Title: Sacrament
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/sacrment.zip
Size: 21.5 MB
Date: 06/05/11
Author: Lainos [B0S], Azamael[B0S], Archi [B0S], Dragon Hunter[B0S], Dr. Max [B0S], Slavius [B0S], Wraith[B0
Description: [B0S] clan's second wad. Just as in first wad (Da Will), main hero - [B0S] clan's fighter. Story so far: You woke up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare, and you see, that a message from [B0S] clan has appeared on your computer screen with an order - to get ASAP to [B0S] clan's base, located nearby. Grabbing a pistol and some ammo, you're ready to go.
Credits: lafoxxx [B0S], BeeWen [B0S], Azamael[B0S], BND [B0S] for art. BND [B0S], Archi [B0S], lafoxxx [B0S], BeeWen [B0S] for testing. Archi [B0S] for demos. [LeD]Jake Crusher for translating. [KCP] Marty Kirra for sprites. Some WAD authors for textures.

Music from: Chaser (Game) Vampires the Masquerade Bloodlines (Game) Elfen Lied (Anime) Angel Beats! (Anime) Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Game) Lain - Serial Experiments (Anime) Nightwish (Band) Bond (Band) (+Interitus) Atomine Elektrine (Performer)
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder (1,2), XWE, Photoshop, Paint, Gold Wave, Jet Audio.
Bugs: In GZDoom, Map02, it is possible that after completing yellow keyes' quest monsters might not appear.
Rating: (100 votes)
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