Title: STRIFE DOOM (Version 1)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/strifed1.zip
Size: 1.12 MB
Date: 03/06/00
Author: Sparky of KISS Software
Description: StrifeDoom is set in the days before the well known "strife" occurred in the small township of Tarnhill between "The Order, a well-equipped religious dictatorship, and The Front, the rag tag resistance movement".

Tarnhill has been overrun by the hell-spawn of Doom and most of the citizens have either been killed or are hiding in caves in the surrounding hills. Some of the peasants have been labotomized and these "former humans" do the menial work of merchants in taverns, gun shops, etc.

The UAC has been called in to clean up Tarnhill before the citizens take matters into their own hands and form a resistance movement themselves. You and up to 4 of your marine buddies have been transported to The Tarnhill Commons in the center of the town.

When you originally joined the UAC nearly 7 years ago you left behind your true love, Blackbird. Last you heard, she'd moved to Tarnhill and was living a peaceful life in this quiet little town. Is she still alive? Will she be pleased to see you after all this time? Save the town and find out...
Credits: Velocity Inc. and Rogue Entertainment for Strife (especially level designers Jim Molinets and Tim Willits, and artists Rich Fleider and Steven Maines). id Software for Doom2 and the Doom engine which made Strife possible. Paul Steed of id Software for the "Quake III Arena Doom Guy" I used on the titlepic. All the people still making Doom levels, source ports, editors and utilities nearly 7 years down the track. André Majorel & Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex. Antony J. Burden and Simon Oke for DETH. My wife for putting up with my Doom obsession
Base: d like Doom - find keys, open doors, kill everything, exit the map,
Build time: about 3 months of steady, part-time work! Hundreds of hours!
Editor(s) used: DeHackEd v3.1, Lumpy v1.01, Deth v4.24, BSP v2.3x, DeuTex v4.40, WinTex v4.3, Paint Shop Pro.
Bugs: The ambient sounds permeate through the level with some of the Source Ports (eg. PRboom). Some of the menu options are vertically offset because the Strife text is larger than the Doom text. I've come up with the best compromise of offsets for all the Source Ports listed above. Legacy v1.28 - the Peasant's dead body is transparent; can only get 80% secrets (4/5) The Peasants' punches are not harmful. The windows in The Tavern are not breakable and can be shot through - beware of Cacodemons shooting at you from outside (Hint: you may want to kill them first before you go into the Tavern). Not actually a bug, but anyone who knows Strife will notice that I've replaced the Merchants with Peasants - I did this because the Merchant in Strife can't be killed so it has no death frames. The Peasant not only has death frames, but it also has the coolest exploding frames!
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