Title: Red Eye - The Mars Files
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/redeye.zip
Size: 1.69 MB
Date: 08/12/04
Author: Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)
Description: This .WAD was to be a DeathMatch level, at the beginning. But it came to nothing, because it was too big to be a DeathMatch map and there were some other incompatibilities with DeathMatch gameplay. Then I modified it so that it could be good enough for Cooperative and Single-Player modes. Then Virgil The Doom Poet helped me to finish the level, detailing it and improving its story and scripts, so that we decided to change again the tiltle from "Storming", its second name, to "Red Eye", because of the several changes. This level is set in a technology base, which can be divided in 9 areas. They are: 1) Leaving Area; 2) Casualty Ward; 3) Teleport Station; 4) Armoury; 5) Nukage Area and Sewer System; 6) Computer Station; 7) Infested Area; 8) Warehouse; 9) Outer Area. As its original name suggested ("Metal_DM"), the main theme of the map is "metal" and, particularly, it is made up of "METAL1" textures. It is highly detailed, especially as for lighting, and this may slowdown old computers (I suggest that you decrease your resolution, if the game slowdown!). This map is mainly intended to show my new ideas about Doom themes and styles and to publish a level of high quality, although I didn't think I would have spent so much time, when I planned it. ZDoom features and ACS scripts are implemented in order to make gameplay more interesting and funnier. The .WAD contains also two strengthened monsters: -there is a "new" Chaingunner, who looks very much like other Chainguners, but who is more powerful than them. -his Body Guards, who are strengthened SS Nazis, with a nice green colour (yes, like in "Alien 3"!) WARNING: I don't want to spoil anything, but let this be a warning: there are several stealth monsters, which can damage you a lot, if you are imprudent; please, notice that most of them can be locate easily, if you know what I mean... they are GHOSTS, after all...! Anyway, if you don't like them, I have turned them into normal monsters at skill 1/2. So: don't complain about them! Remember that JUMPING IS CHEATING, although I think I made all "jumping short cuts" unreachable. Enjoy yourself by playing it with your friends and delighting in looking at my new nice graphics!
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Nice map, but the stealth monsters spoil it! x
Stealth monsters suck ass, never add them into a map. Some nice ZDoom features here but the level is set up kinda stupid. I do like the chaingunner boss. 8/17/07x
^ he speaketh teh truth, good map with "tastefully"(if thatīs possible) applied ZDooM features, winner map in short :) 4/5x
Excellent, and surprisingly overlooked. This has the bare minimum of preamble and turns into one of those System Shock-Doom things whereby you are guided about by a disembodied text crawl; but it's tastefully done. Lovely design, the interface with hell is one of the best "infested with goo" bits I have ever seen, and the boss chaingunner was fun. Against it, it's too short, and the stealth monsters don't really add anything and are irritating. Some of the messages re-trigger.x
Totally awesome.x

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