Title: Scourge Of Leviathan
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/sol.zip
Size: 1.52 MB
Date: 11/14/20
Author: Pełzająca Czêœæ Twarzy
Description: Plot People will never learn not to mess with power beyond their understanding. You know that releasing UAC secret data is not a good idea, especially that about Hellish Spawns. It's been a while since you defeated Icon of Sin and Earth recovered relatively quickly. You would think is time to rest then - a foolish dreams. You heard on the news about some small town in Central Europe called Zygry. A strange cult appeared in the society of this town. Only few rummors were heard about that cult and these rummors say they are a worshipers of Leviathan, and that his fortress rise from the Sea of Blood. But nobody really care - there's plenty of freaks around the world and usually they are pretty harmless. But they can not fool you, because you were in hell and you know the story about Leviathan and his Sea of Blood. So you start searching further. Using your connection in Marine core you get information about truck full of weapons and ammunition that was captureed somewhere near Zygry. Someone is getting armed there and that is all what you need to know. Military will not react yet, because lack of proof to combine armored truck with cult in Zygry. You know that when they get their proof it will be too late, probably it already is. Leviathan cult must be in big need of weapons because to only way to summon their twisted, hideous, brainless demigod is through genocide. Only when enough blood will be spilled in unimaginable suffering, the Sea of Blood will appear in our dimension and from it will rise the fortress of Leviathan himself, one of Icon of Sin's spawns that feel only endless hunger. You know you have to hurry if you want to stop an unspeakable horror of genocide of the people of that town. But you prepare yourself that it can be too late. If it is, town will be full of demons, and cultists will be voluntarily possessed, and you can purge the towns form demonic power only in the same way it was summoned - through genocide. There is only one positive aspect of that horror. Leviathan appearing in this world allows you to get rid of another main demonic spawner.

General Description Scourge of Leviathan in my second Doom WAD. Making it took me more-less month. It is one map separated in two parts, first one is the spooky town and second is bloody fortress that I like to call the Temple of Edgyness. Whole map is made in very dark, edgy fashion with lots of difficult fights. Difficulty level is quite high so if WADs like Plutonia were too difficult for you, you should consider playing on difficulty other than UV. If i can give you some advice, that will be: In first part you should spare your rockets wisely, cause they are priceless, in second part the same goes to cells. Bullets and shells are not a problem. Fights are relentless but if you survive them, there is plenty of health and armor all around the map.

Last time I had a lot to say about map-making process, but not this time, because this time map was developed all at once, according to idea I actually had. I can say that boss battle was made first, then fortress that rise from the Sea of Blood and then the rest. I was planning to include more secrets and stuff but I reached the limits of nodes editor. I knew from the beginning that making one big, long map instead of two shorter maps was a questionable design choice, but that was my choice. Also people on Doomworld forum told me not to worry about limits. I could have taken it too literally. After all nothing really bad happened, I just had to give up few ideas and map was almost already finished

At first i was planning to make it Boom Compatible. I was never really into software, source ports stuff. I love vanila, or no limits WADs but I just played everything on Skulltag, later Zandronum and GzDoom and didn't care about the rest. But since i dont plan to use any fancy ZDOOM stuff like scripting or 3D floors i was thinking it would be nice to make this WAD compatible with less advanceed source ports. I was thinking that if I choose Boom in Doom Builder it will be all that i have to do in that matter, because it should not contain any non Boom option. Helpful people from Doomworld forum told me how wrong I was. There're so many subtle differences in how things works differently in different source ports that I was surprised that it didn't cause lots of problems with many WADs. For example in GlBoom+ when Voodoo Doll on a conveyor belt cross a linedef, it accelerates and only God knows why. I was working hard to make the compatibility universal. When everything worked quite okay on GLBoom I thought that i'm good. And then I started testing with Crispy Doom where most of my triggers didn't work, because they were generated be me, not taken from predetermined funcion. On that point i was like "Fuck it!". It works with what it works and fuck the rest. I'm not going to rebuild whole maps for that one source port. That boom compatibility thing was never main goal for me during map making, it was something I would like to have, but the main goal has always been and should be to make a good map. And I think I made one. Hope you will think that too.
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Bugs: There's trap with Chaingunners that should teleport around player while being asleep. In PrBoom+ they immediately awake. It does not make this trap imposible, just very nasty and rude. It works as intended in GzDoom
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