Title: Tanis Base SP
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tbasesp.zip
Size: 431.45 KB
Date: 11/12/03
Author: Christopher Emirzian
Description: Rodrigo Is a very detailed Deathmatch map, using textures from Various places. You are in an Antartic Base.

Chris I've converted this DM map to a single player map with lots of monsters. Enjoy :P
Credits: All the doomers around the world.
Base: Modification of TanisBase.wad
Build time: Rodrigo 2 days Chris 1 day
Editor(s) used: Rodrigo Wadauthor (the map), Wintex(graphics) and Paint Shop Pro(textures) Chris ZETH, ZenNode, Wintex, NWT
Bugs: I donīt know of any, if you find one, mailme (Ernest_R@hotmail.com)
Rating: (10 votes)
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4 stars, because it was pleasing to look at. Too many monsters that were stealth though, but at least it taught me they aren't to be fucked around with (aka: Hell Knight stealth owns you and your family). Definitely not a DM map though...x
Pretty Bad. The map's architecture looks decent enough but the gameplay aint good at all. I also think the layout is pretty poor too. Also this level has no difficulty settings and no secrets and while beatable on easy skill, there is not enough ammo present on the harder skill levels. Even Ruba's maps play better than this. Avoid. 1 Star -PCx
This is a quite short, very goodlooking and detailed tech-styled map. However, I'd also say, that it's impossible to beat on skill 3, because there's not enough ammo, if at all you want to reload the game several times during each monster wave. You've only gut a supershotgun and chaingun, by the way, and half of your ennemies are stealth monsters. Well, most of the map is very hard though doable, but an unbeatable final battle ruins it all for me. 1/5 -Milianx
very nice looking and atmospherical theme, but there are horrible bad flaws like too many stealth monsters, to much backtracking (linear), cramped in too many places, very simple architecture (no high variation, no stairs), there is not enough ammo and its by far too tough, hmm 2/5x
Nice architecture and look with a couple of misalignments and flaws but with great atmosphere anyway. Gameplay starts out O.k but halfway into the map all those stealth monsters ruin the experience until it becomes annoying and gets you angry... A pity, as the map starts out with a fun premise. 2 Stars. Danimetal.x
wtf stealth monster cityx
Okay single player level. To me it shows how much of a SP level this really is, I can't see it working well for DM. It does get repetitive though, and there's no where near enough ammo at the end. And stealth monsters suck balls. 3/5x

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