Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/swads_x.zip
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Date: 01/17/04
Author: The Masters of Insanity (See below for more info)
Description: XASER'S SHiTWADS is a set of ten levels (+1 secret) However, the thing about these levels is that they are all kind of "Joke Maps". Some are old levels that have been "touched up" a little, while some others were made brand-new for the occasion. The "jokes" of the maps vary from level to level. Some are fairly normal (for a while, at least), some have silly ideas behind them, while others are just plain bad (yet in a silly and messed-up kind of way). Anyway, this level set isn't to be taken seriously, so don't start griping about texture mis-alignments and other obvious errors. :P
Credits: The people who made MOCK2, for inspiration. Yes, I know people will probably gripe about me because this is kind of similar to MOCK2, but oh well.
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