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Magic Sacrifice
1 fairly large level. Contains many ZDoom...Date:09/03/00
Size:891.39 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Sacrifice is a level that involves making a choice: either lose the last secret and take the normal exit and miss some enemies or take the last secret and lose a life. The choice is yours, bud....Date:01/15/19
Size:447.65 KB

[B0S] clan's second wad. Just as in first wad (Da Will), main hero - [B0S] clan's fighter. Story so far: You woke up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare, and you see, that a message from [B0S] clan has appeared on your computer screen with an or...Date:06/05/11
Size:21.5 MB
Author:Lainos [B0S], Azamael[B0S], Archi [B0S], Dragon Hunter[B0S], Dr. Max [B0S], Slavius [B0S], Wraith[B0

Sacrifice in Blood
On a far away colony world, a temple was discovered which marked the border between our reality and another, far more sinister dimension which you've already been to a couple of time. We like to call that dimension "Hell." This temple, which was know...Date:03/30/01
Size:533.28 KB
Author:Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Safe Haven
A map for GZDoom initially made for Major Arlene's "Near Death Experiences" project, which later morphed into "Death's Dichotomy". Like the maps made for this project, it's an exploration of the idea of death and the afterlife. "Safe Haven" is my i...Date:11/13/21
Size:1.34 MB

- single player level for zdoom...Date:05/12/05
Size:95.53 KB

'Salmonella' embodies a fairly nasty more-or-lessy puzzleish hella-themed arena that juxtaposes static limits. Made 4 D2, conjointly predisposed towards ultra-violence as well as adorned solely with stock textures besides a 'steptop' replacement....Date:01/15/24
Size:154.06 KB

The Salt Mines
A salt mining operation claimed to have made some "unexpected" discoveries, then went totally silent. It's your job to head in there and determine the nature of the disturbance, as well as gauge whether military intervention is required. You get an...Date:03/09/22
Size:812.41 KB
Author:Large Cat

You're enjoying the peaceful ocean noises when you notice something peculiar on your island home. It's hellspawn! The nearby sea fortress has been invaded by the denizens of the underworld. It's up to you to purge this demonic threat. Saltwater is ...Date:07/30/22
Size:11.2 MB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

SALUS V If you think the grass is greener.... then go upstairs
SITUATION: UAC central has not received the weekly report from Salus V. Salus V is one of 15 free orbital space junk recycling centers. They are converted from mined out solid core asteroids. These recycling centers are fully automatic with a crew of...Date:10/11/98
Size:267.3 KB
Author:Hardy Davis

Sam's Genuine Attempt at a Level
My first genuine attempt at a level. I know it's not perfect, but feedback is appreciated....Date:07/15/22
Size:28.15 KB
Author:Samuel Maccen

Face an onslaught of demons in a mind bending arena of death and illusion... and escape if you can. But beware, even the mightiest cannot defy its permanent mark on their minds....Date:12/06/23
Size:286.08 KB

Sandy DooM I: Entryway to Homogeneity
All hail Sandy Petersen!...Date:12/12/11
Size:88.71 KB
Author:Sandy Claws, aka You know who -_O

Sanity Bleeds "Demo"
Size:2.8 MB

Sapphire - Orbital Research
This is a medium sized map based on a space station, a research facility for engines powered by simulated black holes, maintained by the Sapphire Corps....Date:05/05/06
Size:7.34 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Sargasso is an 11-map space adventure episode for DooM II which requires a Boom-compatible port to play. You play as Wolf - the leader of a mercenary team which resides in a space station hideout known as Sargasso - until one day aliens capture a loa...Date:11/03/19
Size:6.05 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Sarin (sarin.wad)
My first released wad. A smallish, marble themed map....Date:03/15/06
Size:67.68 KB

The seven tongues of Satan
Map with hellish/medieval style that consists of 3 large areas connected by teleporters. **There is a way to skip the second area so keep your eyes open! - but you will miss a lot of cool stuff then** This map was NOT built with jumping in mind ...Date:05/16/06
Size:159.56 KB

Satan's Angel
This is the demo map for Dark Plutonia....Date:12/15/09
Size:126.48 KB

Sin City 2 The Satan Complex
The sequil to Sin City, in-game story...Date:01/20/03
Size:753.57 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Saturnine Chapel (MNENMA 0)
"What does fear taste like?...Date:01/12/17
Size:1.79 MB
Author:dobu gabu maru

Savage's house
A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:51.14 KB

Single-palyer map for EDGE 1.24 or later. Heavily infestated tech complex with some neat 3D architect. You can grab EDGE from
Size:256.59 KB
Author:Vlad 'blod' Sosedkin

Save the World!
The world has been overrun by the purest evil mankind has ever seen. Make your way to the final battle to destroy it....Date:10/20/13
Size:998.8 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

A collection of seven maps scrapped from Valiant early in it's development that have been collecting dust on my hard drive for close to four years. I've been asked to share them numerous times. Here they are. Don't expect much (I threw them out, af...Date:05/22/16
Size:13.35 MB
Author:Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #1
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was for to recreate phobos anomaly....Date:03/11/03
Size:162.76 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #2
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's second speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a map based off this scenario: "In a strange twis...Date:03/11/03
Size:254.86 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #3
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's third speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a map based off this scenario: "The Doom Marine st...Date:03/11/03
Size:158.76 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #4
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's fourth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to create an ep4-style hellish map, but do so making the de...Date:03/11/03
Size:84.27 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #5
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's fourth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a UAC research lab of some sort that is having seri...Date:03/11/03
Size:43.01 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #6
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's sixth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a map based on somewhere that you know. This could b...Date:04/03/03
Size:36.15 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #7
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's seventh speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is to create a UAC factory for armour and weaponry that has...Date:04/21/03
Size:70.93 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #8
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's eighth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to design an E3 style demonic temple complete with a cou...Date:05/04/03
Size:70.22 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #9
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's ninth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is to make a map taking place somewhere in the trashi...Date:06/01/03
Size:225.32 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #10
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's tenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is to try to create UAC headquarters as you perceive ...Date:07/04/03
Size:177.57 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #11: Special Party Edition!
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's eleventh speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. Today's theme was to try to create an airport, complete with runway ...Date:10/07/03
Size:47.5 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #12
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's twelfth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. Today's theme was to try to make a complex of any sort that has been ...Date:01/21/04
Size:142.11 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #13
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's thirteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week the theme is to make a spooky dungeon, complete with tra...Date:10/26/04
Size:419.99 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #14: Halloween Edition!
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's eleventh speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. Today's theme was:...Date:03/09/07
Size:408.53 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #15
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's fifteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was an underground mossy temple with lava....Date:03/09/07
Size:519.25 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #16
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's sixteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a level based on a choice of three themes genera...Date:03/09/07
Size:261.53 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #17
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's seventeenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a map in which a spaceship has crash landed on an asteroid....Date:03/09/07
Size:161.51 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #18
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's eighteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a map in which an E4-style hell has frozen over using a provided texture pack....Date:03/09/07
Size:246.2 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #19
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's nineteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a map similar in theme to a favorite map...Date:03/12/07
Size:127.26 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #20
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's twentieth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to construct a map based on the following story: "Your name is L. Shawn Tubbard, and your occupation is the exploration o...Date:03/06/08
Size:48.24 KB

SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #21
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in SargeBaldy's twenty-first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to construct a map based around a texture they selected, inhabited only by one type of monster, and allowing the player ...Date:07/16/09
Size:243.05 KB

Southern Cross
Nine E1 style maps....Date:08/27/02
Size:2.55 MB
Author:The Solution and bryant robinson

Scarlet Haze
A wade through blood and corpses....Date:08/14/15
Size:116.59 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Scattered Ashes
Scattered Ashes is a 10-level wad made in 3 weeks as a part of the NaNoWADMo 2018 project. Each level takes about 5 minutes to play through. The gameplay is pretty standard in some maps, but it can get quite gimmicky in others, so there's a bit of va...Date:12/22/18
Size:4.33 MB
Author:Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski

Strawberry Cake Carnage
Alright all you trash kickers in Doomland. Are you ready for another ludicrously long as hell map with a hell a lot of red and white? Here you have it: Strawberry Cake Carnage. You have some new monsters that you will encounter. For most players, in-...Date:12/23/22
Size:4.06 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Southern Cross (Gold Edition)
9 E1 style maps.(fixed version 2)...Date:05/15/04
Size:1.73 MB
Author:Bryant and The Solution

Howdy! Today is my birthday, and I cannot think of a more fitting way to celebrate than with than with the release of my second map, Schism. This'll be a limit-removing Doom 2 map01 replacement. The ramp up in difficulty is pretty steep near the end,...Date:08/18/18
Size:222.54 KB

An old map I made in November of 2001. Not much detail, and the lighting sucks. Like I said, it's old. My skills have evolved quite a bit, and that'll be proven in a few weeks......Date:03/16/02
Size:913.81 KB

Schlagwerk X
This level was inspired by Schlagwerk, a cool Drum&Bass track by TaQ, from beatmania IIDX 3rd style. This is a new version of Schlagwerk with various improvements. The music was lost in a tragic accident involving an exploding goat factory. It's ...Date:12/05/03
Size:90.18 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

This is the best map i've ever made YET of all my times!! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:502.42 KB

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch features 9 small single-player maps for Doom II, tested in PrBoom+, ZDoom, GZDoom and Doom Retro. The WAD is made up from three mini-episodes of three maps each which escalate from easy (with green details) to harder (yellow) to hardest ...Date:07/16/18
Size:353.38 KB
Author:Andy "Rook" Johnson

Sucker Punch 2
Sucker Punch 2 contains nine small, single-player maps for Doom II. The maps require a limit-removing port. The WAD is made up from three mini-episodes of three maps each which escalate from easy (with green details) to harder (yellow) to hardest (re...Date:08/04/21
Size:6.11 MB
Author:Andy "Rook" Johnson

DOOM: Threshold Of Pain
Threshold of Pain is a ZDoom episode which attempts to recreate the look and feel of Midway's famous PSX conversion of Doom whilst maintaining the core elements of the PC versions and a level of difficulty PC players would expect. PSX Doom fans wil...Date:09/14/10
Size:40.85 MB
Author:John Gourley AKA scalliano

DOOM: Threshold Of Pain - Special Edition
Threshold of Pain is a ZDoom episode which attempts to recreate the look and feel of Midway's famous PSX conversion of Doom whilst maintaining the core elements of the PC versions and a level of difficulty PC players would expect. PSX Doom fans wil...Date:05/25/14
Size:41.94 MB
Author:John Gourley AKA scalliano

The year is 2173, the world has suffered through numerous world wars...Date:03/21/13
Size:100.98 MB

Soulcrusher 1.2 Update
This is a minor update that is intended to make this wad ready for /newstuff reviewing or cacowards (it got nominated). What is fixed:...Date:05/14/13
Size:4.34 MB

The Scorpion's Den
A DiHF map. A sort of descent into Hell thing. It's quite small and uses 3D floors. It's in MAP23 slot for the sky, but I gave it a MAPINFO, so it shows as an episode start too....Date:10/08/23
Size:736.61 KB

This is my first Wad, very simple, amateur-ish. 12 Levels where DoomGuy main Objective is to end each level.After the 12 level, the game ends. There is some puzzle type levels, NO JUMPING and NO CROUCHING type of game. Its meant to be played in HURT ...Date:12/06/18
Size:432.16 KB

Scorching heat
Pretty large map. Used many different styles of design, start out from cities, towns and ending with standart doom-base style, caves, metal hallways etc. Enjoy!(press f1 for help) This map created by Freedoom Comunity. I...Date:08/13/10
Size:1.54 MB
Author:Archi - Main level designer C4tnt - Main level designer Gvozdevik - level designer Jython - level de

The Scumbag Bridge
You are on a bridge, having to deal with scumbags. Your job is to clear it. Demo can be found at:
Size:3.25 MB

Scythe X. Episodes 1-2
The third installment of the Scythe series. This will be released on an episode basis....Date:09/04/09
Size:6.58 MB
Author:Erik Alm

Stardate 20x7
*** PLAY ON HMP/HNTR *** 9 Boom-compatible maps (i.e. prb+ cl9). Explore a mostly-purple world of villages, space bases, temples, and beyond!! These maps are really god damn hard. I put most of my time and effort into making HMP the intended diffic...Date:05/25/17
Size:7.52 MB

Simplistic Evil
Size:6.72 MB

Sealed by Blood
Creepy caves and ruins that hold long-forgotten secrets. Discover what was sealed behind the doors of sacrifice......Date:11/23/16
Size:39.14 KB
Author:Nick "Nostalgick" Burnham

4 seasons of DOOM
4 maps themed after each one of the 4 seasons...Date:11/05/18
Size:5.29 MB

Second Infuscomus
This is my sequel for Infuscomus, you are in a dark creepy mansion place, you have a shotgun and a chaingun, you must find some ammo and health because 3 bosses will haunt you, one by one, i've made a sistem that silent teleport the bosses around the...Date:04/04/16
Size:8.32 MB

Sector 997
A small little zDoom map using mostly Doom 3 textures....Date:01/20/05
Size:647.74 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Section 9
Section 9 has stopped communicating with mother base. Ready your gun soldier and find out what happened....Date:11/06/15
Size:33.64 KB

Sector 10
A standalone release of 10secto2.wad's map07. The only change is the added nice blue sky....Date:05/28/06
Size:279.95 KB
Author:Dimiter Georgiev

Total Conversion for ZDoom (use version 1.17a or higher). Single player. Just unzip all the files to your Doom 2 dir, and run secur.bat. Or you can run ZDoom with -file secur.wad and the level wads....Date:04/19/99
Size:1.22 MB
Author:Zero Signal

Securitron episode 2
TC for ZDoom (use version 1.17c or higher). Single player....Date:06/27/99
Size:1.44 MB
Author:stian s. aka zero signal

A large map for Doom 2 requiring a Boom compatible source port. This level was built in 1999 of what I can remember and was built for a megawad which never got released. This map takes advantage of many Boom features and will run with any port suppor...Date:03/29/04
Size:148.48 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A day of revenge against Seg Violation a.k.a.
I'm pissed at those damn seg violations that...Date:06/20/05
Size:69.74 KB

A Boom compatible 6 maps journey through the valley of the Kings. Charged with a perilous quest, Doomguy must journey into the forbidding Valley of the Kings. There, among treacherous tombs and malevolent forces, he seeks the elusive relic-the Ankh...Date:09/20/23
Size:4.04 MB

Selfhate 2 Levels more
My third wad , has an ending and includes two levels , with actual coherent design :) . As always use Project Brutality for best experience....Date:07/07/16
Size:22.69 KB

Enter the deepest part of the rainforest and search for the three skulls to open the mysterious portal in the middle of the village. Experience a 1 hour map with 3 levels in it and with backtracking and a lot of secrets....Date:07/22/23
Size:1.87 MB

Sensory Deprivation Chamber
MOUSELOOK, JUMPING AND CROUCHING ARE REQUIRED + compat settings should be set to "default" (also this is v2.0 check out the forums for the changelog :3) textureless (-ish) wad, featuring heavy doom 64 lighting usage & a modified version of supercharg...Date:01/04/23
Size:25.67 MB

the ghost episode
few 1024x1024 maps from the secret alliance for the freedom of sentai and tokuhatsu series! Hail to us! Play it! This is awesome!...Date:09/04/07
Size:86.01 KB
Author:The secret alliance for the freedom of sentai and tokuhatsu series all over the civiliezed world

The story is that some hell knight captured you, you thought he'd just kill you, but instead he made you fight demons in his colosseum and even started selling tickets for this show. Of course that was a big mistake on his part....Date:06/21/14
Size:6.12 MB

