Title: Go Read A Book!
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/readbook.zip
Size: 27.66 KB
Date: 07/22/06
Author: xbolt
Description: Two days ago, I was awake in the middle of the night and all of the sudden, it hit me. I could probably make a readable book using HUD images. And now today, I finally finished it. Press ] to go foward a page, and press [ to go back a page. Press ' to close the book.
Credits: Whatever kept me awake that night.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Two days
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE
Bugs: None. I squashed 'em all.
Rating: (7 votes)
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lol, it's nice.x
4/5 for exploiting the idea. Could be neat feature for a WAD with a scenario, reading documents found on your adventure, etc. Also inspiring, one of my secret dreams is the idea of a diskmag for the doom community with zdoom engine. If I ever get into script editing I'll check if that could be possible..x
Yeah the second reviewer had no idea what he was talking about 5 stars -patrickx
Very nicely done. 4/5x
Readable books. What a great idea! 5 *sx
0for no apparant reasonx
TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!! This definaly recives 5 stars great job :)x

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