Title: Realm of Cheogsh
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/roch.zip
Size: 34.53 MB
Date: 08/21/10
Author: Shadowman
Description: "Realm of Cheogsh" (unofficially a.k.a as "Cheogsh 3") is the final part of "Cheogsh" series. The wad consists of 3 large levels united in a hub. It is recommended to play in this wad only in a OpenGL-mode, because otherwise, in software mode, ROCH's features, like 3D-floors and dynamic light are absent, and you can't enjoy them (also this concerns of the all "Cheogsh" series as well). Jumping and mouselook are also necessary, since this wad requires free mouselook. Standard sector light mode is recommended.

The story is a continuation of "Cheogsh 2": this time you find yourself on a shore of a mysterious island , and while investigating it, you will find a lot of interesting things, and meet very worthy opponents... Have a good game!
Credits: Guest for fire effects and some textures; Nil, Dragon Hunter, Falcor for beta-testing; Jake Crusher, Arsenikum and Zer0 for localization into English; Matt Uelmen, Michael Hoenig, Unreal Team for music; id Software for Doom and Quake; Raven Software for Hexen and Hexen II; Blizzard Entertainment for Diablo and Diablo II; Monolith Productions for Blood; Clive Barker's Undying, 3D Realms for Duke3d, Graf Zahl for GZDoom, Tormentor667 for TCOTD and UT&T, KDIZD team for new monsters; Furret for his unfinished map Temple of Despair, Klon for titlepic graphics, 3EPHOEd for Russian Doom Builder.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 11.05.2008 - 21.08.2010
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.68 (3EPHOEd edition), XWE 1.16, Photoshop CS 8.0, Audio Edit Magic 9.2.15, Cowon JetAudio 6.21.
Bugs: : none
Rating: (56 votes)
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