The Lost Seraphim
A 4-level addon for ZDOOM v1.22. You can most likely use zdoom V1.23 and higher, but I never tested it with those versions. The architecture isn't as good as I wanted it to be in map03, but thats because I had to limit it due to the map's sheer size....Date:12/23/01
Size:2.47 MB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Inspired by Serious Sam. Except that story in the end....Date:03/24/04
Size:1.12 MB

Sesame Chicken
"Sesame Chicken" is a short slaughter map that involves pumping rockets into your opponents followed by BFG spamming in the next room. You start with the sesame chicken and then you go into the rice. The white and tan represents the rice and the brow...Date:10/31/21
Size:1 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

The Settlements
A set of 3 maps with an emphasis on exploring surreal environments. Some bits may had challenging combat and traps. Mostly non linear progression with optional content here and there. This mapset its a spiritual succesor to Liminal Doom aesthetics. D...Date:07/27/23
Size:2.63 MB

This is my first attempt at something like this. I've made maps before, but never tried publishing them. The only map in this replaces the first map of Doom 2. I plan to make six more maps to follow this one for a campaign, but I needed feedback for ...Date:05/15/11
Size:19.06 MB
Author:Joshua Dickerson

Three sewer maps because sewer maps are objectively awesome. Custom palette by me, custom status bar by me, a few textures modified by me, three-MIDI custom OST by me as well. Yay. Fairly difficult stuff, you've been warned. Plasma sound from Hardfes...Date:01/01/24
Size:595.7 KB

One compact, sewer-themed map. Custom-made sky. MIDI is from Might and Magic 5. Difficulties, coop and DM are supported....Date:01/20/24
Size:246.3 KB

My first map I deem good enough to be put onto the internet!...Date:05/02/12
Size:55.91 KB

"You have lost Daisy and have been caught, sent to prison...but demons never knew that there was a pistol hidden with a dead Marine in your cell...its time get away and kill them all!" *** GamePlay Instructions - DoomII IWAD - Lite amplification g...Date:05/22/22
Size:49.27 MB

Shadow Corridor
Nukage processing facility...Date:06/01/09
Size:278.94 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

Shadows Den
Replaces MAP01 of Doom II. Shadows Den is a map dedicated to my friends cat, who passed away after 10+ years in their family. The map is about preparing for massive monster attacks and then having a brawl while still staying pretty detailed and nice....Date:12/19/09
Size:61.44 KB
Author:Avery Ross (AveryMaurice)

Shades of Gray
A little map sets into a hidden mountain UAC base. Knewing how much you love to hate Wolf3d dudes in doom maps i'll modify them whit that blonde dude you'll seen in this map......Date:01/24/07
Size:146.17 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Shallow World E1
A "reimagination" of Doom 2 episode 1 (11 maps). + 2 early/reused maps...Date:05/03/22
Size:8.73 MB
Author:Peter "Shawny" Blacha

Shamrock Base
Shamrock Base is a small level with heavy amounts of green since Saint Patrick's Day is coming up. The building the player starts in is shaped like a 4-leaf clover. You will need a ZDoom-based source port to play this since it is in Universal Doom Ma...Date:03/15/19
Size:8.76 MB

Gateway to Shangri-La
So this is technically my second released map. The whole thing started out as a joke - someone in a Discord server suggested making an entire map using only fireblu as a texture, then someone else started converting Doom 2 textures and flats into fir...Date:09/13/20
Size:3.08 MB
Author:Willy W.

Some bloody map...Date:09/06/04
Size:49.42 KB

This is my first attempt on making an Invasion map, hopefully it meets up to standards and expectations of a traditional invasion game. This map contains seven waves, in which the player will have to fight through mounds of demons and hellspawn. To s...Date:09/21/16
Size:15.5 MB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

The Sheol Dagger
You're on a quest for the long forgotten "Dagger of Sheol". It is located in an old treasure cave wich can only be accessible through a hudge Vault found in a gothic castle deep below the Earth! So you moved to an appartment with a hidden ling conect...Date:02/19/20
Size:3.45 MB
Author:Kepehn Glyphaith

Shesmus Abode
My first map in doom, with a heavy blood and marble theme. Tried to make the combat on UV difficult, so play on lower difficulties if that's not your thing....Date:10/06/23
Size:271.59 KB

A long and challenging OTEX-driven map for strong limit-removing ports that should take around 1-1.5 hours to beat on a blind playthrough....Date:06/07/23
Size:6.93 MB

The shining
That level based on Blood + The shining. Ja, i love them both.. The first map based on "Cradle to grave" and the second about "The overlooked hotel", Big credit to "lolo_is_cool" about the weapons' sounds of: Tommy gun, Napalm launcher and Tesla cann...Date:03/26/14
Size:279.86 KB

"Shitgunner" and "Grosse32"
A "Moddest Mapping Challenge" double special. Occupies the secret levels "31" and "32." With Map31 being the Infamous "Shitgunner" map. Where the map layout is a traced sprite of the Shotgunner. For those who don't know, "Moddest Mapping" or MM, i...Date:07/13/19
Size:64.05 KB
Author:Zillo "Ziyo"

Shell Shock
A tech base using the green tech textures. You go about in there for most of the level before coming into a cave that leads out to the exit....Date:09/03/03
Size:436.87 KB

Shorter Maps For Shorter People
5 short and punishing mini maps....Date:08/27/22
Size:1.58 MB

The Art of Shredding
A highly concentrated map with over 400 enemies, do not be discouraged though, you can mow through them relatively quickly as they're mostly low-tier enemies while you have weapons up to the rocket launcher slot, plus barrels on your side. This was p...Date:02/09/19
Size:802.26 KB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)

shrek vs doomguy 2: the squeakel
2 more ACTION PAKCED LEVELS. when we last left off doomguy blew up shreks cloning machine and stopped his plan to turn the world into a big swamp. later he went to anthrocon 2013 and meet some cool dudes that wanted to join his quest for world domina...Date:08/08/13
Size:4.49 MB

Shrek vs Doomguy: The Phantom Pain
make sure to check out the trailer xpanisonpack) Shrek Vs Doomguy The Phantom Pain is the final chapter of the shrek vs doom guy saga. You must stop shrek once and for all from taking over the world and ...Date:09/18/13
Size:29.32 MB

50 shades of sam hyde
Live out your S&M fantasies with world famous comedian sam hyde. credit to scfistas for the grayscale credit to renard queenston to the music (he has a policy where you can use his music as long as you give credit)...Date:01/25/14
Size:18.33 MB

Doomguy takes some magic mushrooms to relax. Demons invade. Doomguy finds new, altered forms of hell filled with demons. In short, a little experimental WAD....Date:09/19/16
Size:3.46 MB

The Horde of Shtat
Plasma! DO NOT USE JDRP WITH THIS WAD. It will ruin the modified monsters and plasma gun....Date:09/15/05
Size:70.08 KB

Alice Clancy's Shattered Dimensions
It's a Nine Map Wad Made from Scratch inspired by Megawads such as Eviternity, Ancient Aliens and Taransman's Projectile Hell, The Story Follows Alice Clancy, a Rookie Marine who guards a new Portal Created by the UAC that allows them to go to other ...Date:02/10/23
Size:27.4 MB

Single map for Boom format made as a tribute to dead.wire by Xaser. The majority of it was made via 2 6-hour streams and was then touched up later....Date:07/20/22
Size:491.2 KB
Author:Obsidian & Fuzzball

5 areas that are all different. You must complete one to move on to the next. The concept for this level was to start off with the first room being a pentagon and then add 5 rooms on to it. I thought I was making up a word by changing "sides" (like t...Date:10/05/02
Size:40.23 KB
Author:1 anonymous author

The Siebenbürgen base is doomed. It is being invaded by two forces: You and the vicious breed of the Cave Imps. Your first objective is to thwart the cave imps: you cannot let anyone destroy the base you are about to destroy, right? ...Date:07/10/00
Size:409.3 KB
Author:Patrik Höglund

a little adventure...Date:02/14/07
Size:1.08 MB

Silent Halls
This is where the wads start to get really big due to unused textures....Date:06/21/14
Size:3.07 MB

Silver Edge
Two Boom compatible maps for Doom 2....Date:03/20/22
Size:999.24 KB
Author:Paolo M. aka Paul977

This giant map is called Simpathy. I originally created this for the Doom Maximum Project, but it's still gonna be a while before that's released, so I decided to release it now. This map is a tribute to the Hololive English girls. It's also a slaugh...Date:06/19/21
Size:381.26 KB

Sin v1.00
Taking advantage of being able to now play over the internet and the ability to have more than four people in each game, Sin is a deathmatch level designed for between 4 and 16 people. The level is composed of three distinct bases, with large outdoor...Date:06/09/99
Size:81.57 KB
Author:Brad Carney

A gothic map for zdoom 1.23 or higher....Date:07/13/02
Size:4.1 MB

Sin City 3
"It's been centuries.. Upon hearing the news of the next invasion, our people fled the planet, far into the reaches of our galaxy.. They listened to the distress calls fade into a sea of white noise from afar. The survival of the species was indeed t...Date:07/29/08
Size:4.28 MB
Author:Ed Cripps

Sine Die
map01: mainly rusty metal, tech; map02: clean tech base, a bit hellish; --------------------------------------------------- Your mission: Seek three mystical skulls. Use their collective power to destroy the Source of Evil. --------------------------...Date:10/19/07
Size:2.36 MB

The Icon Of Sin's Lair
This is basically a enhanced remake of the successful Icon Of Sin's Hideout. It may have been successful, but it still had some problems. mainly the exit door. One of the pegs was not sticking out. I tried to make this ZDoom compatible, but for some ...Date:08/25/14
Size:18.32 MB

Size:13.9 MB

The Icon Of Sin's Hideout
This was my first wad I've...Date:06/22/13
Size:575.56 KB

Omegalore's First Wad
This was my first wad I've made until I published SRFINAL and...Date:03/04/13
Size:129.92 KB

Kill the Cybie
This is a quick single player version of narcosis.wad since it was requested by a few people. Get the bfg, then kill the cyberdemon to win the game. This is supposed to be played with ZDoom, as the level won't end with other ports, and some other...Date:02/25/03
Size:826.75 KB

This WAD is the longest and largest undertaking I ever took in the history of my editing career, (which started back in 2005. While not anything breath taking, I am still very proud of it. I have worked on this map for over four years on and off twea...Date:11/03/19
Size:856.15 KB
Author:Jason Seekings

SJS1: Streets Of Fear
A map I was planning to use in an 'expansion' for bloodrust that never really got anywhere, so instead I'm releasing it on it's own, as the first in a 'series' of single maps, that I may or may not release more maps for :P. Basically it's some kind o...Date:06/14/06
Size:270.16 KB
Author:Simon 'SlayeR' Judd

SJS2: Outpost
A dark tech themed map. Fairly hard unless you know what you're doing too :P Also (like sjs1) includes new music and textures, by me....Date:10/06/06
Size:410.51 KB
Author:Simon 'SlayeR' Judd

Citadel Station
A map based on System Shock Level 1. Includes the healing suite, storerooms and cyberspace port, part of the central hub and gamma quadrant's storeroom and maintenance entrance. This was intended to be a simply-styled map while I took a break from ...Date:07/25/09
Size:38.27 KB
Author:Super Jamie
An attempt to create difficult, non-linear maps in the plutonia visual style, without going the slaughterfest route....Date:09/17/11
Size:687.29 KB
Author:Monakhov Vladimir

One map for Boom-compatible source ports made as a break from another project. A somewhat unconventional style of gameplay is encouraged here: my only tip is to seek the red flags....Date:09/19/17
Size:205.87 KB

Skinship is a large map for GZDoom with four new custom monsters, replacements for the cacodemon, imp, hellknight and baron of hell. They were all taken from realm667 and modified by me for balance's sake. Freelook is recommended. Dynamic lights shou...Date:03/08/20
Size:6.74 MB
Author:Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski

Vile Intentions
Story? WTF !! Kill the demons....Date:01/10/24
Size:1 MB

Doomguy had one job: eliminate all the demons from Earth, which he completed successfully over 20 years ago. Now it's time to go to the convenience store and get some cat food, because his cat is hungry and Doomguy wants a Crunch bar. As Doomguy is w...Date:05/16/15
Size:582.77 KB
Author:Matt Smith

Skynight Garden
this is a single map PWAD that takes places in some kind of lushy garden build above water, it's surreal and full of nature! the map's design is based in just one arena full of enemies! understand the map, choose your path, dodge all the project...Date:09/05/21
Size:425.47 KB
Author:inflame the dragon

Sky Temple
You're in a place, and you need to get out....Date:03/16/06
Size:40.86 KB
Author:Wills Hines

Shai'tan's Luck
Originally I made map27 and called it Area42, and the whole project Area42, as the story then was set a few years after doom2, when UAC is cleaning up the bases it lost control of when the demons invaded. But that expanded into a minimally-plot drive...Date:12/11/09
Size:4.28 MB
Author:Christopher Shepherd

SLADWALL Apocalypse
1 map for Eternity, composed primarily of stock textures. This map was made for the Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 and is being released standalone due to Eternity not being able to load the finished compilation very well....Date:02/01/23
Size:455.22 KB

Same Linedef Challenge Example
I'm a new mapper, and sought a constraint that was never done before. This is the result. The premise is simple- I have to make as many different maps as possible using the same line difinitions and sector areas, and make them all feel completely dif...Date:02/02/16
Size:459.7 KB

Escape from Slime City
Escape from Slime City is a short and linear Boom-Compatable singleplayer map set in the titular urban environment of SLIME CITY. Fight hell's legions as you weave through urban streets and buildings while keeping your feet out of the toxic slime o...Date:04/27/23
Size:2.88 MB

A DOOM 2 (II) level....Date:03/30/03
Size:32.53 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen, (

Project Slipgate: Remastered Edition
Project Slipgate: Remastered Edition is an enhanced, restructured mod of the original Slipgate that was created over 10 years ago. This new enhanced version is built using more modern tools that takes full advantage of the capabilities of powerful en...Date:07/09/02
Size:406.9 MB
Author:The Solution

A five-map episode for Doom II with Thy Flesh Consumed-inspired visuals and Plutonia-like gameplay....Date:09/04/21
Size:840.95 KB

SLOTH 2009
SLOTH was originally released in 2006. In 2008, map03 was modified and released as FLANAGAN. In 2009, map04 was modified and released as LOINK. Now, in late 2009, map02/map03/map04 have been slightly modified, in the spirit of the original SLOTH, and...Date:05/11/10
Size:731.3 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Scary Mike v1.10
A follow up to Mike Watson's great fun 'Running Scared'. This one is harder and more detailed though. You canrun through it in about 30 seconds, which make this a small map. About 270 sectors....Date:01/22/99
Size:90.06 KB
Author:Cocoon (Martin Friberg)

Short maps
This is a 6 level mini-episode for Doom 2 and the first part out of 3. Its based on the premise of making only very short levels that can be completed in just a few min instead of making the more traditional longer levels. Hence why this is PWAD is c...Date:05/31/12
Size:200.54 KB

S'mores Cookie
S'mores Cookie is a cookie map with brown and white as predominant colors. Unlike the other cookie maps that I have made, this one does require some platforming, so please do be careful not to fall. Use -complevel 17 for recording demos. Play through...Date:02/20/21
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

A remake of the Doom 2 level "Entryway" (map01). I started by building Entryway from scratch, exactly like the original (no copy/pasting), then added the new stuff. One of the secret areas is a remake of the starting room in the Quake level "The ...Date:07/24/08
Size:2.38 MB
Author:id Software, TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Smile the Map
My first map, I made it mostly on a camping trip while it was raining. I spent a lot of time making sure it played well so I hope you enjoy it....Date:11/15/20
Size:87.93 KB

this was originally a map for 3x3 take two, but i didnt have enough time to finish it for that and ive got a sudden burst of motivation to finish it now the gimmick of the map is that i was allowed to use 3 textures (except DOORBLU(2), DOORRED(2), DO...Date:11/14/21
Size:427.99 KB

