Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/sfsc.zip
Size: 49.27 MB
Date: 05/22/22
Author: Austinado
Description: "You have lost Daisy and have been caught, sent to prison...but demons never knew that there was a pistol hidden with a dead Marine in your cell...its time get away and kill them all!" *** GamePlay Instructions

- DoomII IWAD - Lite amplification googles (night vision) must be the green and dark one (its automatic with the mod and GZDoom g4.5.0); - Freelook is not mandatory, but advised to do so, there might be some shooting switches. - No Crouching or jump allowed; - Its meant for Pistol Start and my Custom Sprite Chaingun (just changed for colour black) instead of the assault riffle, so in the MAIN MENU: . SC OPTIONS . GAMEPLAY OPTIONS - Pistol Start ON - Auto reload weapons on empty ON - Use Chainguninstead of Assault rifle ON

. COMPATIBILITY OPTIONS - Use vanilla projectile for Draugr ON - Exit GZDoom g4.5.0 and re-enter console so changes can be completed and updated.

*Tips and final thoughts from me (Austinado)*

-The shotgun will fire continuous, so dont worry about reloading. -The ScrapGun (projectile shotgun of 4 barrels) is meant to be taken serious! Press continuous fire...it will shoot 4 shells rapid motion. Very effective against Revenants and arachnatrons. -I dont like much of secrets, i know Doomers mostly do. Some easy to find others with some gimmick to it. The balance was done without the secrets, so dont complaint if you finish the map with more ammo than you think you should. - Map 10 can be a little bit harsh, but i assure you that all the maps are beatable. - Have a little bit of fun, thats my only wish.
Credits: id Software - Supercharge v2.5Mod (specific for this project) by Tango . Modifications in the Mod with previous authorization and modifications by Tango and Austinado: - Added plasma gun sprites and sounds from Smooth Doom; - Added Machinegun sprites from DoomII with colour black by Austinado; - Rocket Laucher reduced speed of lauching rockets by Tango; - Custom STATSBAR from Tango; - OTEX Texture Packv1.0 by Ola Bj�rling "Ukiro"; - Customized Title image "Supercharge Final Scourge Catharsis" by "unknown". I cant remember the person who did it, though i tried to find him; - Stock image for backgroung main title "Skull"; - Main Menu and Intermission background image by SuverMess; - Custom Monster "Arachnovile" from curtiscat2001; - Custom Monsters from Real667: Devil,

SuperImp,FlyingImp,WarLordOfHell,Volacubus,VolacubusPlasma, Thamuz;

================================================== *Midi Music Credits*

MAP01 - "Plain Victory" by Imorpher MAP02 - "Hades Walls" by Jimmy "James" Paddock MAP03 - "Savager" by Jimmy "James" Paddock MAP04 - "The Ravens Nest" by Jimmy "James" Paddock MAP05 - "Ancient Enclosure" by Viscra Maelstrom MAP06 - "Aorta" by Eris Falling MAP07 - "Spectral Cybernetics" by Jimmy "James" Paddock MAP08 - "The Revolution Continues" by Eris Falling MAP09 - "Valiant" by AD79 MAP10 - "Lion Heart" by AD79 Main title - "Disconcerted" by Dragonfly Intermission - "Victory - Ludum Suite, PartV by Eris Falling victory/End Game- "Blood of the Unworthy" by Eris Falling;

* A very Special Thanks *

- Tango (Amazing TechSupport and patience!You are amazing.) - Spendoragon (TechSupport) - BluePineapple (TechSupport) - Bridgeburner (TechSupport) - Man_with_a_Gun (Playtesting) - Lucky_Edie (Textures and Playtesting) - nervewar (Playtesting) - Seriouscacodemon (Playtesting) - Horus (Playtesting) - RonnieJamesDiner (Playtesting) - I_punch_demons - JohnSuitepee - All playtesters i did not mention here. All of you were important!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Around 3 or 4 years
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder R2787 / Slade v3.2.0 beta 2
Bugs: None
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