Title: Reborn Epidemic
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rebornep.zip
Size: 99.34 KB
Date: 04/15/04
Author: Derek Braun (AKA Dittohead / aliceschain)
Description: This is my very first DOOM map. The theme is set in the traditional tech / starbase theme which leads from a warehouse staging facility to a waste management center, and finally a command depot. I tried to use my brain when building this map, and hopefully it paid off. This map can be difficult if you play through it without thinking. I suggest using a modern port such as ZDoomGL for maximum performance. The secret areas will pay off. Also, Nothing is in plain view - you will have to look for items. And most importantly, have fun with it!

I look forward to creating more maps when inspiration strikes. And next time, hopefully it'll be a little bit neater and structured - but hey, cut me some slack, its my first map!
Credits: Job, DooMBoy, and FATAL for play-testing and troubleshooting
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Kinda average techbase map. I didn't see anything requiring GZDoom or ZDoom. 3/5x
Very good first wad, probley better than most wads I've played lately. Not to hard to find your way around plus Im a sucker for tech bases. 8/14/07x
This is good fun. It's a bit spartan and simple, and feels like a Doom 1 map (although there are several Doom II monsters and the super shotgun, the layout feels nostalgic). It's not at all hard and would have benefited from more monsters, especially during the final run to the exit; I have a penchant for carnage. 4/5 -Kimveerx
Wow, this is yout first map? I gotta say, this is pretty great! Good gameplay, good architexture, and overall a fun experience. But... I do dock 1 point because, well, I just don't like starbases (like hellish enviroments more). If you make another map, I got my fingers crossed for a hell map. Good job. -Chronoteethx
While the architecture in this map was somewhat simple (it reminded me of old-school maps), the level was pretty fun to play. The secrets were well, but not too well, hidden :-)x
This map is actually pretty good! For your first map I'm surprised. I mean, of course, it's got it's little mistakes here and there, like a slime trail in the slime-maze, a couple of moving doortracks, some minor misalignments... Still not bad though. I especially liked the look of that outdoor part of area 1, with the demons in the water to the left and right. Another really nicely done area was area 2, with the mountains with a plasma rifle and such. Really good map, 4/5. -Darkhaven3x

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