Six Minute Showdown
WARNING: The map is named this way because it WILL end exactly 6 minutes after grabbing the shotgun. You better escape before that time - you have been warned. Have fun! ---------------------------------------- My first real map! The main 'gimmic...Date:12/10/23
Size:1.89 MB

Sentient Mushes v21b
New technology has arrived upon your modem, and BZZT it came on your hard drive! Behold, the first extrapublic version of the soon-IWAD game, Sentient Mushes! Now with 7 maps (inc. 1 placeholder map and 2 DM ones) of fun, and a bunch of new guns, a...Date:06/23/17
Size:30.08 MB
Author:Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann

Snake Doom
Control the snake and collect apples...Date:08/10/00
Size:32.91 KB

Snake Doom
Control the snake and collect apples...Date:07/07/00
Size:29.14 KB

How long can you last?
How long can you last? Press the switches to find out!...Date:07/02/07
Size:6.22 KB

Snickers is another candy-themed slaughter map. Just a word of caution that this one is very hard. It follows the same type of maps as CrazyDoomGuy (Ruinen1000 on YouTube) plays, so good luck trying to survive because most likely, you won't. The musi...Date:12/31/19
Size:1.41 MB

Litle wad about winter. Beware the santas!!!...Date:12/26/08
Size:303.49 KB
Author:Azamael (Kolybenko Misha)

Snowfury is a single map wad for Boom set in an snowy castle featuring classic styled gameplay. The level should take around 15-20 minutes to complete, and provide a decent challenge. Difficulty levels are supported. Freelook is fine, but avoid jumpi...Date:10/29/21
Size:4.56 MB

Short 'n Quick
I started building this level almost a year ago, but with all my school work, I didn't have the time to finish it. I added some rooms and refined some of the areas and there you have it... a new map! Note that this is NOT my best work so far. My...Date:04/10/02
Size:140.43 KB
Author:Varun Abhirama Krishna

Short 'n Quick 2
After all these months, I bring you my third map, Short 'n Quick 2 - and this time, it's not that Short 'n Quick :) The look of this level may remind you a bit of Christian Hansen's 'Flay the Obscene 3', but it's actually based on the look I pla...Date:01/03/03
Size:91.8 KB
Author:Varun Abhirama Krishna

The Spectrum of the Balls of Steel
1 gimmicky, nonlinear slaughter map with all difficulties implemented and some features that change the fights depending on the order you do them. Each section has its own color theme, and all teleporters to the fights are marked corresponding to the...Date:06/26/22
Size:2.33 MB
Author:David Asaad

Sodaholic's Birthday Wad
An early birthday wad for Sodaholic's 19th birthday....Date:10/11/12
Size:544.93 KB

Knee Deep in yor fears
A classic-e1 style level sets into the most classic of phobos base style....Date:03/29/07
Size:155.02 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Scourge Of Leviathan
Plot People will never learn not to mess with power beyond their understanding. You know that releasing UAC secret data is not a good idea, especially that about Hellish Spawns. It's been a while since you defeated Icon of Sin and Earth recovered rel...Date:11/14/20
Size:1.52 MB
Author:Pełzająca Czêœæ Twarzy

Sol Ank
Mishmash of slaughter speedmaps which I was spontaneously making over the last 6 months....Date:09/10/21
Size:549.63 KB
Author:El Inferno

a short nonlinear "coffee break" length doom experience; have fun!...Date:08/23/17
Size:637.03 KB

Songs of the Damned
You materialize. A shotgun sits in front of you, beckoning you into the gloom. The air is crisp and cool. What is this place? Do not fall here, your soul will be forever trapped in this mournful land......Date:12/18/06
Size:980.26 KB
Author:Trevor Primmett

This wad is dedicated to sonic.exe ,error53 ,TD and other creepepasts. P.S.: im so sorry for bad english....Date:06/19/14
Size:32.26 MB

Sonic VS Green Hill Zone 3D
Sonic VS Green Hill Zone 3D is a game I made for RAGE 2018. A short 3D platformer TC where you guide Sonic as he discovers the dark secret behind Green Hill Zone. Every time you saw Green Hill, that wasn't nostalgia you felt... Controls are: Alt at...Date:10/06/18
Size:7.39 MB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Secrets of the Temple
A newly discovered alien temple on Mars has led to the UAC to send you there. You are the toughest marine that the UAC hired, and that is why you are on this mission. What you find is disturbing. It seems that this is the place where most of your b...Date:07/03/14
Size:587.28 KB

Shadows of The Nightmare Realm
Hell was defeated by a lone marine. But what no one knew was that there was a far greater and nigh inconceivable evil lurking beyond our realm: the Elder Gods. They saw how Hell had failed and felt it was now their time to succeed. They knew of the D...Date:05/26/17
Size:34.64 MB
Author:Alexa "YukiRaven" Jones-Gonzales

Spawn 2: Descent of Canopus V1.5
TESTED TO WORK ON GZDOOM 4.9.0 AND ABOVE This is a follow-up to my previous hub WAD, Spawn. This WAD is set on a deep space research station called Canopus Station. Six maps, including one secret level. V1.5 UPDATE CHANGELOG -New powerup added ...Date:07/19/20
Size:70.95 MB
Author:David "Dave" Billing

A loft/house on a space rock. Another one in sight. Reality collapsing. Cracks in walls reveal space. Dream recreation....Date:07/17/20
Size:45.88 KB
Author:VorteX (aka pux)

Doomed Spaceship
This is a medium sized level set in a space ship. The level features two distinctive ways to be completed, with a 100% completion however being possible in one playthrough. There are many secrets to be revealed and the enemy placement rewards a caref...Date:11/13/21
Size:3.75 MB
Author:Nick Rohrer

Doomed Space Wars
Doomed Space Wars is a Star Wars-inspired mapset but with mostly Doom enemies and weapons. There are 9 levels divided into 3x 3 level mini episodes and 3 secret levels. At the end of each 3 level mini episode there is a boss. Every map is huge and ta...Date:09/01/15
Size:55.18 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Spicy Evil Spaghetti
A weird n' tasty battleground! Probably gimmicky and chaotic too. *BE AWARE! You'll need to figure out how to get health! [single-map, zdoom]...Date:01/13/16
Size:30.06 MB
Author:Thales "Noiser" Lari

A new warrior must be found to lead the SPartan army to victory, his selection will be done by using Hade's evil forces to create the ultimate test to find this new general....Date:08/17/12
Size:861.03 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

A simple map I made in a day when I was bored....Date:11/10/19
Size:40.79 KB
Author:Jason Seekings

Spawn Cell
UAC is at it again! They've recovered samples from the IoS and begun to run biological experiments on it. Something like generating their own expendable workforce without having to worry about safety inspections or unions. It doesn't work out. You ha...Date:10/20/23
Size:2.43 MB

Spawning Fun
A set of small but hard maps highly inspired by NUTS. Enemies are spawned. Maps 1-8 end automatically. YOU NEED A VERY POWERFUL COMPUTER TO RUN THIS. BUY A NEW ONE IF IT IS OLD AND SLOW! Don't say I didn't warn you ;-)...Date:06/28/08
Size:135.77 KB
Author:Pinky's ass

Spawn Redux V2.0
REQUIRES AT LEAST GZDOOM V4.3.1! A 5 map hub centered around a UAC xenobiological research facility on Epsilon Eridani III. This redux version of SPAWN fixes the vast majority of bugs which plagued the original version 1.0 of this mod, and (hopef...Date:12/22/11
Size:24.47 MB
Author:David "Dave" Billing

RDC SpeedMapping Contest 6
This is a compilation of maps made during RDC SpeedMapping Contest 6. See below for contest and author's information....Date:05/16/11
Size:3.33 MB
Author:Russian Doom Community (see below)

Speed Weed
A bunch of shitpost-y Plutonia-style levels for the Doom 2 IWAD.(Probably best experienced while chuffing back a fat dart or however it is you guys say it idk I never smoked). These maps arose from a few scatterbrained voice-chats back in 2022....Date:05/10/23
Size:995.99 KB
Author:James Paddock, Keagan Dunn, Rivi the Warlock, Alper002, Kevansevans

Speed: The Freestyle Enigma
This is a set of nine Boom-compatible (-complevel 9) speedmaps that I made in roughly three hours each. I was originally hoping to release this once I hit ten maps, but I haven't really had the motivation so I've decided to actually release it instea...Date:09/07/18
Size:908.66 KB

Speed Mapping Ness style
Theme for speedmapping: Create a resident evil style map (dark, broodish), in or around a mansion...Date:09/21/03
Size:49.85 KB
Author:Ness, Espis, Assmaster, Optiks

Smashing Pumpkins in a Dark Wonderland
This is my attempt at expanding my mapping abilities and making use of the GZDoom advanced features. Not unlike Chex Quest or Super 3D Noah's Ark, it's supposed to be a Total Conversion for Doom that lacks gore, blood or family unfriendly violence, y...Date:09/20/20
Size:9.84 MB
Author:Jakub "KUBA18i" Majewski

Spiky Speed MapPack
You have been tossed to a weirdness incarnate of adventure once more, but what is a head? Weird, haste'd up maps ofcourse! With challenge, odd humour, and lot of boneheads to crack. You will go through some ye olde twisted up techmaps to reach even m...Date:02/10/16
Size:4.98 MB
Author:CactusHege / Hege Cactus

Spinal Injury
A little vanilla Doom map, with a gothic theme to it (like I usually seem to do). Should provide about 10 minutes of gameplay, fun or not....Date:04/08/03
Size:86.26 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Size:5.7 MB
Author:Matthew "Foodles" Edwards

Spire Complex
A 10-map WAD including a credits level to stop you from progressing to DOOM 2 maps. Contains extended dehacked patch embedded inside WAD...Date:05/02/11
Size:617.73 KB
Author:Callum Guy Oliver aka phobosdeimos1

After a little hike on a mountain, you found yourself falling through a loose bit of rock, stumbling upon a seemingly lost mining cave....Date:11/25/23
Size:731.33 KB

Spoiled Waters
My first release, though not my first map. (Only the first one I deemed good enough.) I tried to get a good mixture of dark narrow spaces and bright open areas. You start in an underground, cave-like area, go through some darker base rooms and end ...Date:09/22/17
Size:259.45 KB

spone II
Battle your way through a Nuke Waste Plant....Date:05/11/02
Size:134.96 KB

You had no idea when you warped into the base that you would have such a fight on your hands - after all it was only a supply and recreation base planetside and the scans had showed no signs of life - not as you knew it anyway. But within minutes you...Date:01/03/02
Size:405.67 KB
Author:John Bishop

You flick the exit switch of Sprike; there is a moment of disorientation and you find yourself staring through a window into the very same exit room you had just struggled to reach. It seems that the nightmare is not yet over... You pause momentar...Date:11/06/12
Size:547.43 KB
Author:John Bishop

Are you ready for another Soda map? Here it is; Sprite. Lots of green and yellow (lime is green and lemon is yellow). Play through can be found here:
Size:2.25 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

This started as a small, simple techbase to test my understanding of basic mapping techniques while making something decent and playable, but I kept adding to it as I thought of more ideas and styles I wanted to try (hence the name). Skilled players ...Date:09/10/13
Size:386.54 KB

Battle for the best boss battle.
It's a doom 2 level one replacement for a single player on a single skill. Done in an hour or so. Super fun to play, super high play value. High, very high play value....Date:12/11/05
Size:49.18 KB
Author:enter name here

The S-Project
Read the story at the bottom of this readme....Date:06/12/11
Size:34.38 MB

Two test levels
These two levels are small levels in which I tested some new ideas for ZDoom engine, but they are not complete levels and you may call them demos. Haunted Mansion is a moody level in a combined gothic-hightech structure, with lightnings and so on. Sp...Date:06/26/03
Size:646.88 KB

Merry christmas everyone! Here's a present from Agent Spork! Denial is a single map for Doom 2 which uses many of zdoom's special features to its advantage. This map is fairly cramped, so if you have claustrophobia, you're not going to like this ma...Date:12/23/04
Size:511.25 KB
Author:Agent (Matthew D. McGee) Spork

Come To A Head
A progressive single player level designed mainly as a learning experience. Because of this, there is practically no detail lighting....Date:06/03/01
Size:81.44 KB

Some Maps From Some Episode of Some Megawad
4 maps from the third episode of Ultimate Simplicity that got finished before I quit working on it. Don't expect anything special....Date:07/07/07
Size:4.75 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Fleshy Demise
This is a map I made after I was visited in a dream by the Doom gods. They bestowed upon me mapping skills beyond that of any mere mortal. Mr. Reggins is the Doom god's name, in case you're wondering....Date:07/08/09
Size:97.25 KB
Author:AgentSpork, Mr. Reggins

Geo X
Geo X is an overhauled version of two different wads (sp_deny, and sp_geo), merged together. There is a lot of things that are different in this version. In my personal opinion, the maps had very bad gameplay flaws. The maps were way too long and d...Date:06/26/05
Size:4.95 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Switch Stampede
Someone in #zdoom asked me to make this a few months ago, and someone in #dmclub asked me to upload it for some reason....Date:08/19/06
Size:187.06 KB
Author:Matthew "Agent Spork" McGee

Squad Leader
Lead a squad of marines on 3 challenging missions....Date:09/10/04
Size:408.87 KB

Another spam map. This is a modified version of the first room of map23 from Drown in Blood, which was originally made in late 2005. Designed with freelook and jumping in mind. Not designed for bfg aiming. Squane is the name of one of the cops in...Date:08/07/08
Size:341.67 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Deadly Squared
A small medium level for Doom 2....Date:07/25/17
Size:88.91 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

7 maps using Doom II assets. Does not require jumping or crouching to beat. Updated map 3 for better Zandronum doom and other compatibility....Date:06/12/22
Size:180.37 KB
Author:Simo Sievänen

S.Q.W.I.R.E.L. MOD (Fixed Version)
This is a nine-level weapons mod for EDGE 1.27+. It's longer than Action Doom! It has more detailed levels that Doom:Rampage Edition! It has more weapons than the original DooM!...Date:07/20/04
Size:1.84 MB

Surreily's first upload
This is a wad that I made for my first upload. The level is quite small, but there is quite a lot of detail. The monsters are everywhere, so use the super shotgun and kill them!...Date:03/23/06
Size:115.43 KB

The green level
This is a medium sized map that I made. It has lots of green textures on the walls and on the floors....Date:05/21/06
Size:244.89 KB

There are plenty of monsters, but most should have no problem on the lower difficulties. This was intended to be the 6th of 7 levels, and I used some "taboo" ememies, but in creative ways. Hard-to-find secrets too....Date:02/05/01
Size:45.85 KB
Author:Jerry Neighbors

Snejkowy Monster
You must kill Snejkowy Monster, because he love Adolf Hitler...Date:08/04/13
Size:469.07 KB

Snejkowy Monster
You must kill Adolf Hitler...Date:08/04/13
Size:54 KB

Sunrise Way Final Remake Redo!
Sorry for the last time I did this. Reduced the demons and ammo. Also did some...Date:02/10/13
Size:12.45 MB

Triple challenge
Triple challenge has 3 levels for you to play. To play a level, select NEW GAME from the title menu, and then select a level. Good luck! Jumping is required....Date:12/19/06
Size:891.11 KB

Small Siege
Hillside Siege from Alien Vendetta crammed into a 1024x1024 area, for fun. Will not play in original exe due to HOM effect....Date:11/05/23
Size:85.74 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

Valleys of Bereavement
This map began as a practice for using Slopes and 3D Stuff. And Became a Full map in the end....Date:01/03/08
Size:1007.79 KB

