Title: Sucker Punch 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/sckrpnch2.zip
Size: 6.11 MB
Date: 08/04/21
Author: Andy "Rook" Johnson
Description: Sucker Punch 2 contains nine small, single-player maps for Doom II. The maps require a limit-removing port. The WAD is made up from three mini-episodes of three maps each which escalate from easy (with green details) to harder (yellow) to hardest (red). These are slightly larger than the maps in the original Sucker Punch (2018), and should mostly take 3-5 minutes each to play. Difficulty settings are implemented. The maps are designed for pistol starts.

The WAD uses (and includes the relevant textures from) the superb OTEX 1.1 texture pack. The music consists of MIDI renditions of tracks from various classic fighting games, primarily by SNK.

// Maps and music //

Title music: "Title theme" from Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition Intermission music: "Winning the Tournament!" from Fatal Fury

MAP01: "Back in the Ring" ("Kyo Kusanagi" from The King of Fighters 2000)

MAP02: "Live-Fire Exercise" ("Psycho-Soldier Remix '96" from The King of Fighters '96)

MAP03: "Fighting Firemen" ("Slum No. 5" from The King of Fighters '98)

MAP04: "The Torture Garden" ("Shadow's theme" from Eternal Champions)

MAP05: "Rhythm of the Knight" ("Cammy's theme" from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers)

MAP06: "Last Hurrah for Chivalry" ("Trash Head" from The King of Fighters '96)

MAP07: "Tomb Eternal" ("Ninehalt Sieger" from Samurai Shodown II)

MAP08: "State of Decay" ("Geese ni Kakatori" from The King of Fighters '96)

MAP09: "Where the Dead Go to Die" ("WWIII" from The King of Fighters '99)
Credits: Special thanks to Ola "ukiro" Bjorling for the OTEX texture pack. Thank you to everyone who has playtested and streamed these maps, and to the programmers of the software used to make them.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Three months
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE 3, Doom Writer
Bugs: None at the time of writing
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