotgun. This really slows up the flow too much. It also get very predictable, and the architecture becomes very repetitive towards the end with the the blocky corridors, followed by outdoor areas, followed by more blocky corridors etc. Also completely linear. Not worth more than 2/5x

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