Some sorta hydro pump station or something
I do think title does a nice job of describing contents of this map. Basically, i got inspired by sum topic on Doomworld called "Map settings/themes you can't get enough of" where LeoDoom posted that there is not that much of a water/tech maps. So i ...Date:09/06/17
Size:2.63 MB

Plague Tower Siege
Castle style map with mostly vanilla textures and vanilla gameplay. Make your way through the tower while fighting of hordes of Cacodemons attacking from outside the walls....Date:01/24/22
Size:260.43 KB

My Soul Trapped in a WIN98 PC
Sometime ago, finally, you trashed that old and rusty pentium 2 with win98, your thinking it's simple "get a upgrade" but when you take that piece of garbage, stranger forces abrupts your try and teleports you to a virtual reallity hosted by your old...Date:01/19/15
Size:638.85 KB

Slaughtery techbase with more focus on gameplay than detailing, the weaponry is limited to SSG, maybe rockets on UV. Lots of barrels too....Date:04/15/13
Size:60.98 KB
Author:Christopher Shepherd

This is a small entry-sized map. I basically used this to figure out the three-d stuff. This may not run well on slower machines. Try less res if you are having problems. Hopefully they will fix this. Lots of 3D in this one....Date:07/15/00
Size:444.26 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Stairs to Hell
Something happend... The radio signal from Research facility has dissapeard... Some info Number of Vertexes: 7610 Number of Linedefs: 9317 Number of Sectors: 943 The Lowest floor: -1624 The Highest ceiling: 256...Date:11/06/05
Size:382.92 KB
Author:Vasek "Damned" Havranek

Starbase Gehenna
9 level episode. Fight your way through a starbase. Amount of weapons is designed so that you keep them from level to level, so pistol starts not recommended....Date:12/23/16
Size:2.28 MB

Stardate 20X6
Stardate 20X6 is a set of 8 boom-compatible levels that are all about the color purple. I couldn't think of a wad that extensively used the color so I decided to spend some time and completely overdose on it. The levels meander through underground an...Date:06/02/13
Size:4.76 MB

Starlight Sanctuary, Enhanced Edition
You find yourself in a strange, mysterious world full of stars. Evil lurks within, so you'll need to fight your way through. Short wad with a fair amount of action. This update fixes a bug enabling it to run on current versions of GZDoom. How did I...Date:04/18/18
Size:209.29 KB

StartLit Map1
StarLit is a hard solo map designed to be played with the Immoral Conduct weapon mod (IC). StarLit is a survival kind of map which requires more brain than braw to get through the battles. This map has been designed so that it is almost impossible to...Date:01/31/05
Size:146.53 KB

3 limit removing maps set in a base ripped from the earth and sent adrift in the stars. It starts off moderately difficult but should end as a good challenge. Pistol starts are supported but not mandatory. No jumping required. Difficulty settings a...Date:07/20/22
Size:916.79 KB

6 levels in gzdoom (UDMF) GZdoom Zdoom are recommended made in the space od 1year Your an lone marine sent to the abandoned station-12,after UAC headquarters received some strange radio signals from it. go down the facility and rediscover UAC�s l...Date:10/17/22
Size:5.35 MB

millitary station
short and sweet, a few barons and knights not too hard, but a bit different!....Date:09/28/99
Size:123.12 KB
Author:john cartwright

Station Terror
You arrive at a supposedly abandoned research station to search for clues to diabolical experiments. Soon you discover the reality....Date:06/09/22
Size:7.52 MB
Author:Alejandro Berges

Sticky Blood
Short slaughter map with a hectic start....Date:07/29/11
Size:68.52 KB

Strawberry Cookie
Strawberry Cookie is another sequel to Reese's Cookie. It has mainly red in it (it's too bad that I could not find any pink textures so red is as close to girl color as I could get based on the textures used in the WAD file). This map is rocket cerea...Date:12/25/20
Size:1.41 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Silent Steel: Remastered Edition v1.3
5 Dark rusted quake2 style bases using the advance capabilities of the K8Vavoom engine....Date:04/23/04
Size:60.46 MB
Author:Gunrock and The Solution

I made a wad for Doomsday Engine....Date:05/17/05
Size:2.64 MB

Steep Town
A map for Doom 2 that was submitted to the Vinesauce Doom level contest. This version is much more fleshed out though....Date:05/11/17
Size:338.05 KB

Assault on Castle Wolfenstein
Based on the id classic, "Wolfenstein 3D." Stein.wad takes place during the 1940's in an alternate reality in which clandestine research efforts and appeals to ancient, evil deities are about to give Germany an overwhelming advantage in World War II....Date:06/10/15
Size:373.84 KB
Author:Inner Demon Entertainment

Straight To Hell
A small level that functions as an experiment for storytelling...Date:10/12/12
Size:667.53 KB

St. Hangar
Hey there! Are you ready to get Angry? Are you ready to get Saaaaaint? Look elsewhere! This is St. Hangar, a micro-tyson map I whipped up in thirty minutes....Date:02/01/23
Size:86.6 KB

Stomping Grounds
Short-medium sized map for any limit removing port...Date:11/07/09
Size:384.68 KB

The Storage Facility
There is something going on at the Venus Storage facility. Find out what....Date:01/12/00
Size:230.27 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Storage Area 32
Storage Area is a dark, flooded, rusted metal base using the quake2 scenario as its theme. To add to the gameplay, it features polydoors, dark ambient music tracks, static lighting and a tga skybox....Date:10/17/02
Size:4.08 MB
Author:Gunrock and The Solution

A brutal story about a doomguy stranded in a mysterious snow world....Date:01/22/23
Size:2.75 MB

Huntington National Laboratory
Life in central Indiana is dull, but as you wind your way up the road to your job as night watchman at the nearby national lab you notice something seems different tonight. The gate, normally open, is closed, and when you pry open the door to the gat...Date:04/11/18
Size:424.34 KB
Author:Jefferson Draney

This is a Doom 2 boom-compatible map01 replacement. I originally intended this to be part of my planned mapset 'Jaunt', but I have since decided that I have poked around with this thing for way too long and I need to release it as it's own thing to b...Date:07/03/18
Size:279.88 KB

Strange Place
It is my first really good map. I made just one level before this one, which is good (in my opinion) but it not too good....Date:09/17/22
Size:32.47 KB

Strawberry Caverns
Are you looking to play a Nostril Caverns inspired level from me? Here you have it: Strawberry Caverns. It consists mostly of red and some green, resembling a strawberry. You go through a series of corridors, killing enemies, and activating switches....Date:04/08/19
Size:782.24 KB

STRIFE DOOM (Version 1)
StrifeDoom is set in the days before the well known "strife" occurred in the small township of Tarnhill between "The Order, a well-equipped religious dictatorship, and The Front, the rag tag resistance movement". Tarnhill has been overrun by the he...Date:03/06/00
Size:1.12 MB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

Nightside beach valley/Strimmer
Find out yourself....Date:05/17/05
Size:6.05 MB

Only The Strong
Big, detailed SP map. Ammo and health are rare, but even a bad doom player (like me :-) can survive skill 3. There is a lot of - Detail - Monsters - Ammo (on easy skill) - Nasty traps - Secrets There is not much - Health - Ammo (on hard skill) ...Date:10/15/00
Size:356.94 KB
Author:Sascha Müller

Castle Struggle
A middle-sized map with some gothic themes....Date:12/20/17
Size:831.77 KB

The Studio
The zombies attacked your studio....Date:07/07/04
Size:888.74 KB

Hoping to be as epic as nuts.wad, but not in a good way....Date:02/27/06
Size:113.02 KB

Stylin' 2
This is the sequel to MAP01-Style. It's (very) loosely based on MAP02. It works by itself, but it's cooler (IMHO) if you play them together....Date:08/23/03
Size:59.65 KB
Author:John Wantland

Three new levels here, all themed around subterranean caves all floating above hell. I've tried my absolute best to get the most I can out of vanilla doom 2's stock assets and scripting....Date:08/01/22
Size:168.48 KB

This is my first map, a techbase featuring a dark Plutonia vibe, beatable in roughly 10 minutes. Being attracted by Plutonia for his dark aesthetics and his oppressive E2 red sky, I chose this setup to give the map a feeling it's a lost base, which...Date:01/13/20
Size:131.01 KB

Scharfschutze Suche
Size:9.3 MB

Surival Hell V2
The Monsters of doom planning an attack on the Marines, but you're the salvation (as always), I sent via teleporter to DooM Town, where deves kill all those bastards, then they will give you another mission, and then you can go to a beer house...Date:12/05/10
Size:305.84 KB

It looks that the latest volcano eruption was so strong that some hellspawn were ejected in addition to lava... Approximate playtime around 20 minutes. Classic map (no jumping etc.)....Date:11/09/22
Size:477.6 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

You stumble across a dying man in the street, uniformed and grasping a pistol "take this" he murmurs. You take it and look toward the building to your right as a scream goes right through you, you shudder and walk in....Date:08/14/03
Size:210.87 KB
Author:Gary Frewin

Summer of '69
Size:3.58 MB
Author:Ribbiks & Dannebubinga

Bloody Sunday
At the time I didn't know it, or else it would have been a little bit disheartening. This is my fourth Doom level made from scratch conceptually, and even though I had been doing pretty well making maps and getting more creative with each release, th...Date:07/04/22
Size:280.46 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

17 15 1337...Date:11/19/01
Size:23.94 KB

I named it Superwad because I was watching an anime called Super GALS at the time....Date:06/21/14
Size:234.88 KB

Super Slug
Responding to a distress signal from a nearby planet, your ship detects no lifeforms, but sensors are picking up energy readings near an abandoned research facility. You are sent down with your away team as chief of security to investigate. Upon arri...Date:08/07/22
Size:900.44 KB

UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot
The map is about a marine who must infiltrate a UAC Corporation large base because there are indications that dangerous secret experiments related to portals and Satanism are taking place. The protagonist is hidden in a truck of the UAC that goes to ...Date:09/08/18
Size:8.84 MB

This project was originally intended to be a megawad with 32 scythe-like maps (basically shorter and sweeter than Speed of Doom was, and less emphasis on the looks, and more on the flow of the maps). Due to commitments with university and other reaso...Date:02/21/12
Size:3.3 MB
Author:Josh "Joshy" Sealy

Fire Fight
Go head to head with those pesky monsters but don't fall off the arena....Date:10/19/00
Size:22.52 KB
Author:Rick Clark

This is a Tekken style game for Doom. Written entirely in ACS, this game pits you one on one against an array of Doom monsters....Date:07/14/00
Size:20.87 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Survive: Aftershock Part II
Previously on Aftershock: "UAC Report log #5: This is Captain Deckert, at 1500 hours I got a distress signal from one of the UAC facilities! Something about demons. The facility was lost, so much hellspawn everywhere! Gotta keep fighting if I want to...Date:04/22/19
Size:57.16 MB

The result of a "tennis match" we had with Plut....Date:06/21/14
Size:239.64 KB
Author:Memfis and Plut

September Under the Sea
A set of Speedmaps made in the Pineapple Under the Sea discord for the montly speedmapping series...Date:01/13/21
Size:4.77 MB
Author:Various, Compiled by BluePineapple72

This is a cute little map I did for joe-ilya's Going Nowhere Fast project, god bless its soul. It's Wild West-themed and is, to my knowledge, the only such map released in this century. It has a lot of design choices that I would have never dared to ...Date:01/25/20
Size:89.88 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Screamer V1
Just a screamer map. Planning on using my scripts for my other wads. Other can use the scripts too :)...Date:12/13/12
Size:742.83 KB

Screamer V2
Just a screamer map. Planning on using my scripts for my other wads. Other can use the scripts too :)...Date:12/13/12
Size:754.77 KB

XASER'S SHiTWADS is a set of ten levels (+1 secret) However, the thing about these levels is that they are all kind of "Joke Maps". Some are old levels that have been "touched up" a little, while some others were made brand-new for the occasion. The ...Date:01/17/04
Size:843.39 KB
Author:The Masters of Insanity (See below for more info)

shrek vs doomguy: a battle of orge proportions
shrek vs doom guy is a wad inspired by the movie shrek by dreamworks. shrek has cloned himself so he can take over the world and make everything into a swamp. there are many layers to this wad and 2 ACTION PACKED LEVELS!!!!!!!!!1! r u ready?...Date:07/27/13
Size:802.09 KB

Very big wad for level 04 of DOOMII....Date:06/06/11
Size:228.56 KB

Swim With The Whales
"Swim With The Whales" is a set of 3 boom- compatible levels featuring abstract environments, very challenging gameplay, and elaborate secret areas. I spun the color wheel and landed on blue this time around, so expect plenty of it! The dynamic range...Date:12/21/13
Size:2.59 MB

Star Wars: Chibi Rebellion v5.0
Star Wars: Chibi Rebellion is a semi random hub based mini-adventure. Each session is built using a pool of maps to give a different experience each time. Each hub culminates in a final map the contains your mission objective. Once completed, you can...Date:04/05/10
Size:16.43 MB

A lengthy, challenging tech map with a few tricks and traps along the way....Date:01/15/07
Size:189.59 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

First wad attempt...Date:06/30/05
Size:47.42 KB

6+1 action-packed maps about reviving a dying universe using guns and large pointy things....Date:09/04/21
Size:1.91 MB
Author:Pavera, Tarnsman, Marcaek, & Xaser (...PTMX?)

