Title: QDOOM - Quake Done DOOM Style
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/qdoom101.zip
Size: 22.33 MB
Date: 02/07/06
Author: Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]
Description: The only complete and unique Quake to DOOM conversion, now works with EDGE 1.29+, and uses OGG music file format versus MP3
Credits: id Software
Raven Software
The EDGE team
The Covert Ops team
The GothicDM Teams
Banjo Software (RIP)
Gokuma (for the DDF inspiration and help)
All DOOM News sites
Everyone that plays DOOM and enjoys it for what it is -A GAME!
Base: From scratch
Build time: started 2/23/1999, ended 4/25/2001
Editor(s) used: Paint Shop Pro -textures, sprites, graphics
Animation Shop -animated/swirly liquid textures
Paint Brush -minor cleanup and croping
Winpak 1.3 -extract Quake resource
Adqedit 1.3 -extract and edit Quake sprites and graphics
QuArK 5.3 -extract textures
qME 3.1 -pose and take screenshots of models to create sprites
DeuTex 3.6 -build QDOOMTST.WAD from scratch
Wintex 4.3 -edit QDOOMTST.WAD and it's resources
DOOMCad 5.1 -main map editor
WAD Studio 1.5b -used for error checking and making small lines
WAD Author -backup map editor (used for detail work)
GLBSP -map compiler
RMB -reject map builder
WAD Cleaner 1.0 -cleans and compacts QDOOM.WAD
CMAPTOOL -BOOM's colormap tool
Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.00.37 -music editor
Cool Edit 96 -sound editor
OGGENC.EXE -encodes WAV music files to OGG format
Notepad -used to create/edit DDF and RTS
EDIT -used for ASCII art for ENDOOM screens
Bugs: none that are significant
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