Title: The Hell Despot (alpha release)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/thd_a1.zip
Size: 2.77 MB
Date: 06/29/24
Author: A.o.D. Yousuf Anik
Description: This is a short map set using prefabricated sector sets that have been textured, configured, and built into entire maps in an effort to explore the further reaches of game play.

Like many other map sets with self imposed limits we sought to test how far arbitrary limits on mapping rules could be pushed without limiting gameplay. It is an exercise for the player to judge how successful we were.

The target experience for this map set is Hurt Me Plenty. The first map is meant to be played without monsters, and UV ruins the intended experience of this map set. That said, if you want some optional challenges or maybe some extra punishment, UV has you covered. There's even a hidden optional difficulty level in Map 04.

**WARNING** If you play the optional challenge on map04, the Fluidsynth midi playback in DSDADoom will butcher the midi beyond recognition.
Credits: Textures: esselfortium for the excellent vanilla expanding 32in24 texture set.

Music: Jake Chudnow - Moon men, John Murphy - In the House in a Heartbeat, Yuzo Koshiro - Northwall, Mr. Sauceman - Thousand March, whichever anonymous advertising company composer who made the classic and current Home Depot ad jingles.
Base: New from scratch, using prefab templates
Build time: Basically, the idea was come from 2006
Editor(s) used: UDB, SLADE, Sekaiju
Bugs: risk of soft lock, linedef skip, monsters not waking up or not teleporting in. You know, the usual.
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