Super Mario 8-Bit
Just an 8-bit Mario map done out of boredom....Date:05/12/13
Size:18.12 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

No more than your average techbase style map, taking place in the mountains or something (don't bother asking why there are no mountains in the sky). To begin with, this was merely a 100 minute speedmap created in August of 2006, but has obviously ev...Date:01/14/07
Size:137.35 KB

Mayan Mishap
Five maps, loosely Mayan in setting, with an assortment of DeHacked changes to alter monster behavior and a few other things. Notably, some monsters and projectiles are faster than their vanilla counterparts. If you typically play maps on UV, I would...Date:11/02/18
Size:6.22 MB

Stone Turmoil
Stone Turmoil was just a 90 minute speedmap to begin with, but after getting feedback from the regulars of #dmclub, I decided I'd do a little work on it and release it. Minor gameplay changes have been made since, and skill settings have been added. ...Date:12/23/06
Size:134.87 KB

Systematic Corruption
Originally meant for the "#dmclub Channel Project" that was started last year, Systematic Corruption is a medium-sized e1-themed techbase. Playing on U.V. should result in a ~300 monster count by the end of the level, while the lower difficulties a...Date:07/04/07
Size:280.02 KB

Not Quite Vegas
A short map making use of Nick Baker and Sam Woodman's Morister Resources texture pack. MAP01 is based off an older speedmap of mine done in late 2006, included as MAP02 of this pack. What is here MAP01 was started sometime near summer 2007 and was...Date:01/01/09
Size:1.77 MB

T 3 S T
Oh, fuck. The teleporter that was supposed to take you to a nice weekend off from UAC malfunctioned and sent you to a demon infested power station, next to toxic waste refinery connected straight to hell. Now fight your way through seven maps filled ...Date:04/08/16
Size:428.63 KB
Author:Topi Hattukangas

The (7th) Dimension
Size:1.75 MB
Author:Alex Meyers (Apothem)

There and back again.
Using Doom2.wad, Full episode of 9 maps, 8 + 1 secret....Date:03/03/16
Size:762.47 KB

The Ammo Conservation Conundrum
It's time to settle the question of the year: Is the regular shotgun REALLY more efficient than the super shotgun? Which is the true workhouse of Doom? All of these questions and more will be answered in "The Ammo Conservation Conundrum"! Map02 i...Date:09/03/23
Size:110.23 KB

Take It Easy
Take it Easy is a Boom mapset containing 2 maps. The 1st map is a throwaway while the 2nd map is the main course Music: Made by me as a challenge to only use the grand piano instrument INFO ON THE MAPS: Both of these maps were first drawn in a no...Date:04/16/23
Size:413.34 KB

Temple of Takhyshra
My second completed map for public release....Date:10/23/08
Size:43.4 KB

STARTAN.wad - the epick 3-map adventure of a lifetime
STARTAN.wad (or Tan.wad) is a three-level galaxy-wide space opera set in some random doom modder's unfinished work, corrupted by time. STARTAN.wad includes: - a $2 Arby's gift card hidden in MAP02 - Fun, dynamic and interesting 20-act storylines - Co...Date:09/07/23
Size:233.88 KB
Author:Blingorg Wmrith

A large arena with lots of monsters. Funny and hard level! Great in deathmatch!...Date:09/15/01
Size:43.47 KB

You just escaped from a hellish monstrosity on the helipad of this large skyscraper. The elevator broke on its way down, and it looks like this floor ain't too welcome either. You have no idea what this place did before the apocalypse, but now it jus...Date:08/23/16
Size:119.98 KB

A towering fortress draped in a blood red mist, Tartarus is a fairly quick journey with a good bite to it. Powered by OTEX, with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, this is a simple key collector map centered around arenas and ambushes....Date:01/21/20
Size:2.41 MB

Tau Sigma Phi's 10th Anniversary
My first map for Doom 2 that I ever made, in honour of the sorority's 10th anniversary. This map is a slaughter map filled with over 12,600 monsters on Ultra-Violence....Date:01/05/18
Size:4.82 MB

Tanis Base SP
Rodrigo Is a very detailed Deathmatch map, using textures from Various places. You are in an Antartic Base. Chris I've converted this DM map to a single player map with lots of monsters. Enjoy :P...Date:11/12/03
Size:431.45 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian

The black lands
The map has no linear design, and it's ubicated in a decadent place. You must activate lots of swich if you want arrive at the end. The map is harder than you may think at the begining....Date:01/31/11
Size:330.49 KB

Temple of Blood
OK, this was originally going to be a level for the 10-sector contest, but I didn't finish it on time. It was just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust so I slapped a few more monsters in it to finish it, added a couple of weapons, and decided to...Date:04/09/01
Size:59 KB
Author:John Wantland

The Blast Furnace
A Slaughtermap for those who have a grave love for very hardcore maps like sunder or such...Date:05/06/18
Size:450.11 KB
Author:Ahmed Mohammed Ali Alkhateeb Altaher

The Canyon
A large open world level with some claustrophobic caves and tunnel systems. The level revolves around the inner workings of a bunker nestled deep in the cave systems. Several other unnerving things seem to be going on as well. My first doom level. Re...Date:06/15/15
Size:291.75 KB
Author:The Architect

The Chamber Of Damnation
I started working on this a long while ago 2008 and put about a years work in off and on but ultimately decided to work on other stuff. There is a lot of texture miss-alignments some bugs etc originally created for Skulltag I have included the necess...Date:11/29/12
Size:41.81 MB
Author:Jeffrey Banks

City of the Damned (v2.0)
A map based meant as a playground learning DoomBuilder and getting used to the Blood Resource Pack that I've created in 2004. A revamp with lots of fixes and visual improvements has been released in 2020....Date:05/15/04
Size:2.63 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

The City of The Damned Apocalypse
The successor of "The City of The Damned", a ZDoom map featuring resources from the Monolith game "Blood", this time featuring dynamic lights and other nifty sourceport additions in GZDoom. Expect a moody, dark and scary city filled with zombies, cul...Date:05/18/11
Size:24.43 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

The Crash
The space ship crashed in New Mexico and it is alien. You hear sounds like screams......Date:06/24/98
Size:168.83 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Diseases, and Casualties this year being 1632
A Something Awful Forums 'Doom WAD Club' Community Pack Each map takes inspiration from a list of diseases and causes of death which occurred in London in 1632. The original image (of the same name as this pack) lists over 30 causes, with 11 being ...Date:01/08/23
Size:5.71 MB
Author:Various, compiled by Dieting Hippo

The Death base
The Story: Welcome to Death World. The new evil world which the demons just casted you into. Having gotten sick of you, the demons grabbed you after one of your battles and threw you into a portal leading to this new evil place. But before you ...Date:06/28/14
Size:62.18 KB

The Delirium Dimension
The Delirium Dimension is a 13-map experience draped in minimalist classical horror atmosphere complete with an excellent soundtrack assorted from vintage horror bangers. It's moderately challenging and has some more out-of-the-box encounters than an...Date:10/20/23
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski

The Dying End
A remake of level 29 of Doom II...Date:06/23/07
Size:560.15 KB
Author:Christopher Lutz

The Death Of DOOM
It's a mostly narrative wad, it's set in the future, in the year 2093, when everything runs on DOOM, and one man decides to destroy the whole world by killing DOOM....Date:12/01/22
Size:40.28 MB

Toxic Dump
youre a UAC worker on the toxic dumps station on Mars. You were...Date:01/03/09
Size:28.54 KB

The Doom Universe's Total Randomness Community Project
Every Doomer has many unfinished maps lying on their HDDs. We've bugfixed and completed some of those maps, and thus this project has been born. Because of the various map themes, it's been called "Total Randomness". Read the "map descriptions" secti...Date:07/06/12
Size:2.93 MB
Author:The Doom Universe

A quick little map with only 23 monsters and that shouldn't take too long, took me like 5 hours to make and playtest. Do whatever you want with it, I don't mind....Date:11/19/22
Size:29.75 KB

Size:24.55 KB

My First Techbase
Demons attack the base your unit was tasked with protecting ect. Kill all monsters in a semi-open techbase....Date:08/12/22
Size:170.9 KB
Author:Fun-E Personn

Techbase 504
Story depends on Difficulty level. In IMTYD and HNTR you are sent in to clear out the demons the other marine left behind. On HMP and UV you are sent in to deal with a small outposts�demon infestation.� Final build: About 3 months. Original bui...Date:08/27/23
Size:190.19 KB

Techblast is a 2 map wad for Boom compatible ports featuring classic styled techbases and some difficult encounters. MAP01 starts things off with a slower paced exploratory level, then MAP02 escalates into harder encounters. Difficulty levels are ...Date:02/04/22
Size:3.34 MB

This Map Is A Tech Facility It has new textures. I Hope You Like It!...Date:07/05/18
Size:5.7 MB

Maybe a Techbase
A sorta-tech-basey type map. Unlike my last map, this is a bit more than several big rooms full of monsters and it has an amazing new technlogical advancement: Stairs! Secrets are a bit obscure but I've confirmed that each are accessible without any ...Date:08/05/10
Size:199.47 KB

Technicolor Anniversary Box
A void-style map with cute, bright colors- but don't get too comfy- this map has some bite. Anniversary edition, recolored and re-mixed with Supercharge 2.8....Date:09/06/21
Size:48.93 MB
Author:Major Arlene

Technicolor Antichrist Box
A void-style map with cute, bright colors- but don't get too comfy- this map has some bite....Date:06/13/20
Size:44.19 MB
Author:Major Arlene

UAC VOICE LOG... "Progress with the new base is going well. The base is hidden away in some previously unknown ancient ruins." UAC VOICE LOG.... "Yesterday several workers reported "deep earth movement" in the southern sectors, lava began to f...Date:08/22/05
Size:173.96 KB
Author:Christopher Burgess

Tectonic Rift
I guess you could say this map exists by 'accident' in a way. I had read Xaser's Texture Archaeology thread and wanted to see what the cement textures looked like in-game when they were assembled properly. Still not one of my fave textures, but l...Date:08/14/22
Size:851.29 KB

Teeth of the Storm
Teeth is a single doom2 level for EDGE 1.27. Several new features are added (eg functioning rain), and some modified enemies....Date:02/29/04
Size:424.23 KB
Author:& Email Templar (

Assault on Tei Tenga
Size:1023.86 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

Tei Tenga Refinery
A high-tech base map for Zdoom showing some good scripting and design....Date:11/11/04
Size:554.28 KB
Author:john cartwright

Mercurial X
A top 32 finisher in Doomworld's 10 sector WAD contest - This time, without the red key door bug....Date:12/18/00
Size:78.78 KB
Author:Michael Niggel

Demons have invaded again, yada yada, shoot 'em up in 12 varied levels, going from a simple Tech base to a demon infested tourist trap castle. All maps beatable from a pistol start. Starts on Map14 because XWE scares and confuses me....Date:01/17/15
Size:731.95 KB

High-Tech Outpost Facility
Starting a (Late) new year with this. Hope it won't end up like somemap.wad. The second map is a wad you may be familiar, but did some updates and what it should have been. Also my first accept to make my maps less linear....Date:04/21/15
Size:7.21 MB

No Imp Left Behind
BBG claims he does not know how to map, but <beep> makes the process easy. As such, I wanted to find out how that fits me. It is a speedmap (not 100 minutes, but still considerable), and is intentionally kept small. I once had an idea for a sta...Date:10/29/04
Size:88.74 KB
Author:Jan Engelhardt

Size:184.51 KB
Author:Peccatum Mihzamiz

Tekex (a.k.a. Tech-Base Exploration) is a variant of Urban Exploration. One of the main differences is having something more interesting to shoot than rats. It is one of the most popular hobbies among UAC marines. This is a medium-sized map with a ...Date:05/28/18
Size:277.3 KB

The Marbelous Three
This map begun with a blood-marbled room as a possible candidate entry to CC2, but soon evolved into a textural experiment involving two facing worlds, tech vs marble. I tried to find a good tex combination, since most tech(*) textures do not fit wel...Date:10/28/04
Size:292.17 KB
Author:Jan Engelhardt

Non linear level with lots of fight. Expect a HUGE slaughter at the end of the map. Difficulty is hard, but not impossible....Date:02/03/15
Size:564.86 KB

Demo level of some nice ACS effect. It demonstartes <-- IMPORTANT! READ IT! "portal" teleporters, similar to Q3A's or Unreal's teleporters. It uses ZDoom's sky box specials, so you need some of the ZDoom 1.23 beta versions or highter. The effect has ...Date:11/23/02
Size:2.67 KB
Author:Boris Iwanski

The escape from planet Telex
A pure action level. The Joke is that the only ammo you'll find is the one that dead monsters drop. It's my level #22 Story: The habitants of a small city on an asteroid became crazy and start to eat each other. Before they get you, you must find t...Date:03/20/06
Size:93.42 KB

Lost in Tellerstein's Planet
You're lost in an unknown and unnameable planet, ruled by a being known as Tellerstein. You must find your way through cosmic horrors and escape this ghastly nightmare....Date:08/28/12
Size:77.49 KB
Author:Ericson Willians (Tellerstein)

Tellerstein's Base
Thou art trapped in Tellerstein's Base, canst thou survive his wretched and hellish spawns?...Date:08/28/12
Size:82.05 KB
Author:Ericson Willians (Tellerstein)

"This mysterious temple (found upon a mountain which seems to defy all laws of physics by being a floating mass of land...) from hell is like no other, it does not play by the rules of logic or reason, other dimensions are tearing through the very wa...Date:12/23/13
Size:355.9 KB

Temple Base
You told the zoning board it was a bad idea to build a techbase next a demonic temple, but did they listen to you? Of course not. Now demons have taken over the base -- surprise, surprise -- and it's up to you to clear it out and get back home in one...Date:08/11/12
Size:73.19 KB
Author:Egbert B. Gebstadter

Temple Grounds
A ruined temple with outdoor areas and caves...Date:05/08/10
Size:461.96 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

The Temple
3-level mini-episode. Contains many ZDoom...Date:10/21/99
Size:27.68 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Temple of the Ancients
5-level hub, set in a variety of environments. You start in a command center, but explore medieval and techno-medieval areas as you uncover the secrets of the Temple of the Ancients. These levels extensively use Q3A textures, and a few Q1 & Q2 text...Date:12/30/00
Size:2.35 MB
Author:ReX (aka Gurkha Boy)

Size:2.6 MB

Temple Ruins
A ruined temple...Date:05/31/09
Size:264.54 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

Tenchi Muyo Doom
This is a doom addon of an Anime cartoon....Date:11/18/00
Size:1.43 MB
Author:Curtis "Metrocide" smith

Tei Tenga entrance.
A small techbase with more challenging monsters than the usual techbase. But there is ample ammunition and health....Date:12/23/14
Size:256.1 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Ten Thousand V 1.0
This is a Zdoom project of the dice game "Ten Thousand". It can be used in single player, but it's best to be played in multiplayer, up to 8 players supported....Date:06/14/08
Size:3.16 MB

The Eye of the Demon
It's map 30. So you gotta kill the evil demon boss....Date:02/09/04
Size:2.89 MB

Terra Hell
just another crap map with a very linear and randomized layout which is not as meaningful pertaining to the saga of the game, but does have a lot of obstacles, traps and puzzles. music made from scratch. saving only works in GZDoom and other more adv...Date:11/08/15
Size:6.09 MB

Terminator: Unit 9042 Deluxe Edition
If you played termin WADs this won't be anything new for you. Fixed gameplay and cutscenes can now be skipped :P...Date:04/17/07
Size:14.66 MB

A map to doom 2...Date:11/09/08
Size:481.27 KB
Author:El canalla

The Terraces
Visually overhauled in February 2019. A classic Doom 2 city-style map originally made for the cancelled community project "Plain Ol' Doom 2". Originally designed as a Map 20 replacement. Level layout is a based on "Central Yharnam" level from From So...Date:10/18/17
Size:497.88 KB

Terrere 02: "Spookyness guaranteed"
Spooky, i guess :-)...Date:09/03/01
Size:163.03 KB
Author:Wim "The Mole" Vanrie and Miguel Moura (the music)

Terrere1.wad is a single level for boom. The theme varies between brown and rock textures. I've tried to make the area's merge in together and i think i've about succeeded. I think it's the best level i've made so far. ------------------- !!!!!!WAR...Date:10/16/00
Size:143.58 KB
Author:Wim Vanrie

Terrianis its a short mapset with maps inspired a bit by Crumpets. My main goal with these layouts was trying to archive interconectivity,...Date:03/05/23
Size:2.19 MB

Size:161.3 KB

Terror Tomb
You have descended into the eerie necropolis of those hellish creatures. Amongst rotten corpses and cobblestone walls, you fight to reach the undead king of horrors. Its defeat is your only way out....Date:07/16/16
Size:90.82 KB
Author:Claudio Sapere

Huge level for exploration and intense fighting. This level number 2 for me....Date:11/19/16
Size:846.83 KB
Author:Big Memka

Esselmap I: Testing Facility
Doom2 map with a lot of episode 1 influence. It's been tested in prBoom and Doomsday Engine, but it should run in any limit-removing port....Date:08/02/06
Size:491.94 KB

STORY: No story, as story and doom simply do not go well together. DESCRIPTION SHORT: My first three and last three maps. If you dont like the music, turn it off. You know how this works ;). Maps are of moderate difficulty. DESCRIPTION: Well... w...Date:11/21/10
Size:819.16 KB

Test Subject 43
Single player 6 map wad. My first attempt at map-making....Date:11/24/16
Size:1.46 MB
Author:Paul Dechene

Testing Pool
A map where you fire the rocket launcher at arch-viles. Blood floors hurt. Enjoy!...Date:05/03/21
Size:1008.87 KB

A set of four maps for strong limit-removing ports (PrBoom-Plus would be the minimum requirement, and -complevel 2 would be the preferrable option) that aim to merge oldschool-flavored slaughter gameplay with modern visual appearance. For the sake of...Date:05/15/21
Size:8.26 MB

The Failed Experiment
Scientists at Mars have started testing their new prototype, it's a teleporter that allows you to travel to hell. But suddenly something goes wrong and demons breach into the facility. Your mission is to eliminate all enemies, then, use that teleport...Date:12/12/21
Size:19.92 MB

This is a Teletubbies partial conversion of doom...Date:12/05/00
Size:618.96 KB
Author:, Ian G. Myers.

