Title: Power Metal
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pwrmetal.zip
Size: 3.05 MB
Date: 08/02/15
Author: Zalewa
Description: Power Metal - Because it's less Heavy than Black Metal.

Power Metal is a large level for Doom 2 dedicated for single player and cooperative play in limit removing source-ports with classic settings in mind. It has nearly 1000 monsters and can take about 1 hour to beat on Ultra-Violence.

Power Metal uses Freedoom textures for better ambiance. Freedoom license file should be included within the archive in which this WAD comes in and it's also incorporated into the .WAD file itself. You can open the .WAD file and view the license with WAD editing program such as SLADE.

Jumping and crouching must be disabled for this map or else players may be able to skip certain areas and break the intended gameplay. A MAPINFO lump has been incorporated for ZDoom-based source-ports that enforces these rules. In my opinion there are also no areas where freelook would be necessary and I prefer to play without it wherever possible, but that's up to you.

Difficulty levels are implemented in a way that easy difficulties disable large portion of enemies, while "Hurt me plenty" only disables a few of them that I thought could be decisive to player's approach to health and ammo conservation.
Credits: Freedoom team. https://freedoom.github.io/ SuperGod for testing in cooperative.
Base: None
Build time: 4 months with some breaks
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Slade
Rating: (16 votes)
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