Title: DOOM: Threshold Of Pain - Special Edition
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/scl_tops.zip
Size: 41.94 MB
Date: 05/25/14
Author: John Gourley AKA scalliano
Description: Threshold of Pain is a ZDoom episode which attempts to recreate the look and feel of Midway's famous PSX conversion of Doom whilst maintaining the core elements of the PC versions and a level of difficulty PC players would expect.

PSX Doom fans will know that ToP gets its name from the final level of PSX Ultimate Doom. Like many others, my first proper Doom experience was on the Playstation, so when fenderc01 released the PSX TC last year I was excited to get to play these levels again, only this time with PC controls! Whilst he did an amazing job, I found it to be way too easy, even on UV setting. This was not fender's fault, merely a testament to the compromises Midway had to make in bringing such a game to a console.

ToP attempts to redress the balance whilst maintaining the brooding atmosphere that Midway brought to the game. It is NOT a PSX TC - many features which were missing from the Playstation remain, so expect to encounter the Archvile!

In light of the soon-to-be-released Threshold II, this "Special Edition" features graphical enhancements only made possible by recent advances in the GZDoom engine that Threshold II uses, all with the goal of giving the game a more accurate PSX look and feel, and also to aid consistency between the two mods. Also features a swathe of bugfixes that never made the cut the first time around!

New features include:

Tons of coloured lighting, but nothing too garish.

The infamous PSX burning sky, given a ZDoom makeover.

PSX/N64 audio.

New Weapons - the Minigun and the Unmaker.

The PSX Final Doom SSG.

A new powerup - the Doomsphere.

New monsters - the nightmare class monsters from PSX Doom and Doom64, a handful from the Realm667 Bestiary and ZDCMP, plus a new final boss...

A few other PSX/N64-style gameplay tweaks.
Credits: Id Software for the Doom 1 textures

Midway for the PSX Doom textures

Universal Studios for the title screen and menu

Aubrey Hodges for the PSX/N64 audio

Kaiser for sussing out how to get at the PSX resources in the first place

fenderc01 for the original fire sky and making the PSX TC a reality

Raz for the PSX Final Doom-style SSG

lafoxxx for his remastered PSX audio

SkullTag for the Minigun and the Doomsphere

Eriance for the Doomsphere sprites

AgentSpork, Carnevil and Ghastly Dragon for the Hectebus

Vader and Bouncy for the Lord of Heresy

Ixnatifual for his modified DECORATE code for the Lord of Heresy

Nanami, Keksdose, Espi (RIP) and Ebola for the Afrit

Vader, Ghastly_dragon and Keksdose for the Bruiser Demon

Chris Neilson, DoomKn1ght and lafoxxx for the Nightmare Spectre

Captain Toenail for the purple fireball sprites

Tormentor667, CaptainToenail, Ghastly_dragon, Bouncy and Dreadopp for the Plasma Zombie

Tormentor667 for the UTnT cloud textures

Bouncy and Graf Zahl for the Chainsaw Zombie and Nightmare Cacodemon

Eriance and Ghastly_dragon for the Guardian Cube

Xim, TheDarkArchon and Scuba Steve for the Unmaker

Xim for the Unmaker Zombie

ItsNatureToDie for the centred Unmaker sprites

NiGHTMARE for the other (non-PSX) textures

JoeyTD and HellCatX for the Doomguy death sprites

Kaiser and Agent Spork for the Doom64-style monster-fade code

Dutch Devil for the sprite set used by the Protodemon (DECORATE code and projectile sprites by myself)

JG/CyberJG based on the Unmaker Marine by Xim, the Source Guardian by Tormentor667 and Moloch by ProjectAngel (DECORATE code and sprite edits by myself)

Ed The Bat for his assistance in abandoning the old KEYCONF format for the new weapons

CaptainToenail, Gez, Super Jamie, Vermil and ALMN for their bug spotting.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Just over a year, on and off
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Deutex, XWE, PSP5
Bugs: None (yet)
Rating: (13 votes)
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We need more WADs designed after the PSX version of DOOM like Threshold of Pain.x
Every Doom PSX players wet dream.x
Anyone who's ever been on Doomworld ever knows how I feel about PSX Doom. I've been told to shut up about it enough times. Threshold of Pain is quite simply a milestone for fellow PSXers, effortlessly combining the scale and mods of PC Doom with the truly Doomed feeling of the PSX. Others, not many, have tried, but no original mapset comes close to this. It's the fething daddy - it's YOUR daddy - and daddy's come home. There's gonna be a spanking.x
Recommended for everyone who loved atmosphere and soundtrack of PSX Doom TC, but found it too easy and underdetailed.x
Kinda pointless. No new content of any sort, Threshold Of Pain was already bug-free so these bugfixes can't be anything essential, visual upgrades are barely noticable. I gave four stars to old Threshold Of Pain, this gets three stars simply cos it has barely any differences to old version and offers nothing that would warrant another playthrough.x
Scalliano's Threshold Of Pain was and still is an amazing love-letter to console Dooms. HOWEVER, I do question the need to upload another 40+ MB file to archive, since differences and improvements to original ToP are really minimal.x
Enhanced version of (imo) one of 2010's finest wads. Not much to add that wasn't already said in reviews of original version. Simply put this is a real must-play for any fan of PSX Doom.x

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