T glass in
A single map where you have to defeat the creator of the recent semi-funny Gamarra wads....Date:05/26/07
Size:6.91 KB
Author:Chipstutten IV

TGRCP1 has 5 maps, with new features, and easier to setup from either Offline gameplay to Online gameplay! Version 1.00: 20 April. 2007 Original release Version 1.75: 2 Augest. 2008 Rewritten the whole ACS Trays Fixed alot of Bugs Fixed Runtime i...Date:08/02/08
Size:1.62 MB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

TGRCP1 hat 5 Maps, mit neuen Features, und leichteres Setup für offline oder online Spiele! Version 1.00: 20 April. 2007 Original release Version 1.75: 2 Augest. 2008 Rewritten the whole ACS Trays Fixed alot of Bugs Fixed Runtime issues Small cha...Date:08/02/08
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

1 medium sized map set place in an underground base....Date:04/01/12
Size:1.18 MB

Thanks, Dave
A basic E1M1/MAP01-styled map based on a 2019 tutorial from DavidXNewton....Date:06/11/23
Size:35.08 KB
Author:Simon The Digger

That Day
This is a short map for Doom 2 in Boom format. I made it because I was bored. I worked on it on and off during the weekend, and my guess is that it took probably something about 6 hours (note that this is a rough guess) total to make it. Its up to ...Date:12/02/12
Size:15.28 KB

Horror in the Deep
A floating complex in the see where the experiments get out of control....Date:10/04/06
Size:232.87 KB

The Theater
Have you heard "The Theater" creepypasta? Maybe This creepypasta was amazing for me so I got the idea to integrate this creepypasta into Doom. You pretty much know how this creepypasta will look like....Date:02/13/14
Size:690.45 KB

The Craven
You've received a distress call from a UAC base. You'd have thought they'd have learned their lesson by now, right? You'll start off at the Landing Base. Make your way to the UAC facility - The doors are blocked off and your only way through will be ...Date:02/25/24
Size:3.6 MB

Coming Out Of The Goddamn Walls
Yet another UAC outpost of vague importance has been overrun! But this won't be your every day killing spree, those crafty demons have a new trick up their sleeve. Some of them seem to have the ability to ambush you from seemingly solid walls! Keep y...Date:01/20/24
Size:2.34 MB

The Deep (TM)
For Realms Deep Map Jam 2021, this colorful void-esque map plays...Date:09/04/21
Size:35.91 MB
Author:Major Arlene

The Deep
It's a dark, humid night in Sydney Australia. You're a miner working an ordinary night shift, same as any other, when all of a sudden the gates of hell open deep inside the mines and you become trapped within the hell infested caves and mineshafts, t...Date:01/25/23
Size:92.63 KB

The Duel
I started out to remake the duel mode from Golden Axe in Doom. However, it turned out a bit different. It's more like Serious Sam. However, you get different points for killing enemies and saving ammo. You're health also effects your score if you sur...Date:04/27/03
Size:28.34 KB

The Field
An atmospheric map I decided to make after a talk with a friend about a certain fear he had of desolate, open first map to have ACS scripting. Simple, but it works....Date:02/23/08
Size:410.93 KB
Author:Carlos Richards

The Given
The Given is a monsterless puzzle map with an emphasis on exploration....Date:01/30/18
Size:4.29 MB
Author:dobu gabu maru

The Hatch
This is my first completed level, but it's about 10x the size of anything I ever made :o (and has a beginning and an end :) It just kept growing until it had a finished/"closed" layout, so i tried to make something sensible out of it :) The theme i...Date:08/20/10
Size:1.27 MB
Author:Raziel Anarki

The Hemorrhage
My first map; a short single map done in a Plutonia-ish style. Middle of the road challenge-wise. I have plans to continue this in a 6 map episode. Hope you enjoy it!...Date:08/12/22
Size:195.37 KB

This wad, called "The Hub" is the also the third level of the "Descent Into Hell" megawad project I'm working on. The merged wad (level 3) will have slightly different mixture of of weapons, etc... because the player has weapons and ammo and health a...Date:04/09/03
Size:478.08 KB
Author:Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf)

Thematic Elements
You're in a room with 3 teleporters That bring you to places with different themes. This wad is quite hard but most Doomers should be able to complete it....Date:10/11/04
Size:319.92 KB
Author:Lutrov71, Jimi

The Mauve Zone
FOLLOW THE TRAIL OF THE LOST SOULS... The Mauve Zone is my first map and a mixture between a certain TV show that I like and a couple paranoias from my own head. It's also inspired by E2M6 and E4M1 from the Ultimate Doom, and also by the megawad Go...Date:12/04/22
Size:699.52 KB
Author:The Royal We

The Oasis
The Oasis is a medium sized ZDoom map, featuring an egyptian theme....Date:11/08/18
Size:6.77 MB
Author:Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski

The Redux
"The Redux" is a remake of my first ever map that was posted online back in the year 2005 on the website "Doom Wad Station". It was archaic, ugly, and contained a lot of visual errors and horrible sounds that I had placed into it. I didn't even know ...Date:05/23/20
Size:3.41 MB
Author:Jason Seekings

The Rooms
You go to a random place... and all hell breaks lose....Date:10/17/16
Size:39.38 KB

The Ship Level (yeah, I know. Its boring!)
Crazy level with lots of details, great gameplay, and plenty of baddies!...Date:08/31/03
Size:141.18 KB
Author:Paul D. Disney (DoomDiz on Doomworld forums)

The Spire 2: Celestial, The Sky Torn Asunder
REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT NOTES YOU NEED TO READ!!! - You need GOTHICTX.WAD to run this map! Links to download it are at the end of the text file. - This map is ENORMOUS. If you have anything less than a 1Ghz processor, don't even bother. - This is pro...Date:06/21/06
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Michael "prower" Reid

The Spire
Okay, for starters: THIS LEVEL IS LARGE. VERY, VERY, VERY LARGE. It has ~2400 sectors and ~2300 monsters on UV. I would NOT recommend playing this level if you have a really old computer. Second, this map is pretty hard. 100% kills and secrets on ski...Date:02/23/05
Size:725.26 KB
Author:Michael "prower" Reid

Theta labs
A 3 level map with new sounds, and one new monster....Date:05/22/13
Size:23.84 MB

The Wreck
This was my 2016 vinesauce mapping competition submission. UAC has located a sunken ship with important stuff on board. You are sent to investigate the ship. It turns out that you are not the only one around. You also notice that part of the ship is ...Date:09/20/16
Size:2.36 MB
Author:Thomas Nijman

On They Slay
A pipeline for nuclear waste has broken open due to faulty installation by the incompetent contract waste company for the UAC known as "Cockroach Waste Disposal". This caused a huge plume of toxic gas to flood the station. Before maintenance was able...Date:11/24/19
Size:1.72 MB
Author:Jason Seekings

The Library
The Library is a mysterious trove of old, an arcane structure that has stood since time immemorial. Aged, yet ageless. What will you find within its walls and amongst its countless tomes?...Date:06/04/22
Size:3.18 MB

The Outbreak
A large single level map. You start in a prison and have to fight your way out. Only in the "I'm too young to die." there are less monsters than in the other levels....Date:12/20/21
Size:1.23 MB
Author:Marcel Luternauer

Third Eye
A strange and disorienting speed slaughter map...Date:02/19/23
Size:278.9 KB

Dum-Dum Thoughts
Sometimes thoughts are too loud...Date:07/18/23
Size:1.8 MB

Go through 3 maps and stop demons from invading earth....Date:07/05/20
Size:479.36 KB

The real war begins! Strategic game though, play wise!...Date:10/07/22
Size:1.17 MB

Lightning Storm
A replacement Hexen like thunderstorm sky with...Date:11/01/11
Size:223 KB

Back to Thunder Road
After a career running and gunning, it's time to lie down by the beach and sip some pina coladas. But! Yo ho ho, things get hairy once again and aliens land right on top of your humble home by the sea. Time to hit the road. The THUNDER ROAD....Date:08/18/16
Size:1.22 MB

These are my two maps "Thunderpeak powerplant" and "Termination"...Date:08/13/08
Size:8.83 MB
Author:Björn "Vader" Ostmann

Thy Wicked
You are in hell-So shoot shit! Tried keep a bit classic....Date:10/20/10
Size:141.54 KB

Unwanted Consequences
The level takes place in a clonning lab overtaken by demons. It is a short and fast paced map, somewhat linear but the order and side you enter each available room can drastically change the outcome of the gameplay. I recommend the HARD difficulty fo...Date:07/13/19
Size:4.13 MB

The Infernal Castle
The Infernal Castle was mainly designed for single player but can also be played in coop or deathmatch mode (not tested)....Date:05/23/14
Size:94.38 KB
Author:Rauno Marks

An attempt at a map using only 10 sectors. It's not long, it's not über-detailed, but it should be fun as long as it lasts. (Note that there are not difficulty levels at all, I just couldn't be bothered)...Date:01/23/04
Size:22.41 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

C'mon bro, I got tigerblood!
I wanted to create a level that kept changing layout as the player progresses. This means a lot of lowering walls and floors... and perhaps some bloody surprises too! It is a medium sized level with a moderate amount of monsters. There should be plen...Date:06/09/13
Size:164.86 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Time Lord
A brief journey through time....Date:11/03/18
Size:313.64 KB
Author:Jading Tsunami

A set of 4 speedmaps created in a span of 2 hours each and then tweaked, with a 5th map to stop the player going into the stock maps....Date:01/10/18
Size:516.06 KB

small map with 25 monsters...Date:08/31/13
Size:16.83 KB

Titan 1024
Earth lost contact with the scientists on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn (not Mars). You've been sent to check it out. Titan 1024 is a reimagining of Titan from 2004, with each level's playable area being no larger than 1024 by 1024 units....Date:07/17/12
Size:6.16 MB
Author:Ixnatifual (Jesper Krag Rasmussen)

Earth lost contact with the scientists on Titan, on of the moons on Mars. You've been sent to check it out....Date:09/24/04
Size:4.46 MB
Author:Jesper Krag Rasmussen (Ixnatifual)

Titan 2
After defeating Hell's massive army at the Nexus and losing consciousness, you awake to find yourself trapped in the far reaches of Hell. The Nexus rejected your Earthly presence, but now it's time to show the demons that Hell is the last place they ...Date:01/21/09
Size:8.5 MB
Author:Jesper Krag Rasmussen (Ixnatifual)

What lies beneath titan-426
A large gothic style map with a bit tech thrown in. Its not a hard wad not even on ultra violence. Just a sort of cool down wad,not too frustrating IMO:) Designed for single and cooperative play only. Please do not jump,because its not designed for i...Date:02/23/05
Size:2.55 MB
Author:Dutch Devill or DD for short

Fleshy Red walls, lotsa teleporting, metal and stone, brimstone- oh my......Date:08/03/02
Size:71.21 KB
Author:Black Void

The Abandoned Labs
An short wad which is set in, as you see in the title, The Abandoned Labs, features 3D floors and 4 new textures. Like i said before it is short and it can be finished in 3-4 mins. Oh and also this wad features new scripts....Date:06/27/13
Size:44.22 KB

Supposed to be a part of community project which has been abandoned. Imagination of Plutonia MAP03 "Aztec", no copy-paste, but same shapes and techniques (MAP03 is one of my favourites). I hope there are less nasty traps and switchhunting like in Ura...Date:04/23/17
Size:257.56 KB

The last outpost of hell
When I was 6, which was about 11 years ago, I played Doom for the very first time. I played it on the playstion at my uncle's house.I thought to myself, "This is friggen awsome." Because of my young age my parents did not approve of me playing Doom. ...Date:05/30/09
Size:110.75 KB
Author:Josh Blake aka steelbread

The Last Sanctuary
A large (63549 linedefs) map for First-Try Demo Contest #16, which was held at 10.31.2015 14:00 UTC. The archive contains demo files for 15 contest participants and table with results, located in "fdc16" subdirectory. The demo files have been correct...Date:11/13/15
Size:9.03 MB
Author:cybermind (aka Mistranger)

Temple of the Marshes
You follow down a narrow path in the marshes to investigate abnormal activity in an ancient structure, only to find yourself engulfed by its evil. Replaces MAP01, supports both single-player, coop and deathmatch, including special definitions speci...Date:02/06/21
Size:178.92 KB

Twisted Metal 1024
My first submission to the 1024 contest, now uploaded to /idgames....Date:10/11/06
Size:61.96 KB

Tangerine Nightmare
Tangerine Nightmare is a collection of 8 (+1 credit-map and a bonus one) limit-removing maps. They were designed by the french doom community, with all new textures/GFX/flats made by franckFRAG. ...Date:02/16/18
Size:6.65 MB
Author:[WH]-Wilou84 Chaos Datacore franckFRAG Jambon JCD Roofi

Newstuff #200 Tribute Map
This is a tribute wad to the DoomWorld.Com Newstuff Chronicles...Date:09/20/04
Size:3.51 MB

The Nightmare Experiment
This is my first WAD which I made. Can be difficult if you never found any secrets. I recommend to use "Hurt me plenty" difficulty, other higher dificulties or hard difficulty mods not recommended because I put more demons for more action....Date:07/04/23
Size:47.07 KB

The New Horizons 2 Episode 3 Beta
A bunch of speedmaps made for The New Horizons 2, episode 3. MAP01- Took 68 minutes MAP02- Took 114 minutes MAP03- Took 46 minutes MAP04- Took 48 minutes MAP05- Took 51 minutes MAP06- Took 247 minutes...Date:06/13/20
Size:8.6 MB

The NEW Icon of Sin (Original Version)
An old map of mine from 2016 that replaces MAP30....Date:02/21/19
Size:10.06 KB
Author:Sherman Herron

The NEW Icon of Sin (2018 Version)
An old map of mine from 2018 that replaces MAP30....Date:02/21/19
Size:1.82 MB
Author:Sherman Herron

Tainted Waters
My first attempt at Doom mapping, and my first proper release for any game. The story is... ...(being made up as I type this)... ...a UAC facility harvesting water from deep rock deposits accidentally tapped into Hell through a misguided attempt of t...Date:07/18/17
Size:60.69 KB

Torment and Torture
My Addition to the "Wad in a Week" Contest for NewDoom! The Map is very hard to play! There are a lot of monsters! But normally, you have always enough ammo to kick their ass!...Date:09/11/06
Size:1.11 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Torment and Torture 2 Armory of Pain
Amazing, almost one year after my victory in the NewDoom WIAW (Wad In A Week) Contest, the Torment & Torture Series goes round 2 :) Outstanding effects, unbelievable scenery and a lot of guts and bones keep your fingers chili hot :P...Date:09/11/06
Size:3.51 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Torment and Torture 3 Fortress of Damnation
The latest successor in the TNT series. As known, you will encounter a lot of ZDoom effects, neat detailed areas and of course scripting :) (not included are the many surprises placed in the map :D...Date:09/11/06
Size:5.7 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Torment and Torture Lost Episode "Fury of Fire"
This TNT Episode has three different aims. The first aim is to give me alternation during my work on XMASDM2 and Netherworld. The second aim is to get me back to my brown and evil TNT-style editing and the 3rd and most important aim is to provide you...Date:07/30/04
Size:6.16 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Temple of Damnation
My first ever Doom level, hope you enjoy!...Date:05/09/11
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Simon Dupuis

Happy birthday (16th February) The Green Herring and Memfis!...Date:06/21/14
Size:69.67 KB

