Title: The Doom Universe's Total Randomness Community Project
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tdutrcp.zip
Size: 2.93 MB
Date: 07/06/12
Author: The Doom Universe
Description: Every Doomer has many unfinished maps lying on their HDDs. We've bugfixed and completed some of those maps, and thus this project has been born. Because of the various map themes, it's been called "Total Randomness". Read mapinfo.txt for individual map descriptions.
Credits: End music and MAP08 music is "Subarashiki Shin Sekai (Piano Arrangement)" from Namco X Capcom, sequenced by DZX and MaliceX. Grasshopper Studios for the intermission music, Three-Headed-Monkey for sequencing it. The status bar is a bronze version of the status bar from invade1.wad. All other graphics by lupinx-Kassman. Read mapinfo.txt for further credits
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Various. Read the info file
Editor(s) used: Several. Read the info file
Bugs: None that we know of. Read the info file
Rating: (12 votes)
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i like it! 4/5x
Most of this you can probably skip without losing sleep. It has the impression of the mid-90s period, though there are some port effects in places. Not awful, but not something you'll remember after it's done. The exceptions are Kassman's two maps (both very small, but aesthetically memorable)and map 06, which is definitely the real reason to play this. It's a large map with solid aesthetics that derives most of its challenge from being mined with all manner of delightfully diabolical traps. --TDotWx
Play map06, 5/5 just for it!x

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