Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/smedley.zip
Size: 2.38 MB
Date: 07/24/08
Author: id Software, TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)
Description: A remake of the Doom 2 level "Entryway" (map01).

I started by building Entryway from scratch, exactly like the original (no copy/pasting), then added the new stuff.

One of the secret areas is a remake of the starting room in the Quake level "The Tomb of Terror" (E3M3). I had that Quake level playing on a laptop and tried to build it in Doom Builder on my desktop computer. I gave up after only building the first room and a hallway because it was taking too long.

"Smedley" is the name of one of the racers in the game Road Rash 64. I like his name because I think it's funny.

Designed with jumping and freelook in mind. Not designed for crouching or bfg aiming.
Credits: id Software for Doom and Quake - Sandy Petersen for doom2.wad map01 layout - American McGee for Quake E3M3 layout - Randy Heit for ZDoom Afterglow for the Quake texture wad (q1tex.wad) - Akira Yamaoka for his music from Silent Hill 2 - Jodwin, EarthQuake and K!r4 for suggestions - Death-Destiny for demoing - GreyGhost for the names of the authors of "Entryway" and "The Tomb of Terror"
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 5-6 weeks?
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.66, XWE 1.16, Paint Shop Pro 7, Cool Edit Pro 2, Power Tab Editor 1.7, Audiograbber 1.82, razorLame 1.1.5
Bugs: There are always bugs...
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