Toilet Bowl
"Toilet Bowl" is basically a jokewad that I made in response to a BigMacDavis line he said in his TNT Map08 Let's Revisit video at the end: "Hey, I can make a map called.... "Toilet Bowl", where you just walk over shit for 20 minutes, shootin' imps a...Date:06/26/22
Size:10.49 KB
Author:iRed (Jaden LeMieux/jadenquinn)

Testament of Judgement 1.5 promotional release
This WAD has the first level of Testament of Judgement, the new 32 level WAD which will be available at some unknown date in the near future when I have finished it. These levels have new music, one new graphic (the sky), and a BEX patch for BOOM. ...Date:09/11/99
Size:77.96 KB
Author:S. Woodman

Toilet Break
A wad to play while sitting on the toilet....Date:06/21/14
Size:2.24 MB

The One Level With All Those Teleporters.
Spent a couple days to do this map for some reason. It has lots of teleports. No, there's no annoying teleport puzzles however, if you were wondering....Date:12/06/01
Size:304.04 KB

Outpost Recon
A tactically sensative installation has been overrun by the growing remnants of the hellspawn that has continued to be a threat to our civilization for over 10 years....Date:02/06/04
Size:127.78 KB
Author:Tolwyn (David Shaw)

An Affinity For Pain
You find yourself enclosed in the reception towers of a Hellspawn encampment. Of what it's protecting (or hiding) is not readily known. Somehow you got the short end of the stick in this mission and you just want to get in, clean house and get out....Date:08/26/04
Size:236.48 KB
Author:Tolwyn (David Shaw)

Spacious Depot of Decay
A Derelict supply depot, the UAC nearly abandoned this humble base months ago when it was discovered that the hellspawn were using it as a teleportation relay to mobilize to other locations throughout the galaxy. You must disable the depot by shuttin...Date:01/19/10
Size:170.38 KB
Author:Tolwyn (David Shaw)

Tombs of Torment
Tombs of Torment is a single player MAP01 replacement for Doom II. Set in a Hell theme using entirely stock assets....Date:03/08/21
Size:91.93 KB
Author:Chris Kendell

Tom's Halls v1.6
This is my first attempt at a 'Doom the way Id Did'-like map. It is based mainly on the style of Tom Hall's Doom maps, namely E1M4, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M7, E3M3, E3M7, and MAP 10. Perhaps more of a medley/remix than a raw style replication, I f...Date:07/22/14
Size:83.51 KB

Tooth and Claw
Simple and classic....Date:11/25/11
Size:52.14 KB
Author:David J. Finnamore

This is the first non-speedmapping map I have released. The map is launched on level 12 in order to use the right sky texture, it was originally going to be a part of the Nova III release. Torn is a tribute to Sunder, taking inspiration from seve...Date:05/02/17
Size:5.51 MB
Author:Robert Kruger (MarketAnarchy)

Tortilla Terror
This map was inspired by a dream by Cammy who wrote in the comments of my video I recently had a dream where I was playing a Doom map set on a bunch of tortilla chips floating in a white void except the chips were all emblazoned with the UAC crate ...Date:02/04/24
Size:130.02 KB
Author:Clippy Clippington

La Tortura
You sleep, and hear shots, get out of bed frenzied and for some reason you are dressed. You search the place of that sound, but only find the corpse of your wife and your two sons riddled with bullets. You look frustrated at them, because you could n...Date:05/23/13
Size:158.97 KB
Author:The Hell King (Eduardo Vargas)

Time of Sorrow (ver. 1.1)
Two big levels (~2500 sectors in map), designed in phobos base and hell keep style...Date:11/19/10
Size:3.2 MB
Author:Azamael (Kolybenko M.O.)

Trace of Soylent
Map created for submission to the Gore Prisons project led by Trace of Spades. Map occupies MAP05 in that project and the restricitons for that slot are Zombies, Imps and Demons only, and weapons only up to Slot 5. Map released as standalone as Gor...Date:07/16/18
Size:10.23 MB

Trick or Treat Madness 2012
A single map which is halloween themed. This wad allows you to trick or treat and vandalize houses....Date:11/03/12
Size:1.49 MB

Total Control
An large tech style base with an high ammount of detail, it uses several Zdoom features. Overall an pretty good looking map, much time went into detailing all the areas. First serious attempt in making an non-linear map, im pretty pleased with the re...Date:10/11/05
Size:2.17 MB
Author:Dutch Devil

Toilet of the Gods
Toilet of the Gods is a set of 4 hard maps for the Doom2 IWAD and Boom-supporting sourceports. Features include platforming, turquoise, purple, and difficulty....Date:10/08/16
Size:1.87 MB

Temple of Unholy Fire, chapter 1 (demo)
Demo level for my player miniwad in hellish/marble style influenced by games like Heretic, Hexen and Painkiller. Contains new monsters, weapons and decorations implemented with BEX patch. Although this wad is called demo level it's playable on it's o...Date:02/17/17
Size:8.96 MB

Tough nut
This a relatively short map that is based mostly on the input of anons from the 4chan /vr/ Doom General. Though most of the general ideas were used, I had to change some things up so the map stays true to the first comments. I have attached a .jpg...Date:04/16/21
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Alexander Schuetzner aka "Killerratte"

Teleport Outpost
My first map, one short level taking place in a small base....Date:08/11/16
Size:43.55 KB
Author:René "Xeotroid" Fiala

Temple Of Verdance
This map was originally intended for CC4 but didn't make the cut which is unfortunate considering how much time I put into making this one. It's a mainly linear level that takes you for a journey through a large green cathedral....Date:03/20/12
Size:1.9 MB
Author:Jeff Banks

Tower 1024
OMG, not a jokewad! Yeah, it's just a normal 1024 map set in a tower in the middle of an urban environment....Date:01/06/07
Size:21.22 KB

Townhouses (Zdoom/cs doom version)
Have you ever wanted to snipe your neighbors? Well you can now snipe mine. The are five complete houses The idea here is to go from house to house killing the inhabitants. This is a VERY detailed level. There are about 2500 sectors. I believe it may ...Date:11/17/02
Size:382.72 KB
Author:Dino T. Manzella

Toxic Darkness 2
A sequel to Toxic Darkness made in same style, but using more advanced architechture & effects. Also features darker atmosphere than the original, thus being more faithful to it's name....Date:08/01/12
Size:4.98 MB
Author:Henri Lehto

Toxic Darkness 3
The last map in the Toxic Darkness Trilogy....Date:04/14/13
Size:9.25 MB
Author:Henri Lehto

Toxic Darkness
Made in style of e1 maps, but with a modern look...Date:06/01/09
Size:300.65 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

E1M3: Toxin refinery
An remake of the original map completely made from scratch in about three weeks time. I tried to let my map look as close as possible to the original, and with an good result. I never thought I could't pull this off, but I managed to get it done. Add...Date:07/29/05
Size:465.18 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Toy Maker
This my third creepypasta conversion. This time, I took the creepypasta "Toy Maker". This one is interesting since the hoax game is very hard to find so it's possible that people doesn't even know his existence. Hope you enjoy!...Date:03/10/15
Size:2.24 MB

Trailer Park Boys Doom
This is a fan made map set in set in the world of the Canadian mockumentary, The Trailer Park Boys. I'm not the authour of this WAD but this is the original zip file I downloaded from reddit in 2014....Date:04/27/23
Size:708.51 KB
Author:tourettes (may also go by supascoopa)

Technophobia Overdose
Big sized map for ZDoom, mainly using Doom 2 stock textures....Date:04/11/09
Size:4.08 MB

The Parasite of Good Will
Complevel 9 (Boom) IMPORTANT NOTES: - CONTENT WARNING: This map contains extreme mature themes that some. may find disturbing. Player/viewer discretion is advised. - This map is extremely dark. Recommend playing this map in the dark or turning up t...Date:12/06/23
Size:2.63 MB
Author:Emperor S P O O N

Small doom mini-world. Levels are interconnected with an in-game storyline. Play it and see. This mod WILL work with the DOS version of ZDoom....Date:02/21/01
Size:1.88 MB
Author:Tommie (Fatal) Quick

Traffic control
This was my wad for doomcenters E1 week contest back in the day, i think i came 14th or something, anyway since doomcenter 'went south' i thought i'd upload this to the archives...Date:06/28/03
Size:47.04 KB

I got the first beta verson of the BOOM engine...Date:04/18/98
Size:13.46 KB
Author:Your name here

Doom 2 map 01. A semi-easy map with some detail. Getting 100%100%100% on hard, however, is just that....Date:01/28/16
Size:212.06 KB

Train Station
Battle it out against some of the toughest hellspawn on a train station, complete with Voice Enunciator....Date:07/24/04
Size:339.66 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Traphouse
Just a map I made last month. You need to escape a traphouse built by a human traitor...and kill the demons along the way....Date:07/06/18
Size:56.09 KB

Size:52.37 KB

Trapped its a 1 Level only in where the goal its to escape the unknown place you got in...Date:03/23/17
Size:136.2 KB
Author:Aiden (Maisth)

Being Trapped Is Hell
A medium sized map made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, an attempt to emulate the feeling I'm sure a lot of people experience being trapped indoors for days (or months) on end....Date:04/29/20
Size:676.32 KB
Author:Travis "TravyB" Belke

Traps 2.0
An small map with alot of traps tough map but quite a fun map, detail is kept simple....Date:07/25/06
Size:105.7 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Travelling to the Moon - 2021 edition
This is a significant update to my previously released "travelling to the moon" (2016). It was done to celebrate the announcement of the third and final installement in my "moon series" and, as a result, I wanted to bring it up to my current standard...Date:11/04/16
Size:6.05 MB

Tremor: Part I - Genesis
Tremor is a medium-sized techbase map, fairly open-plan but cramped in some areas. This is my first proper released map but I think I've definetly come a long way....Date:08/14/04
Size:851.75 KB
Author:Ross "zarkyb" Mathieson

Another techbase to add to my collection......Date:05/29/22
Size:105.34 KB

Troubling Trials
This is my first level in about 4 years. It's basicly a test for the doom guy....Date:08/11/03
Size:52.71 KB
Author:Scott Carnegie

Tribute to the Lamplighter
[unreadable] ...she rebelled or perhaps grew senile, as even angels may do, and her work became sloppy and grotesque. Her creations would explode into lethal radiation tearing invisibly across the cosmos, or collapse on themselves into blots of gnawi...Date:05/09/21
Size:944.88 KB

Tribute - This is not the best wad in the world.
World War III ended with massive use of biological weaponry. 99% of Earth population died almost immediately. Remaining people who were immune hid themselves in underground shelters escaping from the individuals who also survived but went completely ...Date:02/26/09
Size:40.07 MB

Tricked and Trapped
After the events of "Festering Cesspool" you find yourself lost in what seems a desolated industrial zone. Most of the paths are blocked by debris, your only way is a dirty hole in the ground, near to an underground factory. Beyond the oddly form...Date:11/13/21
Size:25.82 MB

Trick Or Treat?
This map caused some sort of controversy back when I released it on the now defunct WADs in Progress site. What happened was that an user there left a comment saying that he thought this level deserved a Cacoward, and then another user responded to h...Date:06/29/22
Size:369.38 KB
Author:Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)

My 2nd map; wolf3D-esque. Challenging, but fair (intended to be played on UV). Design-wise i'm on baby steps.. figuring out stuff, but i've learned a lot making this one; so i'm confidant that i can bring a more elaborate/complex level design in the ...Date:01/08/17
Size:52.68 KB

1 level WAD, inustrial/hitech style. modeled on a uac base on mars. a good challenge!....Date:02/01/00
Size:204.23 KB
Author:john cartwright

Trinity 2.0
A newer version of my first map Trinity....Date:11/14/09
Size:250.06 KB
Author:Bejiitas Wrath

3 quite elaborate maps, prepare for some surprises in terms of new monsters....Date:06/21/14
Size:7.02 MB

Trip Wires
This is a large level worked on for several weeks....Date:03/12/02
Size:564.11 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

7 new levels with original music in industrial terminals....Date:03/08/18
Size:2.09 MB

A concept map featuring a lot of ACS scripting that focuses on environmental features and cosmetic changes. This is basically a self tutorial on how to implement basic scripting into a Doom map. This is a fist-only Tyson map, except on ITYTD, where I...Date:02/27/21
Size:1.03 MB
Author:A.o.D. (redacted)

The RTC Corporation (TRTCC). This is the intro, map 01, the demo....Date:09/28/00
Size:178.42 KB
Author:The RTC

This map was created for the CC3. But now that its canceled I fiqured id just upload it. Its quite difficult i suggest you play it on the first level setting and work your way up....Date:07/07/05
Size:5.35 MB

Try Before you DIE!
A world in ruin. After the hordes of hell swept over the city. Only one man remains. One doomed space marine. He must stand and represent his people in a demonic challenge. In a fortress, deep within city ruins. He must stand and face... THE TRIAL...Date:08/31/16
Size:585.61 KB

My first completed and released map, it's a rather demonic level with lots of imp-based monsters....Date:01/13/06
Size:67.26 KB

The Crash
People are dying in the sewers. You are sent to find out why....Date:06/20/98
Size:193.81 KB
Author:Rick Clark

The Secret Hangar
A mountain pass leads you to a dangerous canyon....Date:06/25/16
Size:197.53 KB

Twisted Dimension
Twisted Dimension is the best of my works so far, and also the most creative. It's originally based off of my very old map Death Arena, in which you would enter a room and kill all of the monsters it contained to gain acess to the next room. I 'based...Date:01/21/06
Size:1.97 MB

Trauma: St. Lux v1.1a
Trauma: St. Lux is a 3 level mapset. Wad is based around hospital with underground lab theme....Date:10/04/20
Size:1.85 MB

Tangent Synapse
medium-sized map with an overabundance of cement9 and slime....Date:06/20/09
Size:7.12 MB

Trick & Tear
9 Spooky Maps all made for the October edition of the Pineapple Under the Sea Monthly Speedmapping Series. See maplist below for mapslots, resource information, and other misc. info....Date:01/17/21
Size:51.15 MB
Author:Various, compiled by BluePineapple72

The toxic exodus
A medium to large sized map taking place in a underground facility, use opengl mode! The textures are free to use for your own project, as long as credit is given....Date:09/24/12
Size:9.17 MB

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe is a level consisting of an X and an O chamber, letters used in Tic Tac Toe. Music is "World Revolution" from a game, Chrono Trigger. Demo can be found at:
Size:632.67 KB

The Ten Thousand Ton Army
Hey this is my fourth map the others i have not and will not be uploading to doomworld. This is the ten thousand ton army a short map I made. Please note That all teleporters in the level are one way....Date:09/15/09
Size:5.74 MB

The transport tycoon's epic fall
You'll fight trough some transport disaster's areas and urban zones. Map made for a Doom/Boom format tournament that was canceled. Story: The main computer of a transport Company has become crazy, making all the vehicles crash and opening portals f...Date:09/27/09
Size:768.39 KB

Its all tubes! And FIREBLU!!!. A large open exploration type map....Date:12/18/20
Size:772.1 KB

A small single-player techbase map made for the third Doom 2 mapping contest. This map features new textures based on the stock ones, edited by yours truly, and showcases my "unorthogonal" style of maps seen over the last 2 or 3...Date:12/25/16
Size:252.52 KB

TurboCharged ARCADE! (Demo Release)
First off, I would like to state one... statement. This is NOT a jokewad. Yes, the levels are not exactly the most serious. Yes, some detailing looks like it's been done by a two-year old. However, if someone asks if this is the newest successor to...Date:11/18/06
Size:1.15 MB
Author:Xaser "The Conqueror"

TurboCharged ARCADE! - The Sequel Episode!
After a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong delay, the second episode (sorta) of the long- awaited (sorta) TurboCharged ARCADE! is here (sorta)! Venture across the mountainous realms of the Himalayas and the lava fields of Hell. Witness epic ...Date:12/21/10
Size:1.57 MB
Author:Xaser & Jimmy

Turret Syndrome
See below for instructions. It definitely helps to know what you're doing before you try....Date:08/11/04
Size:38 KB

The Ultimate Torment & Torture
The Ultimate Torment & Torture is a compilation of all classic episodes totally remastered and revamped for more gameplay fun and visual candy as well as the all new Episode 4 "Havoc" plus many new goodies and extra stuff. Fight yourself through each...Date:09/18/07
Size:65.06 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
This was designed for single play, however, starts for co-op & deathmatch were added but not beta tested. All skill settings were added....Date:10/16/98
Size:279.85 KB

Twisted tower of death
You have arrived at the legendary tower complex of the demons. Escape in one piece....Date:12/31/01
Size:368.83 KB
Author:Patrick Gross aka Captain Napalm

Twix is another candy-themed slaughter map. This time, you are surrounded by chaingunners and your mission is to grab a megasphere as quickly as possible before you get shredded. It has a cookie, caramel, and chocolate combined to form a candy bar. T...Date:01/25/20
Size:1.21 MB

Size:6.83 MB

Twilight Warrior Special Forces Doom2 Conversion (v1.01)
Size:1.99 MB
Author:Black Shadow Software

5-map wad, Egyptian-themed. Pistol-starts are recommended, but not necessary....Date:06/20/17
Size:2.01 MB

The Tyrell Corporation
This wad was made for Alex Adolphson, because me and him love to coop on doomserv. Coop was the main focus,but it is possible to beat in single player, and is sure to piss you off. The map size is quite large and detailed and there are 400+ enemies t...Date:09/15/99
Size:381.01 KB
Author:Brad Spencer

UAC: Mission 1
After mapping for years, I've finally released my first finished project. This is part one of a nine part series that re-imagines "Knee Deep in the Dead," although with significant artistic liberties, architecturally speaking. The goal is to remind t...Date:02/21/19
Size:4.48 MB
Author:Cody "Koko Ricky" Richeson

UAC Outpost 11
The first level from a megawad that I will never take the time to finish. It's a decent map in my opinion, but nothing special....Date:01/26/09
Size:75.17 KB
Author:Jeff Ligda aka Davitch

A very challenging base map for boom with excellent achitechture and design....Date:04/08/00
Size:145.68 KB
Author:john cartwright

Blackout UAC
My imagination of UAC. Goals were to keep it dark and eerie, original UAC styled but with some added textures for effect....Date:07/13/12
Size:1.71 MB

UAC Chronological Academy
A decino fan-map! Made especially for his viewer submissions. Check out decino's channel on YouTube!
Size:1.94 MB

UAC Computer Nukage Base Lab Facility
Sexy new WAD for DOOM II...Date:07/30/14
Size:1.09 MB
Author:General Fucko Slappo

UAC Scientists are total morons
A map that i did for the "Arcades 3D Doom/Doom 2 Map Tournament"....Date:07/16/12
Size:794.37 KB

UAC Doom
Pretty much my first doom2 map....Date:09/23/14
Size:34.62 KB

UAC Doom - Part 2
My second map ever made which is a sequel to my "UAC Doom" map. Tried my best to make some areas more detailed than others. :-)...Date:01/05/17
Size:428.99 KB

UAC Secret
Arrival on the UAC secret base. Secrets of which you're about to uncover. WAD version V.1.2....Date:05/30/15
Size:6.33 MB

Short map set on a spaceship. My first publicly available map, and probably not very good. But here's to many more!...Date:04/13/20
Size:9.07 KB

UAC First World Facility
This is my first DOOM map, and it's based heavily on the First World Bank map, featured in both PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. The spawn area, some of the outdoors area, the underground area past the blue key, and the hell area are my own design....Date:01/16/17
Size:1.02 MB

UAC Madness! (UACmad.wad)
You are Flynn "Fly" McTaggart, You are Ordered to stay outside While your Comrades were Investigating a Distress Signal, Your radio Picks up Strange noises, Looks like your friends are Dead....Date:05/21/16
Size:55.46 KB
Author:Fever (Oldcpv3)

UAC - Mutation Complex.V1
This WAD started out as a way of loosing boredom, and I've never attempted to create a Skulltag Single Player map, so I wanted to see what I could do do.. And well, this came out... Basicly, what this map is about is the original Doom monsters have...Date:07/10/06
Size:270.71 KB
Author:Lee Stokoe -

Operation UAC - Chapter 1
A Brutal Doom experience with unique triggered events, detailed maps, themed levels and custom content such as Music, Monsters and Textures. Jumping and Crouching is required. Stay tuned for the next Chapter where Hell's influence spreads further i...Date:05/07/16
Size:60.79 MB

The UAC Rebellion
You are a normal marine, no more important than the rest. You've worked at the UAC for years now, and have had time...Date:03/20/09
Size:2.18 MB
Author:Adam "Doomkid" Post

UAC Synthetizer
Map 9 of my wad "Maps of Evil" Points of interest: I think you should use IDFA at the start. but I tried to adapt it to a pistol start....Date:07/05/19
Size:848.71 KB

UAC Ultra (v1.2)
You're a Space marine... Disease. An incurable though tangible threat. The demons prowl among the scorched barrens of Mars. Fleets of cacodemons infest every region. Spectres and imps swarming from every crevice. Deep down under Mars' subterra lies...Date:03/30/10
Size:2.2 MB
Author:40oz & Super Jamie

My first map, like, ever, this is where I learned pretty much everything. I finally decided to release this because I figured, why deprive you all of my maps?...Date:06/18/16
Size:329.38 KB
Author:Born to be Mild

UAC Arena
UAC Arena is a wave survival game based on DooM 2. Basically the Arena is a room with 4 doors and every time more and more enemies are spawned and more quality. There is also a teleporter in the middle of the map where resources such as medikits or m...Date:08/07/20
Size:1002.21 KB

Uber crap
The Wolfenstein Nazis are coming to close your nightclub! You must dispose of them and their John Romero clone heads! This was rejected from FTP because it seems they thought there was content of a disgusting sexual nature in it because of...Date:08/05/04
Size:346.17 KB

Set in a UAC base, the map will challenge gamers of all skill....Date:08/15/05
Size:576.03 KB
Author:Marek Wozniak

UDMF Experiment
----------requires freedoom2.wad-------------- Having snuck into some kind of military base, you realize something isn't right. You begin to turn back, but some mutant alien hellspawn blocks your path. You must brave your way through, to find your wa...Date:09/30/22
Size:5.95 MB
Author:Goat Avenger

You Do Voodoo
This wad is my attempt to cram as many stupidly complex voodoo doll contraptions into a single map without it collapsing into a singularity, or setting fire to the atmosphere, or something. This map has two exits: one standard and one secret "true"...Date:12/06/23
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Alex "Grimosaur" Howe

This is a level inspired on UFMG's School of Music,...Date:06/17/04
Size:636.75 KB

A Generic UAC Base
It's a generic UAC base. It has some small office rooms, a dining hall, some bathrooms, a kitchen, a storage room, and a parking garage. This map shouldn't be too hard for a seasoned Doomer. Take it slow and let the monsters kill each other (this mos...Date:02/06/07
Size:92.79 KB
Author:Cliff aka Lizardcommando

Ugly As Hell
My first map. The story The UAC has captured a cyberdemon and locked him up, you go into his cell to kill him....Date:12/21/23
Size:4.33 KB
Author:Nuts Guy

UKK: Paluu Neuvostoliittoon
The legendary Finnish president Kekkonen visits the Soviet Union with a vengeance....Date:06/17/14
Size:3.93 MB
Author:Bolshevik Interactive

THE ULTIMATE DOOM FOREVER (A new detailed version of DooM ForeveR with new levels, graphics, sounds,
Doom Forever: EPISODE I takes place on an overun UAC nukage facility located on the planet X-9 in the galaxy of Zeta Reticuli. New gun animations (a reworked version of the "atmosphere" sprites to update the gun graphics) tweaks to gameplay/monsters....Date:11/16/05
Size:3.21 MB

It is a very huge map and realistyc ;). It was hard to do it. Maybe i´m in a mistake but it is the biggest map ever, made with doom2.wad textures, sounds, data, etc, except the sky and the music. Please, read this text careful, its very important. I ...Date:07/26/03
Size:801.76 KB
Author:Fausto David Salazar Mora

The Umbrella
first level is a cave, second is labbish thingy,...Date:07/25/02
Size:159.31 KB

umwtf: a warm up map
this is a video game music by renard queenston...Date:12/27/13
Size:5.32 MB

Unconventional Gift
Unconventional Gift was a birthday gift for a friend, a great friend, a best friend... Unfortunately I am no longer a friend of them due to my own hubris. But I'll just suck that up, what is left is a another unconventional map made by myself for T...Date:09/20/20
Size:30.74 KB

Underground Compound
An underground marine base. I made this map in one day to test my speedrun skills....Date:11/14/12
Size:6.3 MB

Underground 2 (Lava domain)
Simple. The demons where going to flood the earth with lava and end all there probems. But something went wrong. So they sent you to see what happened and what is going on. For the story go to my web site. ((Above))...Date:03/12/00
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Shane Ward

Night storm
Three maps for Doom 2...Date:02/14/21
Size:615.95 KB
Author:Chainie (Uploaded by Catpho)

A Big Underground level. Dark and scary. Well I think...Date:03/14/00
Size:703.06 KB
Author:shane ward

Underworld BETA - release 4
Great conversion with new weapons, textures, levels, enemies, sounds, music, etc... You'll have fun playing this! *NOTE: Someone who doesn't seem to want to come forward did stuff with this project and re-released it as beta 4. They could have a le...Date:12/30/02
Size:2.74 MB
Author:Devin Afshin and the Doom Down Under Team.

Underground Cult
You are an Ex-Cultist, your cult was dedicated to taking control of the demons, after so many years of fidelity, you left everything to live elsewhere, in search of peace and serenity, you abandoned everything, your friends, your parents and your v...Date:02/06/22
Size:22.78 MB

Unhappy Expedition
A big map for Doom 2 containing a few fights with hordes of enemies....Date:01/15/18
Size:3.45 MB

While driving in the middle of the night, a mysterious figure in the dark wanders into the path of your car, making you turn and crash into a wall, having no way back you begin searching for help, but only for you to find a psychotic infestation......Date:11/15/12
Size:37.98 MB

Unholy Journey Begins
You have been summoned deep inside the depths of hell. Once again. This time, it's much smaller, but much deadlier. Crawling up to the first wooden building you come across, you can smell it from afar... The foul stench of the final boss. It's once a...Date:08/29/20
Size:2.05 MB

Unknown Project
Two simple maps that are based on two old drawings I made over ten years ago, both maps are made to run on Doom95.Map02 can give you an few small hom's if you an stand still on the right place and look in the right direction.I didn't felt the need to...Date:07/20/08
Size:262.6 KB
Author:Morbid DooMer

Unknown1 (updated version)
You wake up in a place unknown to you. Monsters are everywhere. There's only one way to escape this place. You know what you have to do....Date:09/12/18
Size:13.48 MB

A 10 level "Kilowad", my first attempt, it isn't balanced or levelled: I'll figure those out later. The maps are probably worth a shot though....Date:12/05/17
Size:6.91 MB

You wake up in your house. And you're all alone. The only thing that is with you, is your sanity. Or is it?...Date:04/14/10
Size:40.93 MB
Author:Paul Schneider

No description available....Date:02/09/14
Size:4.88 MB
Author:Mmm, Brother!

The unnamed base
Some generic base themed level that was meant for a project which I assumed never saw the light of day so I am releasing it as a standalone map. File was further tweaked and fixed some texture alignments and a tag error in Doom Builder. Originally fo...Date:02/19/09
Size:115.33 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Under night sky
Little gothic map....Date:02/14/21
Size:1.33 MB
Author:Chainie (Uploaded by Catpho)

Size:530.73 KB

Unknown Outpost
The marine managed to get through that old mine. Help him to go back to HQ! Sequence of Mining Site 32....Date:01/15/24
Size:2.62 MB

Umbra of Fate
A man is on vacation and is out enjoying a day of hunting while his wife and infant son are at home. After a long and boring day, he starts walking back to his car, only to discover a ravine that wasn't there before. Feeling an unusually strong urge ...Date:05/02/18
Size:39.24 MB
Author:Alexa "YukiRaven" Jones-Gonzales

This was going to be my CC3 map, but it doesn't meet my standards. Since I have already put alot of work into it I decided to finish it up and release it. Backstory: "We finally found a small landing stip to pick you up. It's on the rim of some c...Date:08/16/05
Size:737.2 KB
Author:Dr. Zin

Three maps taking place in a virtual reality infected by Hell. Made in January-February of 2015, these were inspired by various cyberpunk, vaporwave, and other, similar sci-fi music and artworks - in fact, it was intended to be the part of a bigge...Date:12/08/16
Size:10.86 MB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

Urotsuki 2: Cargo Cult
First chapter of Urotsuki 2 trilogy....Date:03/06/16
Size:4.24 MB

Urban Abyss
Get down into the urban abyss and kick some ass....Date:06/08/19
Size:100.04 KB

Urban Fire
A short, difficult, urban stye map for Boom-compatible source ports. It's based my 32in24-11 map (New York '77), which I converted to single player for CC4. It didn't make it onto the final map list (which I expected), but the deadline motivated me t...Date:07/19/12
Size:3.79 MB

you just woke up to a demon invesion in your city, and only YOU can stop it!...Date:11/19/22
Size:4.35 MB

Urban Twilight
Your peaceful apartament is shaking as the hellspawn invades your town. You ponder the possible ways of escape. This is one of the maps entered to Newdoom's Realistic Map contest. It is also a first place winner....Date:08/19/06
Size:119.05 KB
Author:Jacek "Illdo" Dobrzyniecki

Urban Slaughter
Fight until death in a small city which is suffering a brutal invasion....Date:05/25/10
Size:8.24 MB
Author:Deimos Anomaly & Aluqah.

Give Me All Your Love
Show me your love Show me what it's like...Date:01/10/24
Size:3.66 MB

Uroboros is a Boom wad with non-linear progression between levels. Each map has both normal and secret exits, leading to different next map. But there's more! It may also be absolutely random which exit you will get (however you might discover secret...Date:01/08/23
Size:9.28 MB

Urotsuki: Dead End
Second chapter of trilogy "Urotsuki". 1 pretty short map in style inspired by anime Urotsukidoji and Giger pictures. If you are playing in software mode, then you should turn on 16-bit mode, otherwise the sky will be a mess....Date:01/15/15
Size:3.78 MB

Urotsuki: Radical Way
Final chapter of trilogy "Urotsuki". 1 pretty short map in style inspired by anime Urotsukidoji and Giger pictures. If you are playing in software mode, then you should turn on 16-bit mode, otherwise the sky will be a mess....Date:01/15/15
Size:9.35 MB

Urotsuki: Inferno Road
1 pretty short map in style inspired by anime Urotsukidoji and Giger pictures....Date:12/24/14
Size:4.5 MB

Usurper is a huge map set in a demonic weapons base. Extreme planning went into the maps layout, and each room is designed to make you want to play aggressively. There is no shortage of health and ammo on this map, so you can afford to play dangero...Date:04/16/23
Size:186.57 KB

This map was made for doom_marine666's unreleased jokewad project called "Uuuhhh, the stupid mission". All of the action takes place in a 432x432 space, except three inescapable death pits....Date:05/09/10
Size:64.34 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

The UNDERWORLD Megawad - Episode I : Hades' Curse
10-level episode for Doom II...Date:01/08/03
Size:2.87 MB
Author:Spike & Perfect Lil' Dream

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