Title: Random Chaos Duel Collab - Rivalries
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rccol02.zip
Size: 8.84 MB
Date: 07/20/11
Author: Members of <+RC+>
Description: A small collaberation of maps by a few members of the Random Chaos doom clan. Unlike our previous singleplayer collaberation, this one is intended for one-on-one fragfests.
Credits: Creators of the music:
Base: None, except maps 5 and 6 which are improved versions of lupinx-kassman's 32in24 duel maps.
Build time: Please don't make me tell you. It's embarrassing.
Editor(s) used: XWE and Doom Builder
Bugs: Nope.
Rating: (3 votes)
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Hrm, hem, delish!x
Okay, you obviously haven't even tried the wad. 4/5x
"Build Time: Please don't make me tell you. It's embarrassing." You know what else is embarrassing? RELEASING THIS WAD!!! 0/5x

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