Title: StartLit Map1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/starlit1.zip
Size: 146.53 KB
Date: 01/31/05
Author: Jodwin
Description: StarLit is a hard solo map designed to be played with the Immoral Conduct weapon mod (IC). StarLit is a survival kind of map which requires more brain than braw to get through the battles. This map has been designed so that it is almost impossible to finish without using the special features of IC weapons, such as flares. Starlit is meant to be played on Ultra violence, however the easier difficulty settings are also supported.
Credits: The peeps who made Immoral Conduct
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About a week or two.
Editor(s) used: DooMBuilder, Wintex, Soundrecorder
Bugs: None
Rating: (9 votes)
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Had lots of fun playing this map. 4/5 -SFoZ911x
^to above, if you had played the intended way with immoral conduct you would know you wouldn't have rocket launcher you would have to use silenced weapons in beginning and flares in cavex
Works in GZDoom. Completed on first try in five minutes without the immoral conduct weapon mod. There's a pitch black dark cave, but with only imps, zombiemen and shotgun guys it's not hard to get through. I didn't find the "survival" part, gameplay was generic, bland, easy. The hardest encounter you fight consists of two barons of hell... and you have a rocket launcher to deal with them. It's an average map and advertising as something special made me expect something more, so 2/5.x
This map is junk. 9/5/07x
Took me too many tries, dammit. Frustrated as hell. ... 5/5x
I was told that this map was supposedly "hard" to complete. I managed to finish it with over 70% health in UV and with normal weapons. It can be completed if you combine a good dose of running away/through/around, scouting aheaded, escaping battles and timing "sprints" as well as rationing ammo, as 99% of the time you just don't have the ammo to battle "normally". 4/5.x
It's use of Immoral Coduct is genius. 4/5 -TheDarkArchonx

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