Title: Rienzi (release 6)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rienzi.zip
Size: 382.23 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Christopher Bazley
Description: This is a very detailed map with a volcanic theme and several specifically-designed graphic elements. You must descend through caves and potholes to the innermost sanctum of a cyberdemon before making your escape from the bowels of the earth via the crater of a volcano. The unlit areas are supposed to be dark! If they are not dark then please adjust your monitor and/or source port. You don't actually have to kill the cyberdemon to reach the exit, but failure to do so would likely result in your dishonourable expulsion from the Society of Armed Volcanologist Exorcists (SAVE).
Credits: Anthony J. Burden & Simon Oke (for writing DETH). Marc Rousseau (for writing ZenNode). Lee Noar (for porting DETH to RISC OS). Eddie Edwards & R-Comp Interactive (for the RISC OS port of Doom, and for DOOMFS). Justin Fletcher (for Doom+, DoomGFX and ConvertDoom). Alex Macfarlane Smith (DoomWAD & DoomGFX front-end). Justin Fisher (from whom I stole some textures). Id Software for creating Doom in the first place. Pulp, Queen, John Williams and Wagner, for the music. Brooke Bond and H.P.Bulmer brewery for refreshment.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: An even more obscene, grotesque and incalculable length of time than the Sewage Works WAD; years of my life. I actually started it when I was at sixth form college! Just rebuilding the BSP node tree took about 15 minutes on my computer. Also, lots of new graphics needed creating.
Editor(s) used: DETH v3.92 (RISC OS port v1.01) DoomWAD 1.05 DoomGFX 1.02 DOOMFS 1.11 Paint 1.84 (Acorn Computers) Dazzle 1.11 (Silica Software)
Bugs: A few slime trails. Different nodes builders produce different errors; I got the best overall results from ZenNode with option -n2 ('Minimize BSP depth'). Requires a source port of Doom that removes the internal limit that causes visplane overflows and can patch sprites/flats.
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i generally hate dark level but this one really impress me...i would say its very atmospheric and genuine hellish map with very balanced gameplay...early areas are claustrophobic,but later parts are arenas....5 stars of perfect execution of a rather risky idea x
Played this little gem running Hideous Destructor with the Dark Doom modification. Let's just say that with previous lack of knowledge towards this dark wad, I had to progress very slowly and the atmosphere was perfect for such a progressive experience this level can offer. The cramped gameplay makes for more claustrophobic situations that will surely leave you on the edge of your seat.x
Very good detailing and quite fun as well. Only downside is that it is a bit narrow. 4/5x
Small map. Architecture: not bad, but not special, with a lot of narrow places. Imo not 'very detailed'. Lots of inescapable places. Gameplay is dominated by navigating in the dark. If you like that: give it a try. But darkness as-is does not necessarily make a wad better. Overall: small 3/5 for the efford.x
great levelx
Its dark and scaryx

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