Title: Realm of the Green soul
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rotgs.zip
Size: 674.07 KB
Date: 09/23/02
Author: Lexus Alyus
Description: Okay, where do I start? Well, this is a little something that I Cooked up :-). Okay, it's a train station, and it's no ordinary Doom level :-). The basic concept of this level was to create suspense, horror, atmosphear, etc... So, don't complain about Largly unpopulated areas, you'll soon get what's coming to you >:-D. As far as size goes the map isn't huge, as for detail, there is a fair bit in there. I don't like to release poorly desighned levels, so, I've tried hard to make this level look and feel like a train/subway station that's been abandoned. There is also a plot and story in this one too (Ooooo). Okay, I'll admit that some elements of the story are cheesy, but my aim was to show off some cool things that should be considered for most doom mappers. The fact that i'm a musician also helped, the music replacement is by me, and I'm proud of it. I was inspired mostly by the game Devil May Cry, PLAY IT!!!! It rocks!!!! :-D. Also, Unreal music was an inspiration. Well, enjoy this map and look out for a sequal (with new and exciting monsters, music, graphix, etc... :-D) ...Enjoy >:-D

-=Tip=- The boss is mean, don't be fooled by it's size. Avoid close contact and keep moving and pumping it full of lead. It's not too strong but it packs a huge punch if it corners you. Also, if it is too hard (and you happen to be playing on hard) change to Normal, hard is very hard compared to the other difficulties, but worth a try :-). I'd be interested to see some demos :-D.
Credits: **Pablo Dictter** (He's the man, and a gret friend. I owe alot to him) Karthic Abhiram, Tobias Munch, Joel Murdoch and Varun Abhiram for playtesting. Randy Heit for Zdoom. The makers of all the tools I used. id Software for their great game in the first place. You for playing this level.
Base: Completely new from scratch, well, from the deep depths of my mind :-D
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor 1.30, Wintex and... Acc1.21
Bugs: Yeah, I don't know if this is a bug or me (probobly the later :-)) but the door to the car park is supposed to close before the fight, sometimes it doesn't. Hopefully there aren't any others. The big green shrine room near the start is supposed to block you from going to some areas at first, then the blocking stops; I did this to make the dialoge part look good, weather or not it worked is another thing